So, it's Saturday night...and I was watching some UFC. I find there is something exhilarating about two warriors squaring off in a ring while trying to beat the other into submission. Yes, I know. It's brutal and violent and probably doesn't contribute to the greater good of humanity. But mankind has been engaging in this sort of behavior since the dark ages and I suppose some of us haven't evolved passed the desire to watch it.

Are you not entertained?

After the show was over I was thinking to myself, "We need a good UFC video game." About that time, something for the Winter Olympics came on and I thought to myself, "We need a good Olympics video game."

And then I was reminded - we do have a good UFC video game...and we do have good Olympics games, or so we used to. I remember playing Olympics games since my early Commodore 64 days.This led me to consider all the different "things" we do and how video games have recreated them. Pretty much any sport you can think of - if it has a ball, chances are there is a video game version of it.

Driving. Hah, I don't think I need to tell you about the many different driving games. From those that have you racing to those that put you in a police car chasing, there are all sorts of driving games. On dirt roads, through cities, and everything in between, if you want to we have a game for you.

Flying. Again, how many flying games can you think of? Let's test out your knowledge - 30 seconds on the clock, list all the flying games you can think of...ready, set, go! I'm kidding, but you know as well as I do there are dozens and dozens.

I think it might be safe to say...planes, trains, automobiles...yes, yes and yes. Boats too though. Don't forget boats. All flavors of boats. World of Warships, anyone? I think it pretty much has us covered. But if you don't think that's covers the field of boating, I'm sure I could think of some other examples to illustrate my point. There is video game for nearly every vehicle I can think of...from dump trucks to space shuttles. If you can drive it, you can probably drive it virtually too.

Fishing. Yep.

Hunting. Yep. Too easy. Take your pick between wild animals, or people...

Cooking. Sigh. Of course.

Heck games like can hunt, fish and cook. You can also build, mine, cut down trees, make paper and all sorts of other tasks with a real world equivalent.

Gambling? Would you prefer slot machines, cards or horses?

How about taking the garbage out? Well, have you played The Sims? Boom. Get to takin' that trash out. And get a job while you're at it.

Okay, okay...I know... Taking a shower?

Heavy Rain. Move along...(and don't even think about saying drying off with a towel or getting dressed either) (AND NO - NO  I WON'T SHOW YOU PICS OR VIDEOS OF THAT!)

Okay, maybe you're thinking I'm picking common, everyday of course there is a video game version. Perhaps I should pick more obscure functions. What about being a surgeon. It would seem fairly odd to have a game simulating a doctor performing surgery, wouldn't it? Hah, guess again sucker. I present, Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Try something bigger, and more spectacular. What's that you say? Playing God?

Hah. You're not serious are you...will the Universe Sandbox suffice? Have fun building the galaxy and all the planets with it.

Hey, what are you doing? Did you fall asleep on me? Well wake up. If you want to sleep...I've got a game for that too.

All jokes aside, I'm sure there are plenty of things you can do in real life you can't do in video games...but there are a lot of things you can do in video games that you could never do in real life.

So, enjoy.

Hope you're having an amazing weekend.