You know you're a gamer when you're a little under the weather and have to work bright and early in the morning, but you still venture out to experience the fun festivities of a midnight launch for one of the year's biggest titles.

The Microsoft store located in University Village area of Seattle, Washington seems to host its fair share of events and tonight was no different. Gamers descended on the store in large numbers as they eagerly waited for the clock to strike midnight so they could grab the game and run home to play it.

But for the last few hours, the store was open for business - passing out swag and other goodies while giving gamers the opportunity to play the game on any one of a number of consoles set up to play the game. There was certainly a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

The event planners were giving prizes away left and right. And even though I didn't win anything, it's always fun to watch others score a neato prize. Some were winning 1-year subscriptions to Xbox Live while others were winning cool gaming headsets. I did manage to land a cool Titanfall t-shirt, so that made the night worth it.

They had the Collector's Edition box set up on the counter. If you're active on Twitter, perhaps you saw the tweet from a day or so ago about the person who bought the CE but couldn't fit the box in his car. It's definitely a large box - you could almost sleep in it (of course it's not really that big - but it is large).

If I were to guess, I'd say about 200 or so people showed up to the event. There were quite a few stations set up you could play the game on, but nothing compared to seeing it on the big screen. It'll be interesting to see what the sales numbers look like over the course of the next few days.

I didn't quite make it to the actual midnight release part of the event. I wasn't smart enough to pre-order it and started feeling even less under the weather. But it was fun to be around them...

Anyway...more on the actual game in the coming days...if the review scores are any consolation, the game is doing quite well.

Until then...


P.S. Sorry so short, but I really am a little under the weather and I really do have to work in the morning.