It's not very often, but every now and then I'll go back and review my old blogs. Sometimes its so I can see what I've written about, and other times it's to see how my writing has evolved over the years. I've even had requests to repost old blogs - and tonight, I just happened to look back at a blog I originally posted on March 07, 2010. Wow, has it really been four years? I can't believe it. is the original blog I posted...sprinkled with an updated comment or two.



I’m fairly new to Game Informer Online (GIO) and today marks my 30th day – 30th blog (yes, I blog daily). I don’t know that I will be winning any awards or receiving a gold watch from Mr. McNamara anytime soon, but I’m having a blast here. (EDIT: Blogging daily eh? Some things never change I suppose. Still no gold watch though.)


My introduction to Game Informer happened something like this…


A couple of years ago, I went to Gamestop to trade in a cubic butt load of games and the dude working the counter said they were having a special deal (isn’t there always a special deal). If I signed up, I would get the Edge card which would allow me to make more money on my trade-ins AND get a year subscription to Game Informer. The subscription was dirt cheap and so I ended up making more money on my trades and got the mag, or at least that’s what the guy told me.


When the first magazine arrived in the mail, I was impressed. I’m a long time subscriber to a different gaming magazine that caters to a specific platform, so to get a magazine that focused on all the platforms was neat. I think I like the magazine so much because it reminds me of my early school days – there are lots of big pretty pictures. It’s not just the pictures though; it’s also the variety of the content, the great articles and reviews and especially the inside scoops. (EDIT: Still impressed with the magazine, and still think it exhibits these qualities.)


That was about two years ago…tragically, I received notice that I received my final issue. I promptly went to the nearest Gamestop to renew my subscription. I guess you could say I’m hooked.


So, why did it take me so long to visit the website and start participating in the online community? I have no good idea why, which is ironic because I was looking for a good place to park my blog. I’ve tried a few other sites over the years and always run into the same situation. Either I would receive little to no “views” or I would get the village idiot that would leave a totally inappropriate and ridiculous comment.


For example, I recall a particular piece I wrote about how the Wii and games like Wii Fit and Wii Sports are good for the gaming community because it promotes video games to a totally different demographic. I received one comment that said, “You’re a f***ing ***.” (EDIT: Ah, I will never forget that comment...ever!)


While that may be true, I think posting a comment like that shows who the real mentally challenged person is. Hey, I’m all about feedback and don’t mind when people disagree with my blogs, but there is a constructive way to tell someone they’re a “f***ing ***.”


So in all my virtual travels, I’ve finally found gaming paradise….GIO.


As you would expect, the site offers the latest in industry news; has a highly professional and engaging staff (that are actively involved in the forums and on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook); and of course that relationship with Gamestop doesn’t hurt. (EDIT: And now that I've met most of them in person a time or two, I can emphatically say this is even more true.)


But the most attractive component of GIO that I am impressed with is the online community of average Joe’s and Jane’s…just like me (well, I’m a Joe, but there are apparently a fair share of Jane’s here too). I don’t know that I’ve met a more engaging and entertaining community of gamers than here at GIO. This collection of gamers definitely contributes to the growth and prosperity of this site. The Forums are always busy and the User Blogs are always active, both in posts and viewers. The feedback is normally positive and constructive and I’ve only seen a handful of people that could potentially be accused of trolling. I’ve enjoyed reading some very entertaining pieces especially “Your Gaming Education: What Is It Really Worth?” by Kevin Maskornick, “Are Games More Violent, Or Is Technology More Capable? “ by SaoSauce and yes, even you Blueballs with your “The Pet Peeve of Unoriginality” piece. (EDIT: Wow, after 30 days I could sense how awesome this community was, and even though none of those names are around any longer...and others have come and gone since then...I still think everything I wrote here is true. This is definitely an amazing community.)


In the month I’ve been here, I’ve had a few people (for whatever reason) elect to follow and/or friend me; I’ve received some great feedback and more views than I would’ve ever guessed possible.


So, to the staff that makes Game Informer a possibility, thank you. And to the community that makes this place such a fun place, an even bigger thank you. You make the social component of gaming even more entertaining and interesting.


Feel free to share your own story on how long you’ve been a member of the GI/GIO community and how you discovered this fine establishment.



(EDIT: Hah...I said cheers, even back then. Four years and still going strong.)


Here's to four more years. Have a wonderful weekend.