Whether you're a fan of EVE Online or not there is a good chance you heard the news about "The Bloodbath of B-R5RB, Gaming's Most Destructive Battle Ever". I'm not going to talk about the story, not because I don't think you would be interested and not because I'm not totally amazed by it...I'm not going to talk about it because it bothers me I don't play the game and it makes me want to give the game another shot. I would encourage you to read the story - it is an epic tale.


I'm a big fan of science fiction and have been ever since I was a wee lad and saw Star Wars (the original version) and the local drive-In theater. While Star Wars was my favorite, it certainly wasn't the only exposure I had to science fiction. Buck Rogers was another rather popular series from back then and another of my favorites. A game like EVE Online seems like a perfect match for me...like I could quit playing anything else and devote all of my attention to this game for the foreseeable future. I could see it easily occupying all of my time much like World of Warcraft fans devote their time to that game.

Yet, I don't play it. I want to play it and I've tried to play it. But I don't.

And I think I don't because I think it's too much of a game for me. The time and devotion it takes to really excel at the game worries me a bit and the truth is I like a little variety in my library of games I'm currently playing. I've blogged about EVE a number of times before and think it might be one of the greatest games ever created. What it accomplishes, both in technical innovation and capability, but also in player contribution. Our world has a number of natural and constructed "wonders" that amaze us, and if video games were to have "wonders" (hey, that might be a topic for a future blog) I think EVE Online might be one of them.

But I don't play it.

It's not the only game I don't play but wish I did.

I'm fascinated by League of Legends too. I'm a huge fan of Valve, so naturally I prefer Dota 2 over League of Legends...but that doesn't mean I'm not captivated by League of Legends. There are so many things I find mesmerizing about the game. A recent report from Riot Games released just a few days ago stated the game draws in 27 million players daily. Whether you like or don't like the game and think it is good or bad the game attracts that many players - it is definitely a spectacle to behold and consider. I'm amazed at the global crowd it amasses and I'm fascinated by the seemingly simple yet intense game play it generates.

Yeah, I don't play that game either. But I wish I did.

Still, there are others...

I used to love military-themed First Person Shooters and I still do. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was perhaps my favorite. I played it for quite some time - unlocked all of the achievements and had all of the golden guns. It wasn't uncommon for me to top the leaderboards. Oh, those were the good ole days. Well, with recent releases of Call of Duty and Battlefield, I'd like to say I'm at least playing one of them online and relieving my glory days of being the point leader. Alas, this is not the case. I don't even really play that part of them anymore...and haven't for a while. At least the last couple of games like Medal of Honor and Black Ops, I haven't.  I want to, I really do. I like them well enough.

But I don't.

I have never ever ever played any of the Grand Theft Auto games. Never. I hear they're great. Lots of people like them. Listening to the Game Informer staff talk about their Game of the Year picks and hearing their thoughts on GTAV made me think I should. Reading about the game and what it has to offer, I really do feel like I should play it...but I never get around to it.

I think the characteristic common to all these games that causes me to shy away is I could easily get lost in them and never want to play anything else again. They require the sort of commitment I can't give them so I avoid them altogether.

Are there any games you want to play but can't or don't? Why do you suppose that is?

My gosh, is it already Friday?

The weekend is almost here - have a good one.