Way back when, on December 13, 2011 I posted this blog titled, Blessed Are The Peacemakers. The blog mentioned a little ole game you may or may not have played called Red Dead Redemption, and discussed how I longed for the day we would see a sequel to the game. Well, that was a few years ago now and we still don't have a sequel. And not only do we not have a sequel, there hasn't really been anybody talking about a sequel. Except for me. Again.

I've been thinking about the game and find that despite the fact a number of years have gone by, I still feel about the same way - I'm ready for a sequel to the game. So, I thought I'd repost and reshare this blog to remind some of you about the game and see if you agree or not.

Here is the original blog, with some updated comments.

Have you ever gotten a thought (in this case a thought about a video game) stuck in your head that no matter how hard you try or what you do to take your mind off of it, you just can't shake it. Well, that's been happening to me. I have this feeling or thought that we're about to get a surprise in the form of a Red Dead Redemption sequel. (EDIT: I don't know whether it was the recent blog I posted about video game quotes or the fact someone asked me earlier this evening what video game character I was most like, but regardless, I've had this game stuck in my head.)

A few points are obvious.

I reveal a few things about the original RDR, so if you don't want anything spoiled for you - you might not want to read this. Read between the lines = Spoiler Alert.

With the somewhat unexpected and overwhelmingly positive reception of Red Dead Redemption (Game Informer 9.75 - I concur), there is no doubt a sequel is going to happen - not a matter of IF, rather, a matter of WHEN. The game released May 2010 and eventually spawned some bonus downloadable content (DLC) and bonus material including Outlaws to the End, Legends and Killers Pack, Liars and Cheats Free Roam Pack, The Hunting and Trading Pack, and perhaps everybody's favorite, the Undead Nightmare. Doesn't seem like a year since the final expansion pack was released, but that's about how long it's been.

It's time for another RDR.

Now I keep my finger on the pulse of the industry just like you do, so I know Rockstar Games is hard at work on the next Grand Theft Auto game. I'm not saying RDR is GOING to happen anytime soon, but I do feel like something is amiss. Perhaps its wishful thinking or maybe I read something somewhere and I just don't recall the source. I've searched on Google and while there is some talk of a RDR2, most of the posts are from awhile ago. So, unless I missed some big announcement (wouldn't be the first), nobody has really mentioned a sequel to last year's Game of the Year (or at least many peoples' pick for Game of the Year). Maybe it's because I've been watching that new show on AMC called Hell on Wheels (since The Walking Dead is in the off season) and I'm craving more cowboy inspired video games. (EDIT: This is still true - everybody seemed to love this game and comment how amazing it was, but we don't hear many people talking about it anymore. I wonder why that is? And Hell on Wheels is in between seasons, but it still reminds me of RDR.)

Regardless of whether it happens or not and since I'll never know why I've been thinking about it so much, might as well embrace it and blog about it.

So, where does Red Dead Redemption 2 go from here?

The stunning conclusion of the first game witnessed the untimely and totally unexpected death of the very rough but likable John Marston. Truly an awe inspiring character who at one point is nothing more than a two-bit outlaw, but turns his life of crime around and becomes an upright and righteous man (unless of course Marston is being controlled by born4this who likes to tie nuns to the railroad tracks). Clearly John Marston's life is the inspiration for the title of the game, or at least the redemption part of it. So yeah, John Marston is dead and you witness his son, Jack, exact revenge on his father's killer. So, no story line involving that plotline.

The obvious course of the story is to carry on, maybe a few years later (which after you play Jack in the first game, is already a few years later), with you playing Jack Marston. The story could take on any number of directions. Maybe the son decides to be a career lawman, Texas Ranger style, hunting down outlaws and breaking up gangs. Or, the opposite...maybe he sees what trying to be a good man got his father, so he sets out on a destructive course that would make Billy the Kid tremble in his Justin boots. (Actually Billy the Kid was already dead when Jack Marston was poking around the virtual Wild West, but Justin Boots were definitely around then).

"Boots grow on you. They are habit-forming. I tell people that if they don't want to become addicted, they'd better not wear them." -John Justin

Yeah...that's the obvious path (maybe a Red Dead Retribution)...but what about some other options? (EDIT: Still think that is a clever title for a sequel - You're welcome!)

The other obvious path would be to play as John Marston, the outlaw...back when he was running his gang and up to no good, prior to the events of RDR.

I always kind of fancied Bonnie MacFarlane. Rumor had it she went on to marry ranch foreman, Amos and lived not quite so happily ever after at the MacFarlane's Ranch. As you may recall, Bonnie is the one that finds you wounded and takes your sorry butt to the doctor. It would be interesting to play a game, or at least a portion of the story, from Bonnie MacFarlane's point of view. We need more strong female characters.

Then there's always the possibility of a totally new and underdeveloped character that you happened across in your travels throughout Armadillo.

The newspaper that captures the fate of the major characters from the game indicates that Marshal Leigh Johnson retired as sheriff of Armadillo. I think a Red Dead Redemption sequel that follows the life of the good Marshal would certainly be entertaining.

Ah, just writing about the issue makes me feel better and maybe now this thought of Red Dead Redemption 2 that has pervaded my mind for so long will finally pass.

Are you ready for a Red Dead Redemption 2, and if so, what character would you like to see take on the lead role?

(Yeah, I know this doesn't have anything to do with RDR - but this pic of Woody is epic)

Yeehaw Cowboy...there's a snake in my boot.

So, am I the only one who is having flashbacks for Red Dead Redemption? Do you think it deserves a sequel or should our last memory of the game be of that epic ending? I know I'm ready for a sequel.

Is tomorrow/today really Friday? Where did the week go. Oh well, hope you have a great weekend.