With the end of the calendar year it's time for the annual Game Informer Online blogging statistics report to be compiled and published. First and foremost, the data collected in this blog is not officially collected, compiled or representative of Game Informer or any of its employees. However, it's my understanding previous reports (and potentially this one too) have been viewed by various members of the staff, which means your contributions to the Game Informer community might just get you recognized by some pretty important people.

Whenever dealing with statistics you have to walk that razor thin line of not providing irrelevant superfluous data that causes eyes to glaze over. Neither do you want to provide information that can cause dissension among the ranks. When highlighted properly, statistics can be an eye opening and entertaining summarization that quantifies individual and group contributions.

Typically it's more meaningful for senior leadership to read key numbers and specific accomplishments rather than broad statements full of fluff. Translate that to a GIO environment - let's assume that Andy McNamara and/or members of the Game Informer team happen to read this. Seeing that the blogging community posted 3,928 blogs among 535 different bloggers and who the top contributors were is more impactful than reading a generic statement to the effect of, "We have a very active blogging community."

Now before we begin with the statistics, I will tell you up front there are errors, or at least potential for errors. It is simply...unavoidable. This year was particularly troublesome because of the disruptions many bloggers experienced getting their blogs to post over the past month or two. I have checked and rechecked the numbers, but there are certain facts that I can't undo or change that will result in the data being skewed ever so slightly. I will characterize how these errors are likely to occur:

1. User Member Name Changes: This is perhaps the biggest obstacle affecting the statistics. I put forth my best effort to collate the different names I was absolutely sure belonged to the same user, but any instance where I didn't make the connection, it will at a minimum result in the individual user's numbers being off as well as the total number of bloggers not being completely accurate.

2. Pre-Level 5 Contributions: Given the period of this report spans a year, some members may have been less than Level 5 in which case their blogs would not have shown up on the main page. Once they attained Level 5 their blogs would begin displaying on the main page. Since I only have visibility on blogs posted on the main page (or those that asked me to view their blogs directly from their profile) it is conceivable that blog count totals for individual users might be off due to this circumstance.

3. Blog Updates Vice New Blogs: Some users will routinely update a previously posted blog vice submitting a new blog which will result in a single blog potentially getting counted more than once. I try to notice when this occurs and delete it from consideration, but in some instances the title is changed too so it is possible that I missed the duplicate entry.

4. Reporting Period: Blogs posted before or after the reporting period are not taken into consideration for the totals, so your profile might indicate a different number than what is reflected here in this blog.

Regardless of these potential errors, I am confident the statistics as a whole are complete and accurately reflect the contributions of the community.

Reporting Period

Start: January 01, 2013

Stop: December 31, 2013

Number of Blog Herding Episodes: 52

Episodes: 72 thru 123

First Blog of 2013

Monthly Blog #11 - Assassin's Creed Group

by Ghost on Jan 01, 2013 at 12:03 AM

Last Blog of 2013

"A Gamers View" 12/31/13 - My Taste of The Future

by Alex Excelsior! on Dec 31, 2013 at 09:46 PM


Number of Blogs Submitted: 3,928 (2012: 5,540)

Number of Blogs Featured in Blog Herding: 572 (2012: 597)

Percentage of Blogs Featured in Blog Herding: 15%

Number of Bloggers: 535 (2012: 643)

Number of Bloggers Featured in Blog Herding: 156 (2012: 178)

Percentage of Bloggers Featured in Blog Herding: 29%

Shortest Blog Title: Art

Longest Blog Title: 144 characters (with spaces)

codforlife's 31/31: day 11(Game franchises with too many sequels and spin-offs, and how I think they should proceed in the future with releases)


Blogs Per Week: 76 (2012: 106)

Bloggers Per Week: 48 (2012: 64)

Blogs Selected for Blog Herding Per Week: 11 (2012: 11)


Most Blogs in a Week: 137 (2012: 151)

Least Blogs in a Week: 33 (2012: 65)

Most Bloggers in a Week: 75 (2012: 89)

Least Bloggers in a Week: 25 (2012: 48)

Most Blogs Selected for Blog Herding in a Week: 22 (2012: 20)

Least Blogs Selected for Blog Herding in a Week: 6 (2012: 7)

(The top blogger by quantity in 2012 was DJH)


(The Top Blogger by number of times featured in Blog Herding in 2013 was thegodofwine7)



Blogs By Month

Jan: 531 (2012 - 414)

Feb: 444 (2012 - 363)

Mar: 374 (2012 - 417)

Apr: 265 (2012 - 454)

May: 267 (2012 - 459)

Jun: 337 (2012 - 384)

Jul: 417 (2012 - 529)

Aug: 355 (2012 - 459)

Sep: 235 (2012 - 587)

Oct: 251 (2012 - 528)

Nov: 232 (2012 - 415)

Dec: 220 (2012 - 470)

*December witnessed the fewest blogs posted; January witnessed the most blogs posted.

A round of applause (especially to thegodofwine7 for being featured in Blog Herding the most, 2 years running) to all of the bloggers who continue to provide exceptional content and make this such a great community to be a part of; and a special thanks to the loyal and dedicated readers for whom I would not do this if it weren't for your contributions and support. You often go unnoticed, but personally speaking, for every view I get on a blog, I thank you...whether I know who you are or not.