I'm not really a big sports fan (sorry Coach) but if I was, I have to believe golf would be at or near the bottom of my list of favorites. I'm not quite sure why that is. Maybe it's because I lack the coordination to play the game (or simply put - I suck at it). Regardless of the reasons, I just know I don't really like the sport.

So how is it I love video game golf games so much?

I've played a lot of games in my day. Not that I'm anything special...it's just a fact. If you're a gamer and you've always been a gamer, when you grow up and get old...you'll have played a lot of games too. Not too long ago I posted a blog about racing games and figured out a ballpark estimate for racing games I've played. But when I think about the number of Golf games I've played, I'm just as amazed at what that number looks like too. I've played quite a few golf games, spanning back to a time when I first started gaming on a PC.

Right now I'm playing a game called Power Star Golf. It's a great game - beautiful courses and an interesting approach by adding perks and bonuses. Don't be deceived by its threadbare Wikipedia website entry - it's a fun game. Assuming you like video game golf games.

Power Star Golf is good, nay...great. But it's not my favorite golf game. My favorite golf game of all time has to be, without question, Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64. Talk about a truly epic game.

One of two titles named Mario Golf, the Nintendo 64 version was a 3D golfing simulator featuring the standard cast of Mario characters along with some new ones that have not appeared since. Players could choose to play through tournaments and special challenges in the single player mode. The meat and potatoes of the multiplayer side of the game were the strokes and match play modes. Special modes included a mini-putt mode (called "Putt-Putt") and a practice mode.

I have some fond memories of this game. I used to play it with the family, and it truly defines the expression, "fun for the whole family". Who knew I could become so competitive playing a game I don't much care for in real life.

Power Star Golf may sit at the top of the leaderboard now...for the moment. But I have my eye on a new golf game getting ready to come out next month that might be exactly what the caddie ordered.

Mario Golf: World Tour

Mario Golf: World Tour is an upcoming title in the series for Nintendo 3DS, produced by Camelot. It will introduce a number of new features into the series, including gyroscope support, online multiplayer, and items that can be used during gameplay, such as the Fire Flower and Bomb-omb. Like Mario Tennis Open, it will feature Miis as playable characters and unlockable outfits for them. The game will be released on May 2, 2014.

Another Nintendo Golf game? Sweet. Who could ask for more. The fact it appears to only be available on the 3DS isn't ideal, but I do have one of those...so I'll have to just make it work.

So, why is it I play golf games?

I'm not sure I can even answer that. I do find it somewhat therapeutic and relaxing when I play the games, much like the experience of real golfing, or so I'm told. But I also have fits of rage while playing too (just as shocking to me). I enjoy the challenge of the game - the demand it puts on you to perform, but I also like the leisurely stroll around the course listening to the birds chirp and admiring the breathtaking environment. Then of course there is the fine art of whacking your ball around until you manage to get it in the cup with the occasional Happy Gilmore moments.

In the end, I have no idea why I like golf games so much. Have you ever played a game emulating an activity you didn't really care for in real life? Please don't tell me Call of Duty.

Crikey, is the weekend already here. Wow. Happy Friday.