There is a revolutionary new title a coming and I'm pretty excited about it. I call it a title, because to call it a game doesn't really do it justice. It is a game - but it is also more than a game. It's also a tool...and a powerful one at that. It will empower its users to create worlds and fill them with all sorts of oddities. If creating worlds wasn't glorious enough, you can also use it to build other marvelous creations - from machinima to full games. It can even introduce you to programming with an entertaining and innovative technique simply by arming yourself with a controller or the keyboard + mouse. Experienced programmers have even praised the power of its programming feature.

Never mind where I work or that I've had the opportunity to play this game for a while now...the beta for Project Spark is upon us and the content already being created by the community is fascinating. When I first started tinkering with Project Spark I described it to some folks as Minecraft on steroids. But the more you use it, the more you realize it is much more than that. As a longtime fan of Minecraft, there are certainly some minor similarities - you can shape the geographical landscape to your liking. But when you see Project Spark transformed into these other entities that don't even resemble the generic landscape of the game, it is mesmerizing.

Project Spark is not a game for everyone. I'm guessing there are going to be about four general categories - those who never try it; those who try it out for a short time and aren't really impressed or think its complicated; those who try it and just play the part of the game that auto-generates content; and those who dive in and completely transform it with the power of a wizard wielding a magical wand.

The reason I am really excited about Project Spark is because I want to see what the community creates with it and I'm happy they have a tool that will allow them to express this creativity. How many times have we played a game and thought of what we would change if we could? When the community creates something that even surprises the developers - you know it's special.

In the community montage, we see a version of Space Invaders, Limbo and Angry Birds, but also a basketball game, a card game and even an electronic keyboard. All created by the community - and all created using Project Spark.

I thought I'd share some of the cool creations I've seen already - all of them created on Project Spark by regular gamers like you and me.

A Portal Gun

Ryse: Son of Spark


Cool Car with Turbo

Rolly Ball Game

And another Clever Little Montage

I was never a huge Little Big Planet fan - mostly because by the time I got a Playstation the games had already been out for a awhile. But I was always envious and impressed with the create mode found in Little Big Planet 2. We've seen console games with limited level editors before - but LBP2 displayed a potential like we hadn't really seen before. And I think Project Spark continues illustrating consoles are capable of having powerful mod like tools (and the fact it will also be on Windows 8 PCs makes it even better).

Project Spark is the sort of game that can encourage potential future video game developers by introducing them to an application allowing them to express their creativity while sharing it with others online. And the ability to share their creations will undoubtedly earn some of the best and brightest the exposure needed to get them discovered...all while they're having fun tinkering with it.

Not bad for a game,