Following up to yesterday's Staff Herding blog that featured Ben Reeves and the first half of the questions, tonight is the big conclusion and the final group of questions. With 19 Game Informer editors listed on the front page of the website, and with 2 of them having been featured now, only 17 more to go. I haven't even considered who to approach for Episode 3, but I won't quit trying until I get somebody. Until then, read on and enjoy!

 6. The real estate on you and your coworkers' desks are populated with all sorts of collectibles ranging from action figures to autographed memorabilia. Whose desk wins best in show? What's your favorite item or collectible on your desk? Would you know if somebody moved something out of place? Assume you have won a friendly office bet and the reward for your win is the opportunity to pick one item off of anybody else's desk - what item do you claim as your prize and whose desk is it from? Now imagine you lost the bet, what item do you have on your desk you think your co-workers would want the most?

Miller has a crazy collection of toys and he's always rotating out the figures, because he loves buying toys. I have a pretty cool Magneto statue that was given to me a long time ago by a friend; I'm still fond of that, but I also love my weird collection of Spider-Man toys: I have one marine Spider-Man that came with a dolphin sidekick. I don't think there are any items in the office that I covet, but there is an RE figure of Jill Valentine that I recently gave to Tim; I want that back. If I lost, I'd give someone my pen.

[Saint: Spiderman with a dolphin? That transcends all levels of wow. And is there a story that goes along with why you would give a Jill Valentine figure to Tim or was it just out of the kindness of your heart? My desk at work is pretty much bare, but I'm trying to think if I have any cool collectibles or desk worthy items. Hmm, I'm pretty fond of my Imperial Class Star Destroyer 3-D would look cool on any desk, but I'd worry my co-workers would take a piece here and there to see how long it would take before  I noticed.]

7. Although I have (mostly) gotten out of comic book collecting, in the late 80s up until the late 90s I was an avid reader and collector, with the Punisher being my favorite. What have I been missing out on? What is your most prized comic book and what illusive one is missing from your collection? Let's say you had the opportunity to contribute to a limited mini-series, what character and/or artist would you want to work with? (Is it still Deadpool?) Any cool stories or swag you care to tell us about from your days of being an Intern at Marvel Comics? Video game themed comics - good or bad idea?

The comic world is crazy and kinda hard to follow, unless you are super devoted. That' part of the problem. I have The Amazing Spider-Man 31 from December of 1965, it's the first appearance of Gwen Stacy, but I'd love to have the first appearance of Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy 15. I actually wrote a pitch for Deadpool back when I was interning at Marvel. I think that would still be fun to write. I think I would also love to write a Bullseye miniseries. He's basically like an evil MacGyver; he can make a weapon out of anything. I've never read a video game comic I've loved. I've read some that are okay, but they're never great. It should be possible though.

[Saint: Doesn't sound like the comic book industry has changed too much - I remember it being crazy and hard to follow back when I was collecting. I was a Spiderman fan too, and I remember they had Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man...and on and on and on. Plus all the cameo appearances and cross-overs. The Punisher started getting bad too, with the Punisher, The Punisher War Journal, The Punisher Warzone, Punisher 2099 and on and on and on.

While not one of the most valuable comics out there, I've always wanted Amazing Spiderman #129 - First appearance of the Punisher. I've read it online, and have come across it a few times in various comic book shops, but I have a hard time paying so much for a comic with a .20 cover price. I'll have to check out Bullseye. I'm not familiar with that series. I've enjoyed some of the Halo comics...I'd like to see more video game themed comics.]

8. One of the latest episodes of the Game Informer Staff & Reader Likes, Dislikes and Favorite Games shows that you have X-COM: Enemy Unknown listed as one of your current favorite games. Do you think it does the original game justice? What is your favorite improvement or new feature? The game opens with an Arthur C. Clarke quote that reads, "Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." I thought this was a perfect way to open the game. What are your thoughts on this quote and which possibility do you think is more terrifying? Any UFO sightings or alien encounters you would care to share with us?

Totally! XCOM is my game of the year. I didn't get into the original that much, so I'm probably not the best person to answer your first question, but I think it's a great strategy title. It's the most intense I've felt since playing a Silent Hill title. I love the working my way through every ground mission. I love always feeling like I'm just barely making it through by the skin of my teeth. I can't wait to play the DLC. I don't know what I think about real aliens. I guess, I've always felt like there probably isn't anything out there, but I guess there could be. I think we'll probably pick up some radio waves from them or something before we ever actually see them.

[Saint: Wow! Your game of the year, huh? That's awesome. Yeah, the battles can be pretty tense and it's surprising how attached you get to your units; they certainly don't feel expendable as is often the case in strategy games. I remember playing the original - I had this hover tank that after it was constructed, I took along on every mission...and it had dozens of confirmed kills. Well, due to a bad landing (Skyranger was parked way too close to a gas station) I had to maneuver the hover tank by a gas pump that an alien shot and blew up...which took out my tank. I was so ticked off my trusty old faithful hover tank was destroyed I reloaded the map. I couldn't have it going out like that, heh heh. Interesting perspective on aliens and intercepting radio waves prior to their arrival. I don't know why, but I like asking people their thoughts on that issue, and even got freaked out one time when this guy started telling me about his alien encounter, and was dead serious about it.]

9. G4TV 's Top 100 games included the following games in the Top 5: Super Mario Bros. (01), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (02), Bioshock (03), Asteroids (04), and Tetris (05). Have you played all of these games and do you agree with that order? If you had to pick one game you were allowed to play, but couldn't play the other four ever again OR pick one game you couldn't play ever again but were allowed to play the other four, which would you choose and what game would you pick?

I have played all of them. I think there all great choices, but I think Super Metroid is missing from the list. Personally, I'd put that as number one and then move BioShock and Asteroids down a few spots, but they're all great games. If I had to pick one game over the others it would be Zelda. I could go back and play that game every year.

[Saint: Sounds like you are a huge Zelda and Metroid fan. Me, not so much. I like them and all, but I seldom ever go back and play games from the past, especially really old games. I like remembering them the way they were when I played them for the first time. I only recently played Bioshock (watching the G4TV Top 100 games finally pushed me to play it) and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I agree with you, I'd bump it down a few spots. I agree with Super Mario Bros. getting the top spot though, which is surprising on a list of Top 100 games.]

10. In the first episode of Staff Herding, I asked Jeff Marchiafava if Game Informer had a Zombie Emergency Response Plan. Surprisingly he said no (which I think is an EPA violation), but he did offer the following strategy to ensure his survival  - "We don't have a shared zombie emergency response plan at Game Informer, but the first thing I'd do is cripple Ben Hanson and use him as bait, most definitely. Then I'd sneak out while they were devouring his brain. That's really as far ahead as I've thought: Make sure Ben Hanson gets eaten by zombies." -Jeff M. Assuming GI still doesn't have a formal survival plan, what is your response going to be? Who do you think would survive the longest and who would be the first to go?

We still don't have a zombie plan unfortunately. I have suggested that each editor gets their own Hattori Hanzo Katana at their five year anniversary, but the bosses think that's worse than the zombie apocalypse. Personally, I'm not worried, because I think best on my feet. I've also tasted my own blood; I don't think I'm that appealing.

[Saint: I'm going to go out on a limb and guess your favorite character in The Walking Dead series is...Michonne? Hah, I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if each staff member had a katana issued to them. That sounds like it has all of the makings for a sequel to the movie "There Will Be Blood". And still no zombie emergency response plan? Okay, let it be known that I hereby appoint myself as your ZERP volunteer coordinator and will publish your plan in blog format in the next few days or so, or at least an executive summary for the final plan that I could draft for you all...for a small fee.]

As is customary in Member Herding and carrying over into Staff Herding, I always try to ask two completely random, non-video game related questions with a certain degree of quirkiness to them.


1. Which letter of the alphabet best describes you? Please explain.

B, it looks like me.

[Saint: Hah Hah...okay. I'll have to think about that one.]

2. If you had a time machine that would only work one time, was hard coded for 20 years, and would return you to present day after 72 hours, would you choose to go back in time or into the future?

Future, I've already lived through the '90s.

[Saint: You wouldn't want that opportunity again? We had the best music ever during the 90s. And you could always buy stock in Apple and play lottery numbers you know are going to win you the jackpot prize. My fear about going forward into the future would be I'd get there and be the only person alive, or it would be like a scene from Fallout or Mad Max. Which could be cool I suppose, but...]

Your turn to ask me a question?

Ben Reeves asks, "If you could have any mythological creature as a pet, what would it be?"

[Saint: What an intriguing question. The sailor in me almost said a mermaid, but what in the world would I do with that? I've seen Splash and The Little Mermaid...just seems like it would be too much trouble. In the traditional sense of mythological creatures, I suppose something like a Pegasus or Wyvern would be cool, but the former Dungeons & Dragons player in me is coming out and I'd probably pick a pseudodragon. I've always like the idea of a miniature pet dragon. Who wouldn't want that?

A pseudodragon is a small dragon-kin known to be playful but shy. Pseudodragons are not true dragons and are highly valued for their use as wizard's familiars. They can vocalize animal noises, as well as speak common or sylvan via telepathy. Their general attitude is similar to a small cat but with a cunning intelligence. Read more here.]

A special thanks to Ben Reeves for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about Ben Reeves, view his GI profile here.

I'd also like to thank Dean (born4this) for creating and donating the Staff Herding image which really makes the title pop. His services are a bit pricey, but he does good work.

Until the next episode...cheers.