I was looking for an acceptable topic hopefully revolving around the community and remembered this.

It's not very often I get requests to tackle a particular theme or topic, but as I mentioned a few blogs ago, someone from the community made a comment via Twitter suggesting that I post another blog similar to one that I had posted in the past. Of course due to the lovely fact that Twitter is limited to 140 characters and shortens the length of links that exceed a certain number of characters, I wasn't able to see which of my previous blogs it was. Certainly I was curious though, and quickly clicked the link to see.

Ah, yes...

I remember this blog. It's the one titled, Getting To Know The Game Informer Community, and is a piece where I read a whole bunch of Game Informer Online member profiles and commented on various items from them that I found peculiar and interesting. It was positively received and I recall having a lot of fun gathering the data to construct the blog. Given it was posted on September 18, 2011 yeah...I'd say it's safe to say an update is in order. We've certainly witnessed a healthy turnover of members. Lot's of the regulars featured in this piece are no longer visiting the website and a number of new members have arrived that are every bit as interesting.

The problem I ran into last time is who do I pick or how do I select which ones to comment on? It's the same challenge I had last time. Last time I think it was just completely randomly and I knew I would forget somebody, which I did. And you'd expect them to call me on it, which they did.


Let's see.

I could include everybody on my friends list? But not everybody uses that. I considered looking at the last few weeks of who has submitted blogs, but there are plenty of members here who don't blog but have interesting profiles. I could use the activity blotter and see who is active but there are thousands of people who are front page surfers only...sigh.

Ah heck...

Let's do this!


Aaron: Thinks David Bowie is one of the coolest people ever. First game system = Vectrex. Nice.

ace13: Favorite music - Credence Clearwater Revival, Duran Duran, Blondie. Good enough for me.

Apricot: I was wondering if profiles had a size limit. Clearly they don't. :)

AshaMan3000: Mid-Missouri, eh? I'm from mid-Missouri. Originally. ICE CLIMBER! I so remember that.

benderstrike64: Likes to say Amigo a lot. He said it, not me. Long list of shout outs - see if you're on it.

BlackHeartedWolf: Hmm, a profile update on July 02, 2012. I knew it...he is still around.

Blaze6106: One blog herded? I show at least three? A black belt in Tae Kwon Do? Impressive!

born4this: Admits he hasn't done much since the birth of his daughter. I concur. Just kidding! Get to work.

BRAV0 F1VE: Plays basketball - starting left bench. That made me LOL. A fellow TF 2 fan. Sweet.

Caudex: Has an alter-ego named Krunk. Playing Red Dead Redemption and TF2 = great games.

Chris Mrkvicka: Says he can be girly and is plotting world domination. I think we'll be okay. For now.

Colton: I'm telling everybody your biggest shame to date is buying cloths for your avatar.

Commander Shepard:  Amazing images! Co-owner and moderator of The Star Wars Group.

Craigaleg: One of the coolest profile images ever. Fights crime while blogging. Me too!

Cru Hunter: 21 blogs under construction? So I'm not the only one. Twitter isn't that bad.

Dark Lady Sarai: A relocated Brit with fire in her soul that manifests in her hair = Dark Jedi for sure.

DarkeonWarlord: Clever responses to web presence questions. Author of one of my favorite blogs.

Darth-Carbonite: "Graduated top of his class from the Imperial Naval Academy..." Winner!

DJH: An impressive (and lengthy) bio. He's a guy by the way.

Doctor Apozem: Last time he listed his occupation as feral writer and apparently he still is.

Drym Shyuan: Working on a project titled, "Beyond Horizon" - sounds totally cool.

Eyros2K: One of my favorite bios, not just because I'm mentioned. It has cats. I like cats. Other stuff too.

FinalFantasy1026: Majoring in Political Science with aspirations of attending law school. Smart much?

freezeimacop690: You win the minimalist award hands down. I have never seen a bio that bare.

Frosty: I like his favorite quote, "The mediator between brain and muscle must be the heart."

Ghost: Favorite modern car is the Dodge Challenger (great choice). Runs the Science Fiction group.

GoldvsSilver: One of the best trombone players in all of Texas and pretty handy with a pencil.

Harry: Any fan of Calvin & Hobbes is a friend of mine. Bought a Playstation 3D display.

Hist: Bachelor of Science in History...nice. Send him a free game and he'll review it.

Indiejones: Awesome profile image. His profile says he likes Anchorman, but he can quote it. All of it.

Jack Gardner: Died of dysentery on the Oregon Trail, but think he's okay now. GI Intern, 'nuf said.

JC: Shadow of the Colossus image is nice, but you really need to work on that profile. No really.

John Wrek: Loves reviewing things. Either my eyes are getting worse or that is a small font.

Jolt the Cynic: Cynic? "People aren't really necessary." Yeah, maybe a little bit. :) Atari gamers unite!

Kyle Wadsworth: Gaming for over 30 years = old like me. Has a crime fighting alter ego.

Le Hannibal: Lists his job as a professional moustache grower? And likes Batman? He's cool though.

LGAR: Favorite TV lists romance anime and ESPN? No seriously. No. Seriously. Settle down guys.

Masterassassin: I think he might like the Eagles, Assassin's Creed and...the Eagles.

messyFishstick: Actually has a cartoon pic of a messy fish stick. He's awesome, so says his profile.

MikComposer: Composes music for games and films? Like, for real? Seriously? Real games?

Mike Mahardy: Pretty handy with those little things called words (read his profile). College in NY & AR?

Mike: A real no kidding video game developer in training. Neat. Love all of the game pics.

Mojomonkey12: Recently revised and includes a spectacular list of bio points.

Mray901: That is one colorful profile bio. Why would somebody call you pocket tray?

Noobtubin8er: Both of his sons have Star Wars inspired names. I never get tired of reading that.

Oni no Tenshi: Rides her bike to work and has a dorky rain suit to go with it. Has an AOL IM?

Orochi Assassin LEVON: Perhaps one of the most detailed and intriguing profiles. Interesting.

Rich: Thought I was looking at my profile. Ghost Recon, Big Bang Theory and The Book of Eli. I like it.

Samurai Zero: Drizzt? THE Drizzt? I love Drizzt. Best of luck in your new gig.

Sealsaa: That Sack Boy + controller pic rocks! A fellow Navy guy (or former Navy guy).

Silvershine08: I'm not stalking you...I prefer strategic observation. Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure?

Sorryjzargo: Actually has a list of games he's played. Adele? I own an Adele CD believe it or not.

Stranger: That's a pretty detailed bio. Like music much? Five newsletter appearances? Sweet.

Super Snake: He's from Texas and he's a moderator. That means don't eff with him or he'll ban you!

The Handheld Tank: Triangle Wars. I will never forget that now. You're too young to like the Beatles.

The Monster Hunter: Nice profile and hero images and a very candid profile introduction. Cool.

thegodofwine7: Shoulder isn't still hurting is it? No, then update your profile! :)

TOGNick: Has an interesting outlook on the whole video game / art debate...and bling.

Warbuff: Enjoys camping (the in your base kind). Hah Hah...too funny. Playing DNF...really?

Wayoverdue: You're how old? I mean, you're how young? You have a healthy amount of blogs too.

xking595x: Anybody who likes Shaun of the Dead has to be cool enough to be featured here.

Zombie Apocalypse: Former fellow service member, salute. Likes comics and knows who Jumpman is.

And there you have it. My latest look at fellow GIO members and interesting tidbits of information about them. I randomly selected 100 community members - some were from Member Herding, some were bloggers from the past two weeks, some were people who commented on blogs in the past two weeks and some were on my friends list. After going through the names and profiles, I had to delete some of them due to lack of content and narrowed it down to 62. My apologies if I've overlooked anybody. With having to wade through 100 profiles in a small amount of time surely you understand. I hope you enjoyed this piece. See you next year.