I suppose there are two ways you can view this blog. You can look at it like it's a cheap blog whereby I capitalize off of a fellow bloggers' hard work...which I really hope you don't. Or you can look at it like a tribute to one of our most active and unique bloggers and arguably the only one qualified to be featured in such a blog...which I really hope you do. I don't know any other blogger that could be considered and recognized for their top ten lists; and I know a lot of bloggers. With just a few blogs short of 50 (yes fifty) top ten list type blogs, thegodofwine7 is one of the most prominent and influential bloggers in the community. He has been featured in Blog Herding as much as anybody (actually I think the most) and here lately has been turning out some exceptional non-top ten blogs, demonstrating his remarkable diversity.

Now I'm not one to post top ten blogs. I can. I have. But I don't like it. I even posted a blog about not liking it. But just because I don't like posting them doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading them. And I (and many others) enjoy reading thegodofwine7's blogs.

So as part of the tribute, I thought I would post a blog listing my top ten favorite (see I can do it) top ten blogs posted by thegodofwine7 (these are in no certain order).

1. The 10 Video Game Commandments

A humorous blog full or truth and wisdom, this blog is one of my favorites because it provides gamers with some guidelines, but does so subtlety with an almost Monty Python tone.

2. Top 10 Game Endings

This year will be remembered for many things, and for gamers, the controversial ending to Mass Effect 3 is sure to be remembered for years to come. Well, this blog captures a few other games with noteworthy endings.

3. Top 10 Game Over Screens

Have any of you beaten a game without ever seeing a "game over" screen? Doubt it. Some games handle it better than others, and this particular blog shows off some of those games.

4. Top 10 Iconic First Levels

A common expression is you only get one chance to make a first impression, and in video game terms, the first level is often influential in shaping your opinion of the entire game. This blog explores ten games with those kinds of first levels.

5. Top 10 Most Improved Sequels

It's rare these days for a game not to get a sequel, but it is rare for the sequel to actually be better than the original. I haven't played all of these sequels, but the ones I have, I do agree are better. Mostly.

6. Top 10 Sidekicks

I'm somewhat of a lone wolf, but every now and then I like a game that features a loyal sidekick to make the experience more enjoyable. Out of hundreds of sidekicks to choose from, here are a few great ones.

7. Top Ten Cannon Fodder Enemies

I did a blog similar to this, but I don't think I came anywhere close to examining ten different types of bad guys. Sure, zombies and aliens make the list, but there are some other rather original baddies making the cut too.

8. Top Ten Industry Changing Games

With so many games contributing to the current state of the video game industry - the ones listed in this blog certainly helped shaped where we are today and will go down in the history books as classics.

9. Top Ten Video Game Currencies

I remember when I first read this blog how clever I thought it was. Certainly one of the more original top ten blogs from thegodofwine7 and still one of my favorites.

10. Top 10 Video Game Ninjas

With the exception of pirates, there aren't a lot of character types cooler than ninjas, and there are certainly a handful of games that feature ninjas, and I like them all.

Check out the rest of thegodofwine7's blogs here. Add him to your friends list, leave him a comment on his profile, read his blogs - you can't go wrong.

To thegodofwine7, our friend and fellow blogger...

Standing ovation, loud obnoxious applause (he likes that).