I've done two or maybe three of these blogs before but the last time I did it was about a year ago, so I think we're due...especially since there are so many new faces sprouting up in the community. The concept is simple - I visit the profile page for a whole bunch of different members and share something off of their page I find interesting. Call me weird (or a stalker) but I actually routinely check out various profile pages, especially those who are more active in the community.

If you're wondering how I select the members to list...well, there is no real trick to it. I look at my friends list; I look at who is posting blogs and reviews; I look at who is commenting on my blogs (or your blogs if you blog)...sometimes I even just randomly pick people whose name shows up on the newsfeed or on the front page news. It is completely random... So if you're name isn't on the list, it doesn't mean I intentionally ignored you. Enough with the rules and explanations...

Let's do this!

AbsoluteDeicide - Masters of Doom was a great book, I agree.

Andrew Marcos - This guy is a big deal...and he has a PhD in Awesomenomics.

AshaMan3000 - Aw...you gave me a shout out in your bio. Thanks buddy. Dang, you're old! Hah, I'm kidding (and older).

Azure Moon - You had me at Star Wars.

Bilbo Baggins - Favorite Game includes The Hobbit. Should've known.

Bradamantium - Hmm, plotting out the latest bitingly clever game. Can't wait to see that.

Braydo - "Life is too short to be anything but happy." Amen!

Cameron Koch - Looking for extra cool followers on Twitter.

Carlton Hackett - Lists Willow as one of his favorite movies - HECK YES.

Charlie FoHammer - I never grow tired of seeing that Star Wars band picture. And the fact you like Halo as much as I do, you rock.

Companion Cube - OMG, his profile image looks to be a young Ronald Reagan riding a T-Rex holding an American Flag. Epic.

DesertOcelot - Profile says he is wearing a Sonic shirt. I'm wondering if he ever washes it. That was a while ago.

Destructur25 - That Kefka image is mildly disturbing... ;)

DJH - So...many...Sasquatches (is that the proper plural form?)...hey neat, look at those achievement thingies.

DrJoeystein - You sound like a pretty cool dude. And Death Troopers was awesome (mostly). What did you think?

firedude3663 - Admits he is lame and boring. Well, if you say so. HAH. Zing!

jackson stone - What...is...wrestling mantis shrimp? Nice pics though.

Jeremy Sturgill - Anybody who drinks Mountain Dew and loves top ten lists is good people in my book.

John Marston - I don't why, but have a hard time picturing John Marston listing history as a hobby, but I have to ask Civil War or American Revolution? (See, because he's a cowboy...)

John Wrek - You left? I'm kidding. Quoting Yoda earns you cool points in my book.

KillerRabbitsFTW - Last seen or heard from May 1st, wearing pajamas and snoring.

LetMeGetToACheckpoint - TMNT FTW.

Luis E. Morales Falcon - Um, so that was interesting.

Marco Polo - I'm wondering why he officially hates TV now.

Masterassassin - Thought I was reading my profile...we're a lot alike, you and I. Except I don't play guitar (but I do play Guitar Hero).

maxmaher - Makes a very good point by asking why occupation is listed in interests.

Mike - The Team Fortress 2 Scout as your avatar. Me likes.

Nickywhat - Kind of have to see it to believe it - pictures, videos and more.

Nikolas Davidoff - Fashion photography...now that is something interesting.

Paradigmthefallen - LEGO building rules.

Prince of Snark Euphoric Ennui I - Colorful. Not surprised. Miss the hot chocolate image.

quasiconundrum - Self-employed and self-educated, wow...you don't say.

Radioactive Deathbat - Has some education, sort of (and apparently a sense of humor).

RFXRage - The Great Gatsby, eh? See the movie? Like it?

Saturday Morning Replay - You speak four languages...sweet!

Skybreaker34 - A young man quoting Mark Twain...that's refreshing.

Super Turkey - Wait, what... You're Carson!?! I remember you! But how is turkey an occupation?

The Car Geek - He really is a car geek. Holy burning rubber Batman. Alas, I did not make his list of awesome people. Boo.

The Destroyer - Hmm...next time I need a blog idea, I know where to look. Doubt he'll object if I accuse him of liking Phoenix Wright.

The enemy gate is down - Concur. Ender's Game is amazing.

The Midnight Mayor - Education from Space School. I want to go to space school.

thedoublem7 - Hobbies include the hanging of the friends outside.

thegodofwine7 - Hah Hah...something about liking South Park and Shakespeare makes me chuckle.

Tim Gruver - Fahrenheit 451, nice. Have you seen Equilibrium?

Tony Sansone - A professional bum, eh? Why didn't I think of that?

TurdFurgy - Doesn't just make custom GI Avatars...uses them too.

VincentV - Blueprint for a Minecraft Multi-Stream Cobblestone Generator, heck yes!

Withinmyzen - Good luck in college.

xl9 - YOU'RE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. YOU'RE NOT EVEN 17?!? I love your blogs bro. No seriously.

Zachary Pligge - A physicist? I played Far Cry 3 with a physicist. Neat.

Okay, well there you have it. If my counting is right, that's 50 random comments pulled straight from the profile pages of 50 random members. I'm always surprised how many young people hang out here (and how mature most of them / you behave). Hopefully by doing this, maybe you'll happen to come across someone you find interesting, and maybe kindle a new friendship.

Good games and enjoy the rest of your weekend.