I would never recommend buying a console for the sole purpose of playing a single game. And as I say that, I can honestly say the only reason I got a Playstation 3 was to play the Uncharted series. Sure, I've gotten other games along the way, but for the longest time I only had three games for it...and they all started with Uncharted. But we're not here to talk about the Playstation 3 - we're here to talk about the Wii U.

I bought the Wii U shortly after its release. It was one of those decisions I was on the fence with. There were only one or two games I wanted to play, but I was looking in the future, or at least trying to...and what might be released down the road. Well, after I played the one or two games I had for it (New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U) it pretty much became a dust collector.

For months now my Wii U has literally sat in the same spot powered off and collecting dust. Not because I didn't want to play it but because there wasn't anything available I wanted to play. The handful of games I might've been interested in were also available on other platforms. I couldn't see buying Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Wii U when I could play it on something else.

I suppose I was at the point where I might say I regretted buying the Wii U, but I always held out hope a game would come along and make me shake that idea from my head. And I'm pleased to say, that game has finally arrived.

I've heard the name Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze being mentioned a time or two over the past few weeks...maybe even months, and to be honest...I wasn't a fan of the name. I'm not quite sure why. It sounds like a fruity drink you would order on a Hawaiian vacation or a weather pattern that exists when the Polar Vortex extends too far south. It didn't sound like it fit for a Donkey Kong Country game.

But the other day I came home from work and my son was home on his day off. He had purchased the game and asked if I wanted to play. We have a history of playing the Donkey Kong games together, and it wasn't all that long ago we finished Donkey Kong Country Returns, a game I have gushed about many times before and have called about as close to perfect as you can get. We fired up the Wii U (and blew all the dust off of it) and played the game.

I didn't even make it through the introduction when I said, "Holy crap that looks amazing." I think those are my exact words. And then the game started.

"Holy crap this is awesome."

Two holy craps in about five minutes? Yes indeed.

We're playing the game cooperatively - which is very much like its predecessor and flawless...and fun. This time around, the second player can pick between a few different characters like Diddy, Dixie or Cranky Kong (shut up and don't say it @firedude3663). Each has different skills, which might give you an advantage on certain levels.

The levels are breathtaking. One of my favorite level designs in Donkey Kong Country Returns is back and better than ever. It's a dark level where you see silhouettes of the characters. Brilliant and beautiful. There is a level where you swim underwater, and the background music and graphics change as if the water is having an effect on them.

The puzzle pieces are hidden everywhere so the challenge of mastering and perfecting each level is back. Since we're only a few levels in I haven't seen some of features I know are coming - the mine cart level and cool creatures to ride on. I can only imagine how awesome they are going to be.

In my experience, it's rare for a game to outdo its predecessor, especially when that game is near perfect to start with. But I could tell almost instantly Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has a shot at doing just that. I didn't look at any of the review scores or feedback until after I played the game. I'm surprised how scattered the scores are - Game Informer rated it fairly high but others gave it mediocre scores. Perhaps I'll think that after I reach the end, but for now I'm having too much fun playing it.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze  is fun, it's refreshing and it has singlehandedly restored my faith in the Wii U.