Backlogs. We all have them. Even if you think you don' do. You might not care that you do...and if that describes you, I commend you. I often wish I didn't care what games I have that I want to play, need to play or wish I owned so I could play. Since we all have backlogs, I thought I'd devote tonight's blog to the subject and perhaps mention a few games in my backlog. But first...

I actually think there are different kinds of backlogs, and the truth is, at least for me, I feel differently about the games on my backlog depending on which category they fall into. The first category is...

Video Games On My BackLog List That I Don't Own

I don't know if any of you create lists for games you want, but I can't imagine I'm the only one in the world who does. I actually create lists for all sorts of things I want. Books - yep. Movies - yep. Video Games - definitely. So, the good thing about "Video Games On My BackLog List That I Don't Own" is I don't feel near the pressure to play them as games I do own. They're still games I want to play though, but if I never get around to it, or if it takes a long time to get around to it, it doesn't really gnaw away at me like games in the other categories.

There are several games on this list. Some have occupied this list for some time now while others were only recently added. For example, I have recently added Starbound and Rust to this list, but it isn't critical that I play them right now.

The game that has occupied the list for a while that I really would like to get around to playing is:

God of War: Ascension

Have to buy it first though.

I'm not a huge fan of God of War, but since its a rather popular series I decided to play through them, more for the experience than any other reason. I've made it through all of the others, but I haven't gotten around to God of War Ascension yet. But I want to.

The next category is...

Video Games On My Backlog List That I Own But Haven't Started

So, these are games that I really wanted, so I got them, but haven't played them yet. I feel a bit more pressure to play these games, especially if I've spent the funds on them. But because other games have become a higher priority, I haven't gotten around to them. Similar to the above list, I have quite a few games I own but haven't even started yet. If you take into consideration the games on my Steam list, you can probably double the number. I don't know why, but Zoo Tycoon comes to mind. I have it for two systems, and haven't played either. The good news is I didn't buy them. The bad news is I still feel a little guilty I haven't even opened them yet. There are others though.

The game that has occupied the list for a while that I really would like to get around to playing is:

Torchlight II

I didn't just buy this game on Steam because it was on sale, although I did buy it on Steam on sale. I bought this game because I heard so many people talking about it and how great it is. It has fairly high marks. I know most of us don't put a lot of weight in Metacritic anymore, but this game has a score of 88/100. Game Informer gave it a 9.25 out of 10. Whenever I see it in my list of Steam games I always think about installing and playing it. But alas, I haven't done it.

The next category is...

Video Games On My Backlog List That I Own And Have Started But Haven't Finished

Ah, these games...these are the worst. Not only have I paid for them, but I actually started playing them. They gnaw at me, reminding me I haven't finished them. The big problem with games on this list (besides I haven't finished them) is after so much time has passed since the last time I played them - it's difficult to pick up where I left off. I don't remember what I was doing, where I was going or why I was going there. The other problem with playing but not finishing games is - spoilers. The longer a game is out the greater the chance someone is going to spoil it for you. I used to pride myself in only having a game or two on this list...but sadly, it has grown exponentially over the year. There is a tie between two games for the game on this list I want to finish most, and that's Dead Space 3 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. I was so excited for both of these games but somewhere midway through the games I got tired of them. A few weeks ago I did try and play them again, but had basically forgotten everything I was doing and just decided to play something else.

So, what about you...because I know you have a backlog you have a game in each of these categories and if so, what are they?