It's a great time to be a little kid, or be  a parent that has little kids. My younglings are all grown up and pretty much self-sufficient, so my days of running up and down the toy aisle chasing rugrats screaming for this toy or that toy are pretty much done. But tonight, out of the blue and the first time in a very long time, I went into a Toys R Us. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but left with a rather lengthy list of things I could've easily purchased for myself. I had to put it all back, at least until I win the lottery, heh heh. But I did get some pictures to share...and thought I'd leave some comments too (And yes, I posted a blog somewhat like this before, but it was at Wal-Mart...and there are all new items...better items...featured in this blog).

Call of Duty Mega Bloks including a zombie set. While I happen to think this was pretty cool, I couldn't shake this thought - how many of us have been in a Game Stop or other store and seen "that parent" who buys their "clearly under-age" child a mature rated Call of Duty. Most of us just shake our head or look away...but we wonder what in the world is wrong with these people, and how does their kid even know what Call of Duty is... And then I see there are Call of Duty toys (recommend age was 12+). So whether it is right or wrong - perhaps they are exposed to it long before they even see it on a video game console. Who can say for sure... Again, I'm not judging - I only thought it was a bit odd. Oh, and you can also find World of Warcraft and Halo building sets too! Pretty cool, eh?

I've seen Minecraft goods for sale in so many places before (and have a lot of it on my desk at work, heh heh) but I've never seen these Steve and Creeper figures. They are by far the coolest I've seen. Mario stuff is fairly popular and pulled down perhaps the most shelf space, as you might expect, but there seems to be an awful lot of Halo stuff too. But check out the one pic where you can see Mortal Kombat, Assassin's Creed, Gears of War and a panda-themed Sack Boy from Little Big Planet. So much coolness.

Like I said, Mario toys are common and he gets a lot of shelf space. But he also has some awesome looking toys too. Inlcuding this desert building set with a giant pyramid, an authentic looking flag pole and a pokey. I so wanted to play with this set, but unfortunately it was behind the glass or plastic case. It was amazing looking. It almost made me want to have another kid so I could get this for him/her. Almost...


While not necessarily video game related (although there are Lego Star Wars video games) check out this collection of Lego Star Wars figures. Man, that Rancor is sweet, eh? Jabba too. I wonder how much the whole case just like it sits would cost. Yeah...definitely need to win the lottery first.

I was also fairly fond of this one. Scooby Doo was my second favorite cartoon from my youth.

But the crown jewel of the evening...the thing I actually picked up and came oh so close to buying was...feast your eyes on this wonderful little package of gaming goodness. Team Fortress 2 action figures? Bonus Code Inside Unlocks In-Game Content! Crikey...

Mom, oh Moooooooom! Can I pretty pretty pretty pretty please get this?!?

Yeah, the Toys R Us employees were looking at me kinda funny at this point. I was hanging out in the store all alone and no kids in tow...and getting awfully excited about some of the merchandise and taking random pictures of things. On that note, it was time to go. But I'm saving up my allowance to go back for that demoman action figure.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

Game on!