I was looking through my blog journal (fancy name for a scratchpad of thoughts, ideas and other mindless ramblings) earlier when I noticed a few particular entries. There was mention of the weekly 1001 Games You Must Play Before You Die feature I've been posting every Sunday. Looks like I'm about to hit the big five oh mark, w00t. The other is a list I'm keeping of games I play in 2014 (and subsequently another list for games I finish in 2014). I've managed to finish three games in January and three games in February. I've played about twice as many as that.

All this talk about numbers and games...games and numbers...made me wonder...

What's my number?

And maybe even...

What's your number?

Now, I'm sure it is an irrelevant number. And more than that, an incalculable number. But I do think it is interesting to at least try and land the number in the ballpark with an educated guess. Besides, it's not completely my fault. I blame Steam. It keeps track of the number of games I own and even rewards me with a badge once I hit a milestone number.

Is my number in the hundreds? Or thousands? Maybe.

Have there even been ten thousand games made?

When I think about all of the games I've played throughout my life, I can't help but think of the platforms I've played them on. At least two dozen different ones. Thinking about them certainly helps when counting games. For example, I used to spend my lunch hour in Middle School / Junior High in the library playing various games on the five or six Apple II computers they had. There were only three or four games available - Oregon Trail, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, and maybe one or two others. That's not very good, considering the Apple II computer had over 400 games released for it. Now, if I tried listing PC games - and by PC I'm including the various 8086 chipsets that existed before the various models of Pentium chips. And I'm not even going to mention all of the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 games I've played.

Did you know you can go to Wikipedia and search for list of games on a particular platform and in many instances, the list exists? For example, I can search on Xbox and see there are 967 games available for the Xbox. For the sake of time, mine and yours, I'm not going to go through every game and see how many exactly I've played...but holy cow, nearly a thousand games?

I suppose I could estimate my numbers. Hmm let's see, in the first two months of 2014 I've played twelve different games. That's six games a month. If this trend continues, by year's end I'll have played 72 games. Of course this will vary depending on how long I spend playing one game (Titanfall, I'm looking at you), so if I drop this number down to 50, that works out to about a new game a week. I think that's a lot more accurate. Especially now that I'm playing so many indie games.

Fifty games a year times the number of years I've been a gamer...hmm, let's see. That's fifty times thirty (probably a little bit more than that, but we'll just say thirty).

1500 games?


No, of course not. When I started gaming there were only a handful of games you could play, and of course I didn't have all of them. So already the number is probably a stretch. Did you know there were 709 games for the Nintendo Entertainment System and another 387 Nintendo 64 games. Of course I think some of those are Japanese only games.

That's a whole bunch of games though.

So, fifteen hundred games...but I admit the number is skewed. If I took half that number just to be on the safe side, well heck...that's 750 games. Is 750 my number. Nah, I think I'll round it up to an even 1,000 (unless my buddy Jeremy is reading this - then the number 1001.11).

Hopefully you can tell I'm not being completely serious with this blog as I'm not really trying to nail down a number of games I've played in my day. But it is something I think about in a generic sort of way from time to time and wish there was a way to compute the number. But what I'm wondering about now is you and your number. Do you keep track of the number of games you play? And if you had to guess what your number is, what would it be?

By the time you read this, it'll probably be Friday. So, Happy Friday. Enjoy the weekend.