I might be known for blogging a lot but I'm probably not known for my top list blogs. There is a good reason for that - I don't post them very often. I can think of a couple I have posted, but only a couple. Well, tonight I just so happened to be thinking about this particular topic and decided to fashion it as a list.

So here goes - the top nine most unusual places I have ever played a video game.

1. North Pole - It might seem like I'm stretching the truth a bit with this one, but in the early 1990s I was attached to the USS San Juan deployed on a research mission to the Arctic Circle. It was my first major deployment and lasted a number of months. During this little trip, I became good friends with a fellow gamer and have a collection of "sea stories" from this tour, many of which I've shared in other blogs before. As part of this research mission, we had a civilian scientist onboard who had a number of laptops for the purpose of collecting data. Well, he also had a golf game on one of his computers, and when he wasn't working he would let a number of us use his it. By the end of the deployment, he also had Privateer installed on this laptop, which I think he ended up playing too.

2. Doctor's Office - I accompanied my wife to a trip to the doctor's office and after what seemed like an hour or more sitting in this tiny little room, I got rather board and started looking around for something entertaining to do. Well, you can only blow up so many latex gloves or play with tongue depressors for so long before that even gets boring. But I noticed the room had a computer with the monitor displaying that old star field screen saver. I "bumped" the mouse and noticed the computer wasn't locked, so I proceeded to play a quick game of Free Cell. Ironically, the doctor showed up right after that.

3. Saddam Hussein's Palace - Baghdad, Iraq - Yeah, I know...mentioning Iraq in this day and age is almost blasphemous but it doesn't change the fact thousands of men and women who swore an oath to defend our country were ordered to go there, and go there we did. And in this desolate and lonely place, many of us found peace and passed the days by playing video games. I didn't work in the palace, but visited it plenty of times. It was just a quick game on my cell phone, but enough to qualify it for this list. There were several other places around there I and others played. Truly unusual, when you think about it...

4. 30,000' In The Sky - Millions of people fly every year and as such, it is considered one of the safest and busiest modes of transportation. I don't like to fly. I have and I will and I can...but I don't like it. I'm amazed I've ever been to an altitude that high, so playing games on my laptop to take my mind off of crashing has to make this list. It might not seem all that unusual since so many others have done it too (I know, I've seen them) but I'd say the fact we travel at that altitude at all is unusual and qualifies.

5. Wal Mart On A Leap Frog / Leap Pad - I think it's a bit humorous many people in society are so vocal about video games being evil but have no problem with kids being indoctrinated to it at such a young age. Ah but that is the topic for another blog. Yes...I was in Wal Mart in the kids section looking at toys and stumbled across the floor model of a Leap Frog or Leap Pad type system. And yes, I started it and was "checking it out" when I discovered a Tetris like game. And I can't deny that I did play the game for some length of time. Hey, once a gamer always a gamer. We'll game on anything and everything.

6. Diego Garcia - Diego Garcia is a tropical, footprint-shaped coral atoll located south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean. It is part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). A dead volcano in the middle of the Indian Ocean owned by the British is a fairly unusual place, especially since it is off limits to civilians. It's one of the few places I have ever been where I felt off the grid (even though I suppose technically we weren't off the grid). There are facilities there the Navy uses and we pulled in there a time or two for a "pit stop". There isn't a lot there, and after a long day of swimming and fishing and enjoying life...we would visit this lounge type establishment where you could watch movies or play games...so you know what I was doing.

7. Work and School - I couldn't even begin to tell you how much gaming I've done at work and school, but that's not what makes it so unusual. What does make it unusual is when the games are provided by these establishments and you are encouraged to play. I can remember in Middle School and Junior High, the school library having a number of computers set up for you to play video games. I can remember playing Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and The Oregon Trail. It does seem unusual to play under these conditions, and when you work in the video game industry, not only are you told to play games at work, they're often given to you free of charge. I'd say that's pretty unusual.

8. The Car - Texting and driving is wrong and horrible and you should never ever ever do it. SO, I can only imagine gaming and driving is probably just as bad. I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens (and don't worry, I haven't done it in quite some time).

9. The um, bathroom - I used to read a lot...when I went to the bathroom. But then I developed an addiction to Candy Crush, and now I do that. Sometimes I think I go to the bathroom just to play Candy Crush, and if anything else happens while I'm there, well that's just an added bonus. The truth is, when you're relaxed, everything seems to flow better...and if you have a particular game that relaxes you, then why not play in the bathroom?

With the portability and compatibility of our handheld gaming devices and smartphones, we can truly game just about anywhere. There is no end to where we can games. So, what about you...what's the most unusual place you have ever played video game?

P.S.  I feel like I might've blogged about this topic before, and if that's the case,  then I apologize. But there are plenty of new faces around here and if this is truly a repeat, just consider it my revised list.