Towards the end of December I posted a blog about video game inspired New Year resolutions for 2013, with one of them being to play online with members of the community more than what I did in 2012, which was practically none at all. I think I said I was going to try and play with community members at a minimum of once a month. In January, I had a few different opportunities to play with members of the community, including playing Team Fortress 2 with Harry a couple times, and Far Cry 3 with Markus1142, DJH and Zachary Pligge a couple times.

Well, I'm happy to report this resolution is coming along better than some of my others, like losing a little weight and reading more. Today marks the second month (2 down, 10 to go) I had the wonderful opportunity of playing with members of the community.

So, I invited Mojomonkey12 and Ace13 (hmm...12, 13?) to a friendly game of Uncharted 3, and both agreed. It wouldn't be the first time I played the game online with Mojo as we played UC3 last year a time or two. In fact, the last time I played the game was last year when I played with Mojo.

Obviously if we were playing Uncharted 3, y'all know what system we were on, and anytime you're going to play your Playstation 3 online there is a certain amount of preparation that comes with it, especially if you don't play online all that often (which I don't).

I blew the dust off my PS3 and powered it up knowing full well there would be some sort of system update...which there was. Thankfully I did it earlier in the day so I didn't even notice it took nearly 30 minutes to run through the updates. After the system updates were installed, I loaded the game up and discovered it had an update too. It's a good thing I thought to update prior to playing or else I might've been sitting around for 40 minutes waiting for everything to finalize. Then of course there was the setting up the headphones and mic, which sounds easy enough...but I use these Nox headphones that require a little more effort to set up and configure. Alas, I was ready to go...

Sometimes when you play with totally new people there is that moment of awkwardness as introductions are made and first impressions are formed. Since I've talked with Mojo on a number of occasions and played this very game with him, there was none of that. Talking with Ace13 was completely natural and wasn't forced at all. It's apparent within the first few moments these two are genuinely good, kind hearted people...the perfect teammates to spend your Saturday night playing video games with. After a few minutes of chit chatting, we considered what mode to play and how to proceed...although I think Ace13 had something different in mind.

"What do you guys want to play, campaign, survival...deathmatch?" -Ace13

Deathmatch? Heavens no...this is only my third time ever playing the game. Thankfully everyone agreed campaign would be the best.

If you haven't played Uncharted 3 online with other players in the campaign mode you are missing out on one of the best online experiences ever. As much as I love Halo, I'm not a big fan of its co-op campaign mode...but Uncharted 3...Uncharted 3 gets it right.

Playing Uncharted 3 again, I was remained how beautiful the game is, how cool the characters are, and what makes this game so amazing. I was also reminded how much fun it can be playing with a couple of your closest friends.

Mojomonkey12 and Ace13 are two of the best online players you could ask for to play with online. They're both similar in that they are true teammates - they're more worried about teamwork and working towards a goal on a unified front than rushing ahead for their own for glory and riches. Yes, it's apparently quite possible to unite with team players who are less concerned with their own individual score...and instead work on keeping the team safe while trying to achieve the overall mission. Playing with them is carefree and downright fun. There wasn't any competition for scores or who could get through the round first - it was more like, "Oh...I will brave the hail of bullets and risk life and limb trying to get to your location to heal you...for the tenth time...and do it with a smile on my face and hint of joy in my voice." And that was Mojo...Ace was every bit as supportive.

The three of us played through a couple of the missions. We started out strong but one particular level really gave us grief. It evolved into a "who can revive who the fastest" level. Regrettably, I was the source of a number of the episodes that saw the whole team getting wiped out and having to restart the level over. As gracious as my teammates are, they would deny this claim, or at least say they were equally to the end though, we were having fun and that's all that matters. In my defense, this was only the third time I played the game online.

(Mojo, Saint and Ace)

It was a wonderful evening of gaming and I even learned a few things about my fellow teammates and members of the Game Informer community.

I learned that Mojomonkey12 is a high speed, balls to the wall player...and pretty good with the grenades. In one particular instance we were taking heavy fire from snipers perched on the roof of a nearby building. In between ducking and weaving behind cover, I was searching for a way to disperse these bad guys when I saw a small explosion and this enemy soldier get launched like a ragdoll 10' in the air; Mojo's handiwork. I already knew Mojo was a great dad, but I also learned he plays Yahtzee with his son, so he definitely gets cool points for that.

I learned that Ace13 is an ace at playing Uncharted 3 (and I'm guessing at Uncharted 2 as well based on our conversation comparing the multiplayer component between games). She's one of those players that are good, but humble and not annoying about it. She knows the maps and missions; the characters and different weapons...she quickly took on the role as tour guide and squad leader (and unfortunately...medic). Mojomonkey had to depart after nearly 2 hours of gameplay, but Ace13 and I managed to play a few rounds of survival mode which really demonstrated her skill and carried me through wave after wave of bad guys assaulting our position.

I guess I should wrap this's getting late and there are games still left to be played. If you're looking for a great game to play, look no further than Uncharted 3. And if you need some great players to help you out, you won't find better than Mojomonkey12 and/or Ace13...

Just don't agree to playing deathmatch against Ace... You've been warned.