What I'm about to share with you is a true story. I didn't even change the names to protect the innocent. I stayed up a bit later than usual last night trying to reach the end of a level - meh, the game is really of no consequence. When I finally crawled into bed, I was sawing logs and drooling a wee bit in about 0 seconds. I'm typically a light sleeper, but because I hate to be late for anything, I actually use three alarms on my phone - escalating in the annoyance of the tone the closer it gets to my actual wake up time. Somewhere between alarm one and two, a name came to mind...


Um, say what?

I chat with a handful of you from time to time...and some of you more than others. And while I am familiar with the name KillerRabbitsFTW - this is not a person I carry on frequent conversations with. So why would I be thinking of him/her (I don't even know) at 6:00 AM. For reasons unknown to me, but I'm guessing because it was between alarm 1 and 2 and not alarm 2 and 3, I was still in a semi-incoherent state. And I wasn't just thinking of the name KillerRabbitsFTW - I was sort of envisioning it as a character in a video game. A really weird video game. It was sort of a hybrid loosely resembling Banjo Kazooie and Twisted Metal.

True? Scouts Honor.

Disturbing? Mildly.

The inspiration for tonight's blog? Definitely.

So as I lay there a few moments longer, or at least until alarm 3 started blaring at me, I started to contemplate a few other names and their video game counterparts or likenesses, and by the time I sat down to type this blog, I had constructed a list of potential video games / characters inspired by you all...or at least some of you all...

Don't ask me why I picked these people or correlated them to a particular game...


(And don't worry - once my list hit ten I stopped)


I envision this game being a lot like BIT.TRIP RUNNER, although I don't really know why. If I remember right, the first one didn't have checkpoints and in the second one, you were punished (or received less points) if you took the checkpoint instead of bypassing it. Perhaps it's because I curse the game every time I play it because of its relentless brutality...and maybe deep down I wished it would just let me get to a checkpoint.

Theora Craft

I'm thinking Theora Craft, would star in a game like a mashup of Halo and Tomb Raider. Instead of Spartan 117 being John, perhaps it would be Jane; but more like a Lara Croft version. I seriously doubt you could pull off aerobatics in heavy armor, but maybe we need to take a different approach to combat the Covenant by using fearless soldiers, quick and nimble and light on their feet, but always pushing forward and taking the fight to the enemy.


Xl9 is the newest assassin-for-hire in the Hitman series, replacing Agent 47 after he met his untimely demise during a botched mission and a mark that wasn't ready to lie down and die. Nobody knows who xl9 is or where he came from, just that he is every bit as deadly as Agent 47.

The Destroyer

Hmm, I was thinking a God of War clone here. It's a great game and others have emulated it, but none compare to The Destroyer, a game that has you pummeling wave after wave of henchmen that are nothing more than cannon fodder. Sure, occasionally you'll encounter more powerful bosses, but none compare to the might and power of The Destroyer. Muhahaha.


The sequel to Angry Birds? Come on...tell me you didn't see that one coming. If you're familiar with Angry Birds then you know the birds attack the pigs. But what happens when the cows mount their counter attack using their Special Forces unit? You wind up with Airbornebovine!

The Enemy Gate is Down

Tower defense games can be quite popular...that is until The Enemy Gate is Down introduced a new sub-genre of the Real Time Strategy genre. Using popular features from League of Legend and Dota 2, The Enemy Gate is Down adds a further element to the game by having lanes that are gated and the only way you can get past the gate is when - The Enemy Gate is Down. Get in and wreak havoc, but don't stay too long because if the gate goes back up, you'll be trapped behind enemy lines...and almost certainly perish.


This is a classic you'll only find on the Atari 2600, but it is still a great game. Before there was Combat, there was Shootist2600. A game where you walk around and...shoot things. But the cool feature was - you can shoot your little chunky block bullets in every direction. Cutting edge, I know. Unfortunately the game was deemed too violent due to its display of pixelated blood and giblets, so it didn't catch on quite like Combat did.

Companion Cube

As much as Valve likes to think out of the box and do out of the ordinary stuff...and as much emphasis as they put on the Companion Cube...AND as popular as this object has become... It wouldn't surprise me if Valve made a game about the Companion Cube and revealed it wasn't a cube at all. It's actually a sentient being in a protective container. Yes...a game where instead of you using a Companion Cube to reach higher ledges or hold down door switches, you now play...as the Companion Cube. You heard it here first.


Move over Donkey Kong, your long lost crazy cousin Mojomonkey12 has been cast in the next episode of Mojo Monkey Country. Instead of bananas and barrels though, this crazed monkey is armed and dangerous...and out for blood. Mario beware. I think we're ready for a M - Mature rated Donkey Kong game...

Let the record reflect I am not (and was not) on any sort of medication or under the influence of any narcotic when I thought this up. And let me remind you, I'm not really sure why I picked the people I picked or the games I selected for them. Just telling it how it is...

I wonder what tonight's sleepy time will bring, heh heh. I'm almost afraid to experience it again.