By now many of you have consumed copious amounts of candy and sweets; or maybe ham or turkey. And many of you have opened your presents, casting wrapping paper and boxes to the side as you clutch your new found treasure. I made out like a bandit myself and hope you all did too. I don't think it would be prudent to detail all the booty I scored, but it's funny because as I look it over, I'm reminded just how big of a gamer I am.

Funny. I wrote that last year...and in that blog I talked about the clothes, books, video games and gadgets I received for Christmas, and now as I take a break from gathering up the wrapping paper remnants, hauling out the garbage, and getting ready to go to work tomorrow...what do I see strewn about the man cave?

Clothes, books, video games and gadgets.

Well...truth be told, it's more like one of each. Or two.

New Clothes:

I love geeky clothes. I don't really know why. It's not like I go out in public where tons of people can see whatever it is I'm wearing. But I do, I love geeky clothes. What I like even more than geeky clothes is when someone in my family picks out an article of clothing that perfectly fits my personality. This year, like every year...I got some new clothes...but what really stands out are my Millennium Falcon and Team Fortress 2 Pyro t-shirts. Yeah, that sums up my interests nicely.

New Books:

I didn't really get any new books this year, but I did get a few new comic books and a nice graphic novel. The Punisher has long been my favorite character so I'm always happy to get new books featuring him...and how awesome is it that one of them is a Christmas special. I also scored a pretty cool 24 graphic novel. Jack Bauer is awesome, so of course a graphic novel featuring JB is going to be awesome too.

New Games:

I won't count the Wii U or new Mario game, since technically that wasn't my gift. But I did get X-COM and a Steam gift card which I think I am going to use to buy a few indie games I haven't gotten around to playing yet. Steam is having some awesome sales right now, so the struggle now becomes what game or games do I get. Hard to believe you can get an amazing indie game for less than $10 bucks. The version of X-COM I received comes with a developer's book and a patch, plus DLC you can get from Steam. All very cool, especially since I am such a diehard fan of the X-COM series.

New Gadgets:

The only thing cooler than getting a light saber for Christmas, would be having George Lucas hand deliver a real one in an autographed hand crafted wooden box. Yes, I got a totally awesome light saber for Christmas. What am I going to do with it? Well, display it proudly on the mantle of course...and when the next Star Wars movie comes out...and I'm in line for the midnight show...I'll be able to fight off all the other geeks waiting in line and armed with a light saber. You know I will.

I also scored some sweet Valve loot. At one time I used to think I owned everything Valve sold in their store, but they're releasing more and more items and it's impossible to keep up. These Team Fortress 2 posters are awesome and nice quality. If you play the game and need some artwork for your walls, you can't go wrong with these.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas. Of course we often recognize the holidays with giving and receiving presents, when it's much more than that, but hopefully you enjoyed spending time with friends and family...and getting loot never hurts.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. The final Member Herding of 2012 is inbound tomorrow. Any guesses who will be featured?