I've talked about this before in other capacities, but isn't it amazing how gamers can take regular every day words and assign new meanings to them. For example, if you stopped any non-gaming passerby off the street and asked them what prestige means, they might tell you it means something about your social standing or reputation. But if you ask a gamer the same question, they are likely to tell you it has to do with the leveling up process in Call of Duty whereby you attain the max level and are presented with the option to advance your overall level at the cost of resetting all of the progress and perks you've made up until that point.

There's a new word in town though. Again, if you ask any non-gaming passerby what this word means, they might tell you it means to create again. For example, if a starfish loses a leg (how a starfish loses its leg, I don't know) it might "regenerate" a new one. Ask a gamer what regenerate means...well, they might not think about Titanfall just yet. But perhaps one day soon, they will. Give it time.

You see, regeneration is essentially the same thing as prestige - you are essentially resetting your progress in order to ultimately update your level.

In Titanfall, the max Level is 50, but if you regenerate you can promote through the ranks until you achieve Generation 10 - or Gen 10.

Regeneration is a gameplay mechanic where the player can reset his rank once he has reached the maximum level of 50 in Titanfall. There are 9 levels of Regeneration.

Warning! You will lose all that you have unlocked and be reset to level 1. All challenges will be reset. However, you will earn XP at an accelerated rate of [XP RATE] as a [NEXT GEN NUMERIC] gen Pilot. You will retain your Burn Card collection, and the Ogre and Stryder Titans if you unlocked them. You will get a unique chip indicating to others your Gen status. (Source: Titanfall Wiki)

So, let's talk about this concept of prestige or regeneration - resetting all of your stats and unlocks to progress through the ranks.

First and foremost, I am not necessarily against the prestige or regeneration feature. I applaud the developers for adding this option to the game. With gamers progressing through the ranks at different paces, this allows the developers to set attainable goals for a broader audience. You have some players who may never progress through all the ranks, and you have some players who will expend an inordinate amount of time to do just that - progress through the ranks. The developers want everybody (or at least as many as possible) to enjoy the game so they need to take this into consideration and strike a balance. The prestige feature accommodates this.

Despite realizing this is an almost necessary feature, and even though it isn't forced upon the player, I find I'm not a big of it. I could tell you I don't like how I've worked so hard in Titanfall to unlock better weapons, equipment and perks, only to lose all of that when I regenerate; I could tell you I worked hard to unlock some of the achievements and their insane requirements; or I could tell you I hate being "more experienced" than an opponent (and technically a higher level) - but because I've recently regenerated and am limited to using the core weapons while my opponent is a higher level and has better options available...but I know you would probably just tell me - then don't regenerate. The truth is, I don't know that I will...next time.

To put this in perspective, when I am a Generation 2 Level 1 pilot in Titanfall, a Level 50 pilot will have bigger, better, badder weapons, equipment and perks than me.

Regardless, the truth is I don't see me ever making it to Generation 10, just based on the amount of time it would take to get that far. Never mind the specific achievements required for the different levels. So, I don't really see the value of regenerating after I hit the max level again. But I'm not sure if that is fair and I can't help but feel like I am missing out if I don't. Of course that is a dilemma I and many others have faced.

Whichever choice I make or whichever choice you make, I think we can all agree - we at least know what prestige and regeneration mean...at least to us gamers. So how do you feel about it - do you always proceed to the next higher level or do you hang out at the level cap for a while?