I don't know how long this blog is going to be, but I feel like it's going to be short. And I say that, because I can feel the onset of a headache coming on. And whenever I feel that way, I use my tried and true method of getting rid of a headache. No, not "take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning". It's more fun and effective than medicine. No, it's not some ancient Chinese secret involving acupuncture and manipulating my Qi (or Chi, whichever you prefer). It's much simpler.

I'm going to play video games.

I think sometimes scientists and doctors are so busy trying to figure out if video games have an adverse effect on people they fail to see the benefits of playing them. Now most of us would probably agree that video games are a great outlet to relieve stress or help with depression, and I would agree. But I'm more interested in the physical benefits of playing video games.

How does playing a video game cure a headache?

Perhaps I'm the only one who has had this happen, but I doubt it. More times than not, if I have a headache I can go play video games and within minutes it will be gone. Heck, sometimes I can take medicine and it not work, certainly not that fast. Now, from what I've read, headaches are caused by all sorts of conditions. According to this website, there are over 2 dozen different types of headaches. I'm not about to read all of them and see how they're different and what causes them, or how to cure them. All I know is, of the headaches I've had, if I play video games they go away. Am I the only one who's ever cured a headache playing video games? I don't know how or why it works, I just know it does work...for me anyways. Now, some might say it's because you're taking your mind off of it by playing the games. Maybe. But nothing else seems to do the trick. Not watching movies or reading books or listening to music. About the only other thing I have found that comes close is just going to sleep. There's something about playing video games that makes the headache go away.

How does playing a video game cure exhaustion?

How many of you come home from work or school and you're dog tired. You basically walk in the front door, sit down on the couch and you just want to pass out for a few hours? But you can't. You have to eat dinner, spend time with the family, do the work you brought home with you...but you're so exhausted you can't think much less do anything about it. You try watching television, but you doze off. You try moving around, maybe even exercise a little bit...but nothing seems to work. You douse cold water on your face, pinch yourself, go outside and get some fresh air. But you're so exhausted the only thing that can cure your eyes from closing is sleep...and playing video games. It's almost scary how effective playing video games can invigorate and revitalize you. I have been so exhausted before and nothing will wake me up. Not coffee. Not slapping myself in the face. Not running in place for a few minutes. Not watching TV. Nothing. Until I start playing video games. I've stood plenty of 12-hour mid-watches and the only thing that got me through was playing video games, either on my cell phone or on a work computer.

How does playing a video game cure cravings / hunger pains?

Some nutrition experts say the key to dieting is portion control - don't eat so dang much. But man when those cravings hit, what are you supposed to do. I know what I do...I stand there with the fridge or pantry door open for 10-15 minutes trying to figure out what I can graze on. Isn't it amazing what you resort to eating will when you're too lazy to actually just prepare a meal? I haven't resorted to eating a package of Ramen raw, but have known several who have. About the only thing that will cure those cravings besides ingesting the last Oatmeal Pie, the chip dust in the bottom of the bag, and/or a handful of olives fished out of the jar with your fingers is...yup, you guessed it...playing more video games.

There's just something about playing video games. It cures headaches, wakes you up and keeps you from eating uncontrollably more so than any other media or activity...at least for some of us (or perhaps just me). If scientist and doctors want to do something useful, develop a diet plan that has you playing video games to curb those cravings.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING:  Playing an excessive amount of video games has caused headaches, sleep deprivation and eating disorders in some laboratory gamers.

Y'all have a great night.