I love statistics about as much as I hate them. They are both good and evil; they can reveal much or nothing at all. Whenever dealing with statistics you have to walk that razor thin line of not providing irrelevant superfluous data that causes eyes to glaze over. Neither do you want to provide information that can cause dissension among the ranks. When highlighted properly, statistics can be an eye opening and entertaining summarization that quantifies individual and group contributions. Typically it's more meaningful for senior leadership to read key numbers and specific accomplishments than broad statements full of fluff. Translate that to GIO - let's assume that Andy McNamara and/or members of the Game Informer team happen to read this. Seeing that the blogging community posted 5,000+ blogs among 700+ different bloggers and who the top contributors were is more impactful that reading a generic statement to the effect of, "We have a very active blogging community."

The reason I post this blog is for the benefit of the community. It's certainly not for me to have a space to put my name at the top of any list to highlight anything I've achieved. In fact, my contributions are only considered in the group counts and not taken into consideration for any of the individual stats. I do this to recognize the contributions of my fellow bloggers and to encourage others to contribute as well.

Now before we begin with the statistics, I will tell you up front there are errors, or at least potential for errors. It is simply...unavoidable. I have checked and rechecked the numbers, but there are certain facts that I can't undo or change that will result in the data being skewed ever so slightly. I will characterize how these errors are likely to occur:

1. User Member Name Changes: This is perhaps the biggest obstacle affecting the statistics. I put forth my best effort to collate the different names I was absolutely sure belonged to the same user, but any instance where I didn't make the connection, it will at a minimum result in the individual user's numbers being off as well as the total number of bloggers not being completely accurate.

2. Pre-Level 5 Contributions: Given the period of this report spans a year, some members may have been less than Level 5 in which case their blogs would not have shown up on the main page. Once they attained Level 5 their blogs would begin displaying on the main page. Since I only have visibility on blogs posted on the main page (or those that asked me to view their blogs directly from their profile) it is conceivable that blog count totals for individual users might be off due to this circumstance.

3. Blog Updates Vice New Blogs: Some users will routinely update a previously posted blog vice submitting a new blog which will result in a single blog potentially getting counted more than once. I try to notice when this occurs and delete it from consideration, but in some instances the title is changed too so it is possible that I missed the duplicate entry.

4. Reporting Period: Blogs posted before or after the reporting period are not taken into consideration for the totals, so your profile might indicate a different number than what is reflected here in this blog.

Regardless of these potential errors, I am confident the statistics as a whole are complete and accurately reflect the contributions of the community.

Reporting Period

Start: August 22, 2011

Stop: August 26, 2012

Number of BH Episodes: 52



Number of Blogs Submitted: 5396

Number of Bloggers: 702

Blogs by Members: 5,333 (99%)

Blogs by Moderators: 61 (1%)

Blogs by Staff: 2 (N/A1)

Number of Blogs Featured in Blog Herding: 572

Percentage of Blogs Featured in Blog Herding: 11%

Number of Bloggers Featured in Blog Herding: 194

Percentage of Bloggers Featured in Blog Herding: 28%

1Staff Blogs normally wouldn't show up here but when the Interns were first announced, they had staff titles and two of their blogs showed up in the user blogs. One of these was from Ali Rapp and the other was from Jack Gardner.


Number of Blogs Posted By Blogger:

1 (264)

2 - 9 (304)

10 - 50 (112)

51 - 99 (20)

100+ (2)

*81% of bloggers posted 9 or fewer blogs for the year; 19% of bloggers posted 10+ blogs for the year.

Top Ten Bloggers Featured in Blog Herding:

Member                              Blogs Herded     Blogs Posted      % of Blogs Herded

1. thegodofwine7              35                           71                           49%

2. Kyle Wadsworth            31                           45                           69%

3. Noobtubin8er                15                           39                           38%

4. Stranger                         15                           81                           19%

5. Doctor Apozem             14                           73                           19%

6. Jack Gardner                14                           65                           22%

7. Oni no Tenshi               14                           82                           17%

8. Chris Mrkvicka              13                           55                           24%

9. Craigaleg                       11                           27                           41%

10. Euphoric Ennui           11                           13                           85%


Random Blog Herd Fact:

19 of the bloggers (comprising 10% of the total number of bloggers featured in blog herding) only submitted one blog for the reporting period. It's also worth noting, community member screamingllama135 submitted one blog (his only blog) and not only was it featured in Blog Herding it was also featured in the newsletter.

Top Ten Most Active Bloggers (and number of blogs posted):

1. wayoverdue (139)

2. Hannibal (89)

3. Jolt the Cynic (86)

4. BlackHeartedWolf (85)

5. Oni no Tenshi (82)

6. GoldvsSilver (81)

7. Stranger (81)

8. jordanthegamer (77)

9. Mike (77)

10. DJH (75)


Blogs Per Week: 104

Bloggers Per Week: 64

Blogs Selected for BH Per Week: 11



Most Blogs in a Week: 156

Least Blogs in a Week: 65

Most Bloggers in a Week: 84

Least Bloggers in a Week: 48

Most Blogs Selected for BH in a Week: 20

Least Blogs Selected for BH in a Week: 7

Blog Posted By Month:

Jan: 414

Feb: 363

Mar: 418

Apr: 454

May: 459

Jun: 384

Jul: 529

Aug: 459

Sep: 477

Oct: 604

Nov: 449

Dec: 386

*February witnessed the fewest blogs posted; October witnessed the most blogs posted.

Blogger User Name Statistics:

Longest Name: The guy who never really fought Ganon himself...

Shortest Name: JC

Alphabetical Order (First): @ChrisContinues (First A = A Dark Knight)

Alphabetical Order (Last): ZRDTard

*There is a blogger user name starting with every letter of the alphabet. The letter Q is the least used letter with only 2 members; the letter T is used the most with 84 members. User names starting with numbers or symbols were not considered.


Review Statistics:

Total Reviews featured in Blog Herding: 163

Total Reviewers featured in Blog Herding:  84

Top Reviewers:

16 - Craigaleg

13 - Samurai Zero

07 - Orochi Assassin LEVON

06 - Cody Gilley

05 - Apricot

05 - John Wrek

05 - Jonathan Barnes

04 - Applesteak               

04 - Frosty

04 - Mike Mahardy

04 - Stranger

03 - GoldvsSilver

03 - JiroGamer SGS

03 - The Monster Hunter


Most Reviewed Games Featured in BH:

07 - Mass Effect 3

05 - Uncharted 3

04 - Batman: Arkham City

03 - Diablo III

03 - Journey

03 - Kid Icarus: Uprising               

03 - Max Payne 3

03 - Skyrim

03 - SSX

03 - Super Mario 3D Land

Noteworthy Statistics:

There are blogs beginning with Who, What, Where, When and How.

The Indie & Mojo Show podcast (including Jacked Up version): 44

Robot In the Corner podcast: 35

There have been 293 blogs in the 30/30 or 31/31 series.

There have been 103 Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge (WGWC) blogs.

Two blogs from two different users had the same title on 3 different occasions.

There are 29 blogs with Pokémon in the title.

Each episode of Blog Herding included a quote from a different game for 52 unique quotes.

During the Public Service Announcement blog soliciting members for requests and guesses, fellow community member Coachscorner00 stated, "If you have time to check through the data, I would be very interested in how many blogs were about sports games compared to the other genres."

Well, Coachscorner00...after sifting through 5,000+ blogs, here are the handful of blogs pertaining to sports that I could find:

An open letter to EA Sports

Are Sports Games Worth it Every Year?

Fantasy Football For Gamers

Madden 12: First Impressions

Madden is selling football, not football games.

Monopolies in Gaming Or Madden's Maddening Monopoly

My Feelings - The World Series

NCAA Football Predictions! A Little Bit Off-Topic.

UFC Undisputed 3 Review

Video Review: SSX (2012)

So, to answer your question...there were 10 blogs in the past year pertaining to sports.


Video Game Titles Mentioned In The Title Of A Blog:

There were quite a few video games mentioned in the title of the many blogs, and the following list includes the top five:

Mass Effect (126)

Skyrim (76)

Battlefield (56)

Assassin's Creed (26)

Modern Warfare (20)

The trend lines for all three fields might seem troubling as they don't show an upward (or increase) in activity, but I would offer that given the significant number of users who have left or don't blog as much, this would indicate that other new members have arrived and are continuing to maintain the same level of output. Besides, if the community grows to large, my personal feeling is quality and visibility diminish somewhat. So, personally I'm pleased to see horizontal trend lines.

Well, given this has doubled my normal self-imposed page limit, I think I will wrap it up with a final note. This is the most active, productive and united online community I have ever been a part of. You all are a joy to collaborate with and I look forward to the future and what opportunities it holds.

Group hug.

A special thanks to the loyal and dedicated readers for whom I would not do this if it weren't for your contributions and support. You often go unnoticed, but personally speaking, for every view I get on a blog, I thank you...whether I know who you are or not.

Happy Blogging.