Whether you're a student or have a traditional job, many of us tend to enjoy the weekends because it means we don't have to get up early and go off to work or school. It's a chance to stay up late, sleep in...and perhaps even play lots of video games. I think I actually play less video games on the weekend than I do during the week. For example, here it is late on a Saturday night, and I haven't played any video games...yet. But it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about them. I had a wonderful day out and about with the family culminating in a trip to this very cool "junk" store. It wasn't a pawn shop or an antique store - it was more trendy and retro than that. And while I was there I found all sorts of cool things...and took lots of pictures of them with my phone. When I got home and looked through them, I couldn't help but peruse some of the other pictures in my phone's photo library. And then I thought...hey, why not share 'em in a blog. It's not like a lot of people read blogs on Saturday night because they're too busy playing video games, right? I guess we'll see.

Don't worry, I've only selected a handful out of the 250+ pictures I have on my phone (and that's after I recently emptied the photos folder). I should really create an Instagram account, hah.

This one was taken from the store I was at earlier tonight. It had a bunch of video game stuff, as you can see. While I wasn't interested in most of these NES games, I did almost buy that Kung Fu game for three bucks. Sigh. Sadly, I left it there.

Same store. I think this collection including an original Game Boy, a Nintendo, the light gun, and a few games (like that Mario game you can see) had a price tag of $65.00. That seems reasonable, assuming it all works. Since I had all of this stuff when it first came out - it was definitely cool seeing it again.

This place had a whole rack of vintage non-sports trading cards like this Pac Man sticker. I had this...about 20 or 30 years ago. They were listed as being originals, not reproductions...and sold for a couple bucks each.

I had this one too! True story. When I was a kid I collected all of the Star Wars cards and stickers. I still have the cards (in the attic) but the stickers were stuck all over the front of my dresser. My mom came in the bedroom one day when I was about six years old (if I'm doing the math right) and noticed these stickers all over the dresser. She was hot, and made me peel them all off. And when I did, the stickie stuff stayed on the dresser and you could still see their outline. I was so upset (I cried) that I had to do this, because all of the stickers were ruined. My brother, much smarter than me, still had his collection of stickers. Don't know if he still has them or not. Seeing these again was almost an emotional moment.

And here is the rack of various vintage trading cards. From Return of the Jedi to Mario and Link. All sealed. All vintage. And three bucks a pack. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Oh hey...look. Another NES. This one was just a bit cheaper, but it didn't come with all the other goodies like the other one did. So, yes...this store had two old NES consoles for sale. And I left without getting either one of them.

I have a cat. Yes I do. A fairly recent addition to the family. I don't know whether he is wanting to play a game or pretending to be a console. And yes, his name is video game inspired. That my friends, is Mr. Wheatley.

So, I found this really cool used book store a few weeks ago. Traded in a bunch of old books and found a bunch of new (old) books. I also found some older PC games, specifically some old Age of Empires stuff, still new in the box. Of course I picked that up, as some of you can probably guess why. But I also discovered this book. I should've just purchased it, but I wanted to read about it online first. So, I took a picture of the cover. Looks cool, but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover.

Hmm, those look familiar. I had some of them; some I did not. They were very worn, so I didn't buy them. But it was still kind of cool seeing them there. You'll never escape the allure of Game Informer.

Yeah, I've been playing a little Killer Instinct. But not on the Xbox One. Going straight up, old school. Still every bit as awesome and fun as I remember. And after a minute or two, I was pulling off some of Chief Thunder's combo attacks. Tomahawk!

I've been playing Minecraft for years now, but until here fairly recently, I never stumbled upon the giant mushrooms. When I did, I was sort of freaking out...because I saw it from a distance and ran over to inspect it. My son, on the other end of the mic, was not very impressed hearing me shout, "Dude you have to come check this out." Apparently he already knew about them and wasn't nearly as impressed as I was.

This statue is not in the building I work in, which is probably a good thing because I'd move my desk to the edge of it so I could sit and stare at it every day. When we go over to the main campus for meetings or what not, I take a picture of this statue. I have about a dozen. They all look the same. I don't care, I take them anyway. This thing is beautiful and life size...and as soon as I figure out how to fit it and get it into my man cave, I'm going to take it home with me.

In addition to giant Halo statues, most of the walls in the main campus are like a museum - full of artwork, some of it early sketches and concept art, and some of it full-fledged, post production museum quality pieces. You probably don't know the game this is taken from. A gem of a game called Galactic Reign, that is unfortunately being shut down.

For our Christmas party, we had an appropriately themed Age of Empires cake. It was tasty. I like cake.

So, there is a story how the dart ended up on the soldier's butt. I was actually working and not playing that particular game when I heard the poof of a Nerf gun, saw something out of the corner of my eye, and heard the thwack as the dart hit and stuck my screen. I'm not sure who shot it, or why. I left the dart there for a day or two, and the next time I loaded up Age of Empires Online, the dart just so happened to align perfectly with the soldier's butt. Yeah, that's worth a picture.

There is an area of Seattle called the waterfront. And as I was walking along the waterfront trying to get a good angle to take a picture of that Ferris Wheel, I saw this pair of characters. Now, at first I didn't know if they were both real, or if one of them was real. I asked them if I could take a picture, and neither of them moved. I asked again, and the stormtrooper shifted slightly. Ah, now we're getting somewhere. So I pulled out a $5.00 bill and said, do you want me to put this in the water jug (clearly that's what it was there for, but I was just trying to get him to move). So the stormtrooper points at the jug and nods his head up and down, ever so slightly. So I put the five in the jug, and he posed for me, like you see in the picture. After I took it, he gave me a thumbs-up. I never figured out if Darth Vader was real or not. I don't think he was. I wanted to ask him if I could be Darth Vader, but I had to leave.

Okay, this one is kind of cheating. I don't think I actually took this with my phone. But it's so funny I thought I'd sneak it in here anyway. If you're a Star Wars fan, you understand why this is funny. And if you're not...who cares? (I'm kidding, I'm kidding)

Okay, well that's it for now. Hope the one or two of you who see this enjoy them. I am curious how many of you actually use Pinterest or Tumblr or Instagram. I do for work, but am seriously considering creating a personal account, since clearly I like taking pictures of video game / geek stuff / and pop culture related items.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.