I spend so much time at Game Informer's website I don't even really notice when the advertisements change or even what they are trying to peddle. But since I've written about them before and since I am writing about them again tonight. Clearly they have some sort of effect - even if it is subconscious and I'm unaware it's happening. In my defense I have never been lured into purchasing something from one of these websites, but that might all change after I succumbed to...

Dude, I Want That...

Once I clicked on the link and the page opened, I knew I was in trouble. They have some cool stuff. Some very cool stuff. They have a lot of very trashy NSFW stuff too, but I definitely saw a few things I wouldn't mind having (even though I would never really buy most of it).  If you go to the website, don't say I didn't warn you.

I couldn't help but share a few of my favorite...the most intriguing items...and I tried to pick video game themed ones, just to keep it relevant. I'm only a few pages in. I might just spend my whole night looking at this treasure. Zoinks.

I have a coffee table. You probably do to. But I don't have THIS coffee table. A Nintendo controller coffee table, and the controller really functions. Say what?!? I remember unboxing my Nintendo, seeing that controller for the first time, thinking...how do you hold this thing; where's the stick; hey cool...two buttons. It was the first time I'd ever heard of a d-pad. Hah, now look at us. This table is straight up retro. I mean, check out those legs. It has a steep price tag, for sure. Yeah, I wouldn't mind having this.

Star Wars pillow cases quoting Han Solo and Princess Leia. Yes, please. I won't bore you all with why this is so significant to me...the story is much to gushy...but this is an item I could see me buying, and I think my wife would even agree to it. If I do get them, I'll have to dig those Star Wars sheets out of the attic, if I still have them. And yes, I know...I said I picked video game items. Well, there are plenty of Star Wars games, so pft.

While we're on the subject of Star Wars...man o' man, check this out! Too bad it's sold out. I could so see me wearing this. It's even reversible. That's like two items for the price of one.

Whoa, wait...check this out. A functioning Pip Boy from the Fallout games.

The RobCo PIP-Boy (Personal Information Processor) is an electronic device manufactured by RobCo Industries. It uses an ultra-modern super-deluxe resolution graphics, which coupled with its capability to store large amounts of information and transfer data to and from holodisks and from data tubes make it the obvious choice for the wandering explorer, the out-on-his-own newbie or the all-around survivalist expert. The Pip-Boys were standard equipment issued to all Vault-Tec Vaults. Some Vaults received newer models of the device, while others got older versions.

Of course this device can't be an exact replica of the in-game version, but it is a pretty cool replica, and appears to have some functionality. What makes it even cooler is the story behind its construction. It's pretty much a homemade do-it-yourself project. I'm not a huge fan of Fallout...I've played them, but this is still a very cool and unique item that would be welcomed in any gamer's collection.

Hey, a lot of video games have zombies, right? Well, if you're a doomsday prepper and needed a good bug out vehicle to evade the zombie invasion - for the low, low price of $629K you can be the proud owner of the Knight XV Fully Armored SUV. If I owned this, I wouldn't even want to get it dirty. Black cars are so hard to keep clean, and we are talking the apocalypse...but I'd still want it.

Okay...back to reality. Maybe something most of us can afford...and enjoy. Assuming your spouse or parents would let you replace your window blinds with video game blinds. Looks like you have your choice of Pac-Man or Space Invaders (I almost said Asteroids). Or buy them both. They seem to be affordable. Perfect for your man (or woman) cave. Yes...I want these too. Sigh.

Last item on my list and then I have to quit doing this before the temptation wins and I actually buy something. Because this item. This item is calling for me. My precious. A Portal ring. Not only is this brilliant, the oh-so-true product description makes a compelling marketing pitch too.

Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating Systems now come in finger-sized. GLaDOS rings make it easy for all to show off their loyalty to the eye of Portal's most beloved piece of sociopathic artificial intelligence. Created by Shapeways designer Quatro, the jewelry comes in 11 different material options, presumably to suit all tastes and budgets. Pictured in White Plastic ($17.80) for DIY painting, buyers may also choose to upgrade to solid Stainless Steel, Silver, Antique Bronze, and Gold Plated rings. While wearing GLaDOS Jr., please beware of assuming a passive-aggressive, narcissistic edge, similar to that displayed by 95% of the population of Seattle. Also be warned that the ring may inject you with a lethal neurotoxin.

I've looked at pages and pages of items and there are some outstanding items (and also some bizarre items too). It's a lot like Think Geek, but with some oddities you certainly won't find there. There are items with million dollar price tags, like the life regeneration chamber (no lie) and things that might hurt you (or others), like the bag of assorted zombie weapons.

If you've seen the ad and wondered what sort of stuff they have there, well hopefully I've done you a favor by sharing a peek at what's inside. If you go check it now, don't be surprised when you say...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.