I posted a blog last week (no seriously), and due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to use my phone. Knowing I was going to have to use my phone, I opted to make it about mobile gaming and listed five titles I play the most on my phone.

I closed the piece asking readers if they had any recommendations, and several readers obliged my request and gave me some titles to consider. One such recommendation came from soulfly666.

Hmm, Army of Darkness, eh? Well I like Army of Darkness.

I decided to download the game and give it a shot. And I discovered, he's right. It's an insanely addictive and downright fun game!

In this tug-of-war, casual defense game based on the MGM classic movie, you play Ash, the time-traveling, evil-fighting, S-Mart sales clerk as you defend Lord Arthur's castle and the Necronomicon from the oncoming hordes of evil undead. Of course, you can't do it alone! Call upon multitudes of allies including Lord Arthur, Duke Henry the Red, the Wiseman, and many more to help you in your quest to defend the unholy book and use it to return to your own time. ARMY OF DARKNESS: DEFENSE takes the witty charm of the cult classic movie and combines it with gorgeous graphics and innovative casual gameplay that is certain to entertain any mobile gamer. So, remember the magic words and make sure your shoelace is tied, because this is going to be an epic battle!

Check it out here.

It's hard to believe a game of this caliber is free, but it is. Of course you can spend real money to buy in game gold, but only if you want to. I was always a big fan of Bruce Campbell and the Army of Darkness movie, so I really appreciate hearing the quotes from the movie while playing the game. I've already completed ten or more waves, and I find when I'm not playing the game I'm thinking about what upgrades I'm going to purchase with all of the gold I'm collecting. The game is considered a tower defense game, and offers you a number of different strategies and upgrades to strengthen your defenses. The cartoon art style seems to  fit the game and subject matter well, right down to Ash's "stump" and boomstick.

I noticed the game was published by Backflip Studios, the same team that delivered other mobile platform greats, like Paper Toss. I love Paper Toss. The iTunes website says Backflip Studios has amassed over 100,000,000 downloads across all of their games. That's an impressive number, something to be proud of. If you haven't checked out their website or the company itself, you might find something you're interested in there. It's a clean and slick website and apparently the company is based out of Colorado. Neat.

In a crowded market of mobile games all vying for a spot on your phone or other mobile device, you can't go wrong with Army of Darkness Defense. It's a fun game and a must have for any true Army of Darkness fan.

Good. Bad. I'm the man guy with the gun.