Another Sunday means another episode of 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, the (hopefully) weekly series where I play through all of the games listed in the book - 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. If I played the game before, then I will share my memory of the experience. If I haven't played the game before, then I find an online version or an emulator and I play the game (for at least 30 minutes). This is a book every gamer should have in their library, and if you're interested in purchasing it, you can find it here.

Last week showcased Chuckie Egg, a game I hadn't played or even heard of. It was from the 80s and I described it as a cheap (really cheap) Donkey Kong knock off. You almost have to be skeptical of any game where you play as Hen House Harry. But played it I did, and marked it off of the list of 1001 video games I must play before I die I did. Let's see what this week holds for us. I have to turn the page to see it.

This week's featured game is...

Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair is a laserdisc video game published by Cinematronics in 1983. It featured animation created by ex-Disney animator Don Bluth. Most other games of the era represented the character as a sprite, which consisted of a series of pixels displayed in succession. Due to hardware limitations of the era, artists were greatly restricted in the detail they could achieve using that technique; the resolution, framerate and number of frames were severely constrained. Dragon's Lair overcame those limitations by tapping into the vast storage potential of the LaserDisc, but imposed other limitations on the actual gameplay.

Dirk the Daring is a knight attempting to rescue Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe who has locked the princess in the foul wizard Mordroc's castle. The game displays animated cutscenes, and the player executes an action by selecting a direction or pressing the sword button with correct timing in order to clear each quick time event (QTE). The comedy aspects of the game stemmed not only from the bizarre-looking creatures and humorous death scenes, but also the fact that while Dirk was a skilled knight, he was somewhat clumsy in his efforts, as well as being a reluctant hero, prone to shrieking and reacting in horror to the various dangers he encounters. (Source: Wikipedia)

Dragon's Lair, ah...sweet Dragon's Lair. This is a game I've played, but admittedly - not well. I was just a wee lad when this game released, and while I understood the idea of timing your movements at precisely the right time, I can honestly say I don't know that I ever made it past the first sequence. This was a popular game at the local arcade where I spent a lot of my time as a kid, and I would absolutely love watching some of the best players play this game. We talk of Quick Time Events, and I think this game was the very first game I can ever remember playing that used this type of feature.

What's not to love about Dragon's Lair? The game was amazing - almost like watching a cartoon. Dirk the Daring was an awesome character and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think Princess Daphne was stunning...for a video game character. As a kid I used to think this was the future of gaming...that all games would have graphics like Dragon's Lair. While that never really happened, I do think this game was perhaps the most technically advanced from back in the day. The audio and visual effects were untouchable.

Dragon's Lair has quite the trophy case of awards and accolades to be proud of. Rumor has it Dragon's Lair is currently one of only three video games (along with Pong and Pac-Man) in storage at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. It's been ported to all sorts of different platforms and has even had a few sequels. I don't think I've played anything other than the original arcade version. One of the things I remember the most was the many different death scenes for poor Dirk.

Dragon's Lair is featured in Wreck-It Ralph. It was among the video games seen at Litwak's Family Fun Center & Arcade.

And apparently they are making a Dragon's Lair documentary.

Inside the Dragon's Lair is a feature documentary film about the game which is currently in production and is slated for release sometime in 2014.

I can say emphatically that Dragon's Lair is without a doubt an absolute must to be on the list of 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. Even though I was never very good at the game and haven't played it since the 80s, I have such fond memories of it, and it was such an innovative game, it has rightfully earned its place in the video game history book.

I'm not sure what game is up next week, so be sure to check back and see if it is something you've played or not. Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week.


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