Half way through the year and it's time for another episode of the (somewhat) popular Guess That Gamer series. Last month's episode was awesome...a little nonconforming, but in tune with the personality of the member who was featured, so it worked out. If you're new to the series, this is a feature where I ask an unidentified member from the community a series of questions that I then post in a blog and encourage you all to try and guess who the person is. I'm not keeping score, but if I were, I'd tell you that Mojomonkey12 is in the lead having guessed the correct answer 5 out of 5 times. You can check out the previous editions here:

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As a reminder, the blog is basically a Game Informer community edition of the "20 Questions" game...

Twenty Questions is a spoken parlor game which encourages deductive reasoning and creativity. It originated in the United States and escalated in popularity during the late 1940s when it became the format for a successful weekly radio quiz program. In the traditional game, one player is chosen to be the answerer. That person chooses a subject but does not reveal this to the others. All other players are questioners. They each take turns asking a question which can be answered with a simple "Yes" or "No." In variants of the game multiple state answers may be included such as the answer "Maybe." The answerer answers each question in turn. If a questioner guesses the correct answer, that questioner wins and becomes the answerer for the next round. If 20 questions are asked without a correct guess, then the answerer has stumped the questioners and gets to be the answerer for another round.

You may recall, the questions are generic and short enough (unless you're Euphoric Ennui) so the answers aren't glaringly obvious who the person is. I'm sure you can identify many of the bloggers and commenters here by their writing style, but with a one word answer, obviously that's not quite as revealing.  So yeah, short questions = short answers. Good luck. You'll need it. And with each of the questions, I provide a comment after the fact, just to kind of throw my thoughts on the answer into the mix - for the mystery gamer and the rest of the community to ponder.

Let's roll...

Guess That Gamer (JUN) - 20 Questions

1. Too soon for another Gears of War game?

Yes. I still haven't finished 2! LOL

(Hah. Well I've finished 2 and 3 and I still think it's too early.)

2. Is the best offense a good defense; or the best defense a good offense?

Depends. Offense can be a deterrent, but if wielded recklessly, it's a liability.

(Interesting logic. I'm always more defensive than I am offensive...you?)

3. Motion controllers - for, against or don't care?

If a casual game, for; if hard core, against.

(I still haven't broken down and gotten one...unless of course you count the Wii.)

4. Rank the Star Wars movies (by episode number, best to worst).


(Well, you have two out of place, but I forgive you.)

5. You see a zombie - Fight or Flight?

George Romero zombie or Danny Boyle zombie? If the former, fight; the latter, flight.

(Hah. Good point! There is a big difference.)

6. Are video games too violent?

I say let the marketplace decide. For me, nope.

(Solid philosophy...I do think there are a few who skirt the edge for no real reason.)

7. What is your default difficulty you play at (easiest, hardest or somewhere in the middle)

There's no such thing as too easy. Except Devil May Cry 2. Or Batman Begins. Easiest.

(I wouldn't have guessed that.)

8. Time magazine's Video Game Man of the Year - Commander Shepard or Nathan Drake?

Drake is everyman, but Shepard is who you make of him, a true everyman. Shepard.

(Too close to call, but in terms of accomplishments, hard to argue against Shepard.)

9. Favorite actor to play James Bond?

Sean Connery, the definition of cool.

(I know, right! Although I really like what they've done with Daniel Craig.)

10. Call of Duty OR Battlefield?

Battlefield, though CoD has its place.

(Couldn't agree more.)

11. Wii U - Destined to fail or another surprise like the original Wii?

Wii Who? I honestly don't know much about it. Still, fail.

(I actually enjoy the Wii a LOT more than I ever thought I would.)

12. Would you rather meet Tom Clancy or Stephen King?

Clancy. King scares me.

(Here's a little fact - I actually exchanged a few emails with Tom Clancy; I'd pick Stephen King.)

13. Ever cry over something that occurred in a video game?

I've been shocked, but I don't recall weeping (maybe in frustration).

(I don't know that I have either, but I've come very close.)

14. You win a state of the art video game simulator - is it flying or driving?

I can already drive, so flying. Ace Combat style!

(I actually think I'd prefer a driving simulator.)

15. Supposedly only 10% of gamers complete games - do you?

That high? Um, no.

You? Really? I wouldn't have guessed that.

16. Are video games underpriced, overpriced or just right?

Just right.

(I agree. Especially if you're talking about a lot of the portable / tablet games.

17. Pick two selectable characters from any of the Mass Effect games.

Wrex, Liara

(Hah. That was the easy part.)

18. Of the two characters mentioned in question 17, you can only save one of them. Who?

Liara. Killing Wrex comes easy for me.

(That's...so wrong...heh heh. And that was the hard part.)

19. How many buttons on your first joystick / controller?

One. Really, it's all anyone ever needs.

(I'm a sucker for fancy controllers, so the more the better...even if I never use them.)

20. Many people said E3 was a disappointment - agree or disagree?

Disagree. I think for many its sour grapes, people who didn't get to see what they most wanted to see. I don't blame them, I just don't agree.

(Agree that you disagree. It really comes down to what you make of it.)

This concludes the sixth edition of Guess that Gamer. I hope everyone enjoyed it and I look forward to the guesses. Remember, you get out of the community what you put into it, so join in on the fun and take a guess. Who knows, maybe episode seven will feature you? I'll post the answer in a day or so.