It's been awhile since I've been compelled to browse the ever growing list of active Kickstarter projects. Not because there aren't any worthwhile contenders, but more likely because it's easy to get sidetracked looking at the many different projects and wanting to support a bunch of them. But today I happened to notice a news announcement on the front page of Game Informer by Isaac Federspiel's (I'm assuming that is an intern) titled, Former Triple-A Devs Get To The Choppah With Desert Strike-Inspired Kickstarter (you can read it here if you want). What grabbed my attention wasn't the cheesy Arnold Schwarzenegger quote, rather, it was the mention of Desert Strike.

A new Desert Strike?

I've bored many of you before about my passion for helicopters. As a kid growing up I dreamed of being a helicopter pilot. But the truth is, helicopters aren't the safest vehicle to pilot and it's probably a good thing I never pursued that career path. But that doesn't mean I don't love flying them in the virtual world. At one point, I was so proud of my helicopter piloting skills in Battlefield 2, I used to tell my friends and family I could fly a Blackhawk...and I convinced myself I could (not really - I've sat in the cockpit of a Blackhawk - I doubt I could even start one).

Bottom line is...I love helicopters.

And I love Desert Strike.

I never owned Desert Strike when it first came out. But I had a friend that had it and I always enjoyed playing the game. Of course it's a different style of game play than the simulator-like games that put you in the cockpit. Desert Strike is more of an arcade shooter with an overhead camera view - not quite top down, more like a ¾ view. It was a fun game...and did quite well.

Of course I had to read the article, check out the Kickstarter project and do a little homework.

First and foremost, the Kickstarter page is exactly what you'd expect to find. A story about why this game, a product description, a trailer, and of course - the incentives for contributing...5 pounds will get you a digital download of the game. Not bad. That's what...10 bucks or so. I've paid more for less appealing games. I won't go into all of the details about the incentives, but the highest incentive (only 1 available) lets you name the co-pilot. I thought that was kind of cool. Anyway...the project is open from Mar 27 2014 - Apr 27 2014 (31 days)...and yes, I will probably cough up the 5 pounds.

So, I did notice the Kickstarter project page included a link to the developer's page (well duh, of course it does) which is Nice Touch Games. I wasn't familiar with them, but like many other indie studios, it is comprised of developers who have worked on other projects. They have a few other games, but none I've ever heard of.

Nice Touch Games is a indie games studio based in London England. Established in 2011 by two individuals with a passion and commitment to games, its sole aim is to make fun games that appeal to everyone with that little extra "nice touch". (Nice Touch official webpage link)

Of course from there I found the product page for Killstorm. Now we're talking.


Take the pilot seat of a lethally-armed attack helicopter in this reimagining of a retro classic.

It's fairly obvious what game they are referring to as a retro classic.

There isn't a lot of content on the webpage for the game, but that's okay because what they do offer is a playable demo of the game you play from within the browser. How cool is that? You can check the demo out here.

I'm surprised at how well this browser version ran. Smooth. I played it for about thirty minutes. It's super pretty much just play with the mouse. I'm also surprised at how well they captured the essence of Desert Strike, the original game it clearly draws its inspiration from. The explosions are impressive, the helicopter movement is fluid and the action is fast paced. I think they have a little gem of game. Oh sure, it's a crowded market and there are plenty of good games on Kickstarter that get overlooked.

Whether you like the game enough to donate to the Kickstarter or not, you might still be interested in checking out the website to try the game first hand, especially if you're a fan of Desert Strike.

In other news, its Friday and the weekend is here. Can I get an amen?

Enjoy it.