This is kind of a short and out of the ordinary blog but one that I felt was necessary. I battled over whether to do it or not...some might say I'm kissing butt or polishing the apple of the Game Informer staff, but I don't really care. In the end, right is right and as long as I know in my heart the intentions are honorable, then that triumphs what anybody might say or think. Oh, and while I don't (normally) use big boy language in my daily vocabulary (unless I'm driving), I say "BAMF" as a sign of respect and admiration. If you don't know what it means or can't figure it out, then I will provide you a couple of examples (I'd hesitate telling you to look it up).

Chuck Norris is a BAMF.

Nathan Drake is a BAMF.

Masterchief is a BAMF.

Snake Plissken is a BAMF.


Jeff Marhiafava is a BAMF.

(Funny...BAMF is also the sound Nightcrawler makes when he teleports. He's kind of a BAMF too.)

Anyway...moving on.

The world is run by different kinds of people. Some are politicians that tell you all of the great things they plan to do and others are workers who show you what they're going to do simply by doing it. Of course each of these categories can be further divided. You have some workers who need to be praised for every little thing they do, where something as simple as taking the trash out or making coffee means everybody should pause for a moment of silence and pat the individual on the back for saving the office from a dead coffee pot or trash overflowing onto the floor. Then you have those "behind the scenes" workers who don't need praise or recognition...and honestly, they don't really want to be in the spotlight. They do what it is they're supposed to do, not for glory and riches, but simply because something inside of them...whether it was inherited, instilled by solid parenting, magic, luck, faith, coincidence or a combinations of all of these, they do it because something inside of them compels them to do it.

We enjoy something at Game Informer that many other communities don't, or don't to the degree that we do...and that is a relationship with the staff. I've seen them everywhere...from the website to Twitter, and they chat with the community. Some of you all chat with them frequently...and have even gamed with them. That's pretty cool, don't you think?

I'm going to step out of character for a minute to share something with you all.

Most of you know (or should know) Jeff Marchiafava is a member of the Game Informer staff. You've seen him post articles online and in the magazine day in and day out. I don't need to tell you that.

Others of you know a little bit more specifically what he does around the website that contributes directly to the community. Without going into all the details, let's just say if the team of moderators were deputies, Jeff M would be the sheriff. He is actively involved with maintaining good order and discipline around the website and for making sure the moderators are trained and equipped to do their jobs...and when one of them inadvertently deletes a user's account, let's just say he's there to sort out the mess and pick up the pieces; pat him on the back and tell him to get back to work...and never do it again or he's fired...AHEM...but let's not dwell on that, heh heh. Moving on (it wasn't quite that bad).

When I was allowed (and I say allowed because it really is a privilege to do it) to take over Blog Herding I knew I was undertaking a huge responsibility and I had some concerns. One thing I told myself early on was to never let it go to my head. I believe in the word, "pride comes before the fall" and as a result there are certain things I never talk about because I think it can be perceived as haughty. But something happened today...something specific...and it was the genesis of the blog. The details don't matter...Jeff knows what he did, but the important thing is to recognize him for his efforts; his behind the scenes efforts that most of us never get to see. And not just what he did today, or what he's done in the past, and what he will probably do tomorrow when he rolls out of bed at noon (I'm kidding Jeff) and heads off to work with a smile on his face and good will in his heart....but for all of it.

(To give you an idea the kind of things Jeff does, since this one doesn't involve me, many of you may recall the 50th episode of Member Herding rewarded Jon Keyes with a copy of Game Informer autographed by all of the Game Informer editors - Jeff M facilitated that.)

See, the thing about Jeff is he goes above and beyond...often times behind the scenes and without mention or credit. I wouldn't be so arrogant to think that I "know" Jeff M, but something tells me a lot of what he does to keep the force in balance, he does without anybody knowing he's even doing it. I've been blogging here a couple of years now and I've been supporting the community in a variety of capacities in this time. I'm not going to lie...there have been perks here and there... compensation if you will. And Jeff M has been behind it all. I know what he's done for me, and I know what he's done for a few others. But the real reward has been working with Jeff week after week to bring you all Blog Herding. Without him and his assistance, it wouldn't be possible, or at least not like it has been. He's far more involved with the community than what most see or realize and he truly goes above and beyond in the performance of his duties.

Jeff M, thank you! Not for what you did today, or yesterday...but for every day. I know you don't do what you do for the recognition, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth recognizing; and I know you would never want me to do this, which is exactly why I am. Kings to you!


NOTE: The December episode of Member Herding and perhaps the final episode of Guess that Gamer are in the works. I hope to have them to you all soon.