Hello friends, beloved bloggers and fellow gamers,

In the past when New Years rolled around I'd cheat and cut and paste the blog from the previous year. But much has changed since last year's post and I decided to start from scratch and just sort of wing it this year. I don't have a clever blog talking about resolutions or predictions for 2014, and I'm certainly not going to review the one's I made from 2013 since I already know I probably failed at most of them.

Yes, much has changed since I last posted a blog here, but there isn't a day that goes by I don't think about the Game Informer community and the unique personalities that make it such a special place. I don't mean special, like short bus special...I mean special, like a collector's edition video game, special.

I don't know how many years I've been a part of this community. I've seen the ebb and flow of bloggers coming and going, and I've been a part of that transition a time or two myself. I've been blessed to have forged some friendships that have withstood my absence around the blogging playground, and Blog Herding has kept me connected with others I might not have stayed in touch with. Hopefully I'll be posting the 2014 blogging statistics report in the next day or so. I pretty much knew who the top blogger was going to be the year before - but I have no idea in 2013. There has been such a transition; it could be Tim Gruver or Kyle Wadsworth or some other frequent blogger. I'm just as excited to see who it is as some of you are.

Besides my own personal life changing moments (more of a total upheaval if you ask me), 2013 was sort of a monumental year in the video game industry. Of course I don't need to tell you - you surely experienced many of the highs and lows right along with me. Of course I missed blogging about many of them and having the subsequent conversations afterwards, but I still have the opportunity to write blogs of a different flavor, which scratches the writing itch. And thankfully I'm able to blog in other places, like at Game Informer...it's just mostly been a matter of time (definitely hasn't been a shortage of ideas - my notebook is beyond full). Now that I'm all settled in, who knows...maybe I'll be able to post a blog from time to time. I don't know that I'll be able to bring some of the regular features back, but Member Herding is in good hands and truthfully, that was the only I really cared about living on...since it was more about the community.

Anyway, 2014 is upon us...whether we're ready for it or not. I don't know that it will be as awesome as 2013, but if I recall I said the same thing the year before. Hard to beat a year that gives us all new consoles, but now we can wait for the new game releases that are sure to follow. There are a few games I'm excited for but it's going to take a lot of giddy up to live up to The Last of Us. Easily my game of the year for 2013.

Before I go, I know a few have expressed interest to me in blogging at Game Informer (including The Handheld Tank, who reached out to me earlier this evening - some of you may remember him). I don't know if it's their New Year's resolution or just a convenient time, but like I've told them...it's a perfect time to start or continue the craft. The past few weeks the numbers have dipped and some of the regulars haven't been as regular. But clearly there is still an interest as nearly every blog is getting a couple hundred views or more. If you're reading this and have been a lurker in the past, but you really want to try your hand at blogging, I would definitely encourage you to give it a shot. It can be a fulfilling experience and quite possibly...pave your way to a job in the video game industry. If you want to start but really don't know how or where or why...you might be interested in checking out this old blog titled, Blog Herding 101.

Okay gamers. Hope the holidays were kind to you and your families. I hope your 2014 is full of blessings and happy gaming moments. May your extra lives be plentiful, your checkpoints frequent and your games good.

Happy trails...until we meet again.