The past couple of days you might've read the various reports circulating around many of the video game news outlets talking about the sales numbers for Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. And although the Playstation 4 sold about a million more units than Xbox One, both organizations seem pleased with the results that appear to have outperformed even their own projections.

The news sort of came and went. It generated a little conversation but then fizzled out. That is in stark contrast to the vitriol that was spewed by fans of both sides a few months ago. Allegiance to a particular console has always been a hot and sensitive subject, and the level of discourse reached a boiling point at last year's E3. There's no denying Microsoft struggled a bit and Sony pounced on the opportunity to expose the misstep - while the world (or at least the gaming world) watched in shock and awe. I've been a gamer for a number of years and I've witnessed this sort of conflict before - but I don't know if I ever saw the lines in the sand be drawn as sharply as they were back then.

And then something happened.

Both consoles launched.

And kind words from both sides and from both organizations were expressed.

It was sort of a Coca Cola, "I'd like to teach the world to sing..." moment...

And here we are a mere couple of months later and both companies have sold truckloads of consoles...and even more than that, they seem to be functioning properly...and even more than that...those who have purchased them seem pleased with them.

And if you ask me, the world of video games is a better place because of it.

Some might scoff and others may think I'm just blowing sunshine up the skirts of my fellow gamers, but the truth is I'm truly happy that both consoles are doing well, selling well and playing well. Heck, I wish the Wii U was doing a little better. I grew up on Nintendo and I hate to see them struggling like they are, but I suppose two out of three aint bad.

Had the Playstation 4 or Xbox One stumbled out of the gate, the results would've resonated throughout the industry, potentially affecting us all, or at the very least...many of us. On an individual level, each of us could've been affected. Or our friends could've been affected. Or our family members could've been affected. I don't know about you, but I work hard for my money. So when I invest that much in a new console - I want it to work and last. And I'm sure you do to. I want all of my friends who went the Playstation 4 route to have the most positive experience they can have...and the same is true of those who purchased an Xbox One.

On a much grander scale - if either company experienced a challenging launch, either due to hardware failures or lack of sales, we could still be affected whether we own that system, the opposite system, or even a last generation console. Future Projects could be cancelled, people could lose their jobs, and existing prices of games and hardware could increase or maintain their current levels. In the simplest of terms, if gamers quit buying a particular console and shifted to one of the others, the price of that console would likely increase with that whole supply and demand concept.

But when a company makes a successful product...a profitable product...I really do think it benefits us all. How much of that do they reinvest into new hardware and new games. How much of it goes to improving and maintaining the existing systems and architecture. In this day and age and in this economy, we should all celebrate the success of both of these consoles regardless of which one we purchased or plan to purchase.

While we'll never see the division disappear, the fanboyism fade or the competition between corporations end, we can still be thankful for the success witnessed by the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

I'd like to teach the world (or at least gamers) to perfect harmony.

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