As one of my New Year's Resolution I stated I wanted to play online more with members from the Game Informer community. The good news is I've been doing pretty well at keeping up with this resolution. The bad news is I've discovered I really kind of suck at some of the games I get roped into playing. Whether it's Far Cry 3 and leaving DJH behind while I fire up the boat and take the rest of the team across the river or having Ace and Mojo continually stay by my side to revive me when I am incapacitated by the bad guys in Uncharted 3, I've definitely proven to several members of the community I'm not near as productive in game as I might be at the website.

Well, tonight's escapades continued my trend of embarrassing moments, but I suppose as long as you're having fun with fellow friends and gamers from the Game Informer family, then who really cares?

Tonight's game was Halo 4.

I love Halo 4...but truth be told, with the exception of playing the campaign together with someone, I have never played it online before (until now). Never. And my performance showed.

So tonight's crew included names I'm sure most of you are familiar with...


Theora Craft

Mike (Shotgun 65)


I might as well just pull the pin on the grenade and throw it out there before any of them do. In the first, oh...I dunno...five minutes of the first game we played...I managed to throw a sticky grenade at an abandoned warthog. Only it wasn't abandoned...apparently Theora and Caudex had recently commandeered it and were preparing to drive off when I blew it up and earned not one, but two betrayals.

Quite an entrance, don't you think (whose idea was it to invite Saint again, Markus)?

Okay...well if I can be allowed an opportunity to clear my good name...that's not quite how it least from my see, when I first saw the Warthog, it was trying to run me over, so my plan was to throw a grenade at it. But somewhere in the time it took for me to remember what button throws a grenade and actually doing it, these two managed to kill the occupants and take it over and alas, suffered from my ineptitude and inexperience. They were good sports about it, and only teased me for a little bit.

Besides that humiliating little moment, I suppose the next bit of embarrassment came at the end of the round when the scoreboard displayed my atrocious kill / death ratio, or should I say... death / kill ratio, since I certainly had more deaths than anything.

I think I played three rounds - the first two were Capture the Flag and the last was Assault (I think that's what it was called, the mode where you try and capture control points). the results...

First round: 5 kills, 15 deaths.

Second round: 5 kills, 17 deaths.

Third round: 6 kills, 18 deaths.

And trust me, I was thankful for every one of those kills, because they didn't come easy.

But as I previously mentioned, I didn't play to be the best and top the scoreboard. I played to have fun. And not just have fun, to interact with the people I socialize with around the website but never really get to talk to or play with.

A few thoughts.


I can relate to Markus1142 a lot more since this isn't the first time I've played with him. He's a lot like me. Kind of quiet...(only much better at Far Cry 3 and Halo 4) but a very committed team player. He never lets up - he's always pushing for whatever the objective is.  If it's Far Cry 3 and you're supposed to blow the bridge up, that's what he's doing. If it's Halo 4 CTF, by God he's trying to capture that flag. Don't back up, don't back down.

I already knew Theora  Craft was a fan of the Halo game based on previous comments she has made, but I had no idea she was a pro. She takes the game very serious and hearing her throw out the occasional expletive when the proverbial "it" hits the fan reminds me of a few sailors I've worked with in my day. She knows the game well, including the maps and weapons...and yeah, pretty much everything in between. She did a great job keeping us focused.

Mike aka Shotgun65...well he was every bit the way I thought he would be, but with a name like Shotgun65, what did you expect. I've read some colorful comments from him at Game Informer, so translate that to online behavior and you know you're in for a ride. I wouldn't say he is loud and obnoxious...nor would I say he is cocky or arrogant. But he is that guy you want on your side...for his confidence and contagious personality. If you've ever seen those old war movies where all of the soldiers are on a helicopter or plane, (or Halo when they're all on the Pelican) on their way to a particular nasty landing zone...and you have some that are solemn and quiet...then there is always that one guy who doesn't seem at all rattled he's about to get shot at...he's telling stories about last night's ball game or what he ate for dinner...well, that's Mike.

I didn't see or hear much out of Caudex, but after I blew him up with the sticky grenade I can certainly understand why. I followed him around because he seemed to be staying alive a lot longer than I was (which isn't saying much) and seemed to always get positive kill to death scores...he also seemed to be somewhat of a Lone Wolf, but with only 3 rounds with this team, that might not be accurate.

What I really enjoyed about this little squad of GIO Halo players...was their teamwork. They used voice comms like a real military squad, calling out enemy locations and requesting back up. They would work together on the objectives and despite my best effort to screw them up they still did quite well...and seemed to have a lot of fun doing it.

Yeah, I may not have done all that well...and yes...I did kill two of our beloved Game Informer members with a very badly thrown grenade, but at the end of the day I once again was reminded why this Game Informer community is truly the best.

Game on!