In forty eight episodes of Member Herding, I can only recall a handful of instances where I knew absolutely nothing about the person that was being featured. This is one of them. Over the months, or has it been years now, that I've been doing this, the selection process has varied. For this particular episode, I was contacted by a fellow community member who strongly recommended the individual you are about to read about. The person who made the nomination is someone I consider a regular face within the blogging community, but is someone who has not been featured in Member Herding. I reveal that for a few reasons - for one, it is truly a selfless (and rare) act to nominate someone other than yourself, and two it demonstrates the impact we have on others, whether we realize it or not. It also doesn't hurt that it bridges the gap between the blogging community and other areas of interest at the website. So, I present to you the latest installment of Member Herding, the newest member of the herd and someone you might not have known prior to this, but hopefully will afterwards.

GIO Name: Aaron

GIO Rank: Veteran Member - Level 13

Gaming Experience (Years playing): 20 years

Last Game Completed: Arkham City

Currently Playing: Dark Souls

Origin of GIO Profile Name: Aaron - (RED RIGHT HAND) I guess I'll just explain the origin of my "gaming" name lol. There's a song by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds entitled Red Right Hand, and I always liked the sound of it. (Song lyrics) "On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat with a red right hand".

And now for everybody's favorite element of Member Herding...the questions.

Five Randomly Generated Questions + 4 Bonus Questions + 1 Special Question

1. After checking out your profile, if I were to summarize your interests in a word (gaming & non-gaming) the term diversified comes to mind. What single word would you use to describe you or your gaming personality? Where are you most active on the website and who are some community members we should keep an eye out for? I don't know how familiar you are with Member Herding; some community members have expressed to me they consider being featured a big deal. Regardless, what are your thoughts on someone nominating you for this and any guesses on who it was?

 One word? Flexible (yeah, that's what she said-take that Shoob..otherwise known as Shooterboy23) even though that's the same as being diversified lol. That being said if you really want to the most of a particular medium you have to be diversified in order to fully appreciate the experience they have to offer. Especially to enjoy today's games.

I usually hang out at the SHG (Survival Horror Group) or on my profile since I seem to get a lot of traffic there. I enjoy conversing with my friends and random or new members (as long as they're civil) that like to post there. I like to think of my profile as my GIO living room and anyone is welcome there. Minus trolls of course. I created the SHG for people to discuss their favorite series such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Eternal Darkness etc. But it's sort of taken on a deeper meaning for me with the active members there. I like to think of it as a haven for my friends here who also happen to be some of the best members I have ever met on GIO.  I recently made Deckard and Adym co-owners of the group since they were there when it first started. And to be honest I couldn't ask for two better partners. I consider them like family. :D

(Who are some community members we should keep an eye out for?) I'm gonna have to say Shooterboy23 and God of Irony. I think they are two members that bring a lot to the table. Whether that be socially (Shoob) or for their ridiculously awesome draw blogs (God of Irony).

I didn't know much about Member Herding until you informed me that I had been nominated. The only thing I really knew about was Blog Herding but sadly I have little talent in the area of blogging lol. As soon as it set in how big of a deal that Member Herding was I got extremely excited...and very VERY nervous lol. I consider it a huge honor that someone nominated me. The fact that someone thought I deserved such a thing warms the cockles of my heart! (Love that saying by the way) As far as who the nominating culprit was...I do have my suspicions...maybe.....but not really lol. Who did it?! :)

[SAINT: What a fabulous introductory comment. I'm always pleased to hear members share their personal testimony of what goes through their mind when they are selected. I never thought it would be received as a "big deal" but many members have shared just how much of a big deal they consider it. Your selection demonstrates the magic of the Member Herding feature, as I've never chatted with you before and don't recall really seeing you around the website, so for someone to contact me and nominate you (this is someone hasn't been featured in Member Herding before either) out of the blue...that should say a lot about the impact you're having on people here. And now, hopefully after being featured here, you'll get to meet even more cool people. I know I've enjoyed chatting with you. As far as who nominated you, well I'll leave it up to that person to reveal their identity or not.]

2. You list Blade Runner as one of your favorite movies - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Ridley Scott recently announced Blade Runner 2 would feature a female protagonist - any thoughts on this announcement and what female actress would you like to see star in Blade Runner 2? There are plenty of movies where we get attached to the robots, androids, cyborgs characters (I, Robot, Terminator and Blade Runner); have you ever got attached to a robot character in a video game and is it / should it be morally and/or legally wrong to eliminate a robot outfitted with a lifelike artificial intelligent (for example, was it wrong for Decker to eliminate the replicants?)

I actually didn't read the Philip K Dick novel (the basis of the film) until quite sometime after I had seen the film. That book alone made me a lifelong fan of his literature.

Ridley Scott...AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry...I get a bit excited when I think of Sir Ridley Scott in general lol. Prometheus anyone? As far as the female protagonist I would have to go with the lovely and talented Noomi Rapace. If you've never seen the ORIGINAL Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (and it's sequels) it's must see viewing in film. The woman is a brilliant actress and is not only capable of being a tough cookie but she also has a vulnerability and endearing femininity to her as well. Just the perfect balance in my book for anyone in the craft of acting.

I don't think I ever found myself getting attached to any robot character in a video game except for maybe D0g in Half Life 2. And that's if I really think hard about it. That was until I witnessed the tech demo from Quantic Dream featuring the character Kara. The actress that played her (Valerie Curry) put forth so much emotion in her performance I wanted to come through the screen, falcon punch every dude in the face that was forcing her to do what she was doing and whisk her far away to a better life. Needless to say, my girlfriend Amanda (hi honey!) was not very pleased with this reaction. Basically I do find it morally wrong to kill any sentient being that has or exhibits having a soul. It's the whole Ghost in the Shell argument. As for Deckard, most of the ones he went after were in self defense from at least his perspective. But then again, had he not been sent to "retire" them that situation would not have occurred. I think the real question here Saint, is Deckard a replicant? :)

[SAINT: Funny you mention D0g from Half Life because I was so afraid something bad was going to happen to him. I would've probably quit playing the game. It's funny, because I can watch a war movie and not get emotional at all, but then watch Marley and Me or the Iron Giant and ball like a baby. Man, is Deckard a replicant? It is something I've often considered, heh heh. A replicant eliminating a replicant is an awesome story line. Reminds me of the question I asked in one of these episodes, "If you were a robot and didn't know it, would you want me to tell you?" Now that is something to think about.]

3. One of the video game industry's biggest events is right around the corner. What are your thoughts on E3 and is there anything in particular you're waiting to hear about? Do you think there will be any major surprises or big revelations? Do you have any E3 predictions? Hypothetically speaking, Game Informer is funding an all expense paid trip for you to attend E3 to pass out free copies of the magazine, the only catch is you have to dress up as a video game character. Do you accept and what character do you dress up as? It's no surprise all sorts of people show up to E3 - if you could meet anybody that could realistically be expected to attend E3, who would you like to meet?

I can't wait for E3 man! It's a bit of a ritual to set around and soak in the footage and information that is streaming from whatever source I can get it from. Which as of late (and mostly) has been GIO. To be honest I have already heard most of what I'm excited about (ie RE6) but I think I would lose my mind if Kojima announced Metal Gear Solid 5 starring the Boss. I've always wanted to see a game starring her as the main protagonist since we don't get enough strong women in video games sadly. :(

I'm sure there are going to be lots of surprises waiting for us and I'm crossing my fingers for a new console announcement but there's a very slim chance of that in my opinion.

You better believe I accept! Do you have to ask? Leon S Kennedy. All I need is a cool jacket and perfect hair. And I at least have one of those lol, maybe two if I'm having a really good hair day. You'd find me walking around the show floor pointing at people telling them "you're small time!" XD As far as developers I would love to meet, hands down Shinji Mikami. He is the creator of my favorite video game series of all time: Resident Evil. As far as those involved in the industry I would have to say it would be pretty rad to meet the staff of GIO. I've talked to a few of them on occasion, and Tim Turi and Ben Reeves are even in our SHG. They seem like cool people. *whispers* Also, I have a bit of a crush on Annette Gonzalez. Even though the guys at GIO ran her out of the office apparently lol. ;)

[SAINT: In all honestly, I have mixed emotions over E3. Sure, it's a major industry event with all of our favorite developers showing off their latest goods, but it's almost an information overload and can be somewhat overwhelming. It's kind of like when a major news event occurs and no matter what channel you turn the TV to, someone is talking about the event...and they're trying to give you their angle on the story - but it's the same story. Don't get me wrong, I love E3, but I also love when E3 is over and things settle down. I supposed I'd want to meet Gabe Newell. I absolutely love Valve. Yes, Annette was a valued member of the GI team and very active/supportive of the GIO user community...I hated to see her go too, but she's still a rockstar working for Harmonix.]

4. A number of video game journalism sources have reported that only about 10% of gamers admit completing the games they start. I don't know if that's accurate or not, but in my experience there are far more gamers who don't finish games than do. Are you one of the few who finishes games or not? Is there any game that you want to finish but haven't; and any game you finished but wish you didn't (not worth the time and/or money)? Why do you think most gamers don't finish games?

I am definitely one of those gamers who finish every game they get their hands on. And that even includes the ones I'm just not interested in once I start them. It just feels weird not putting an end to it. As far as video games that I wished I had never finished? Boy, that's going to have to be Extermination for the PS2. It was a little known (for good reason) survival horror game that was released early in the PS2's life cycle. As for now of days I think the main reason gamers don't finish games is because they get bogged down with the constant stream of good games or games in general releasing so close together. They want to play what they're friends and fellow gamers are playing so they can share those experiences together and have those water cooler moments. I learned not to be like that a long time ago though, I'll get to the games I want to play when I am d**n (feel free to change that Saint if it's not allowed) good and ready lol. :)

[SAINT: Well, I am also one of the few who completes every game I start. It's funny, because such a small percentage of gamers supposedly complete the games they start, but in my experience almost everyone I asks admits they finish the games they start. In my defense, I used to not play a lot of games - I played several good games for a really long time. Like, I still play Team Fortress 2 a lot. I'm getting better and playing more games, so finishing them does get more challenging. I started Heavy Rain and haven't touched it in some time. Hah, I've never heard of Extermination for the PS2, but I will certainly check it out, at least at Wikipedia or on Google. I want to see just how bad it looks.]

5. You have an impressive resume of gaming hardware experience including the big three current generation consoles. Do you plan to get the successors to each - the Wii-U, the Xbox Durango and the Playstation Orbis, and which are you most excited for? Any launch titles you're anxiously awaiting? We've been hearing rumors of a Valve and/or Apple produced video game console - do you think that's fact or fiction? Have you ever been bitten by the RROD? As a fan of Nintendo and someone who has experienced most of their consoles, which one do you think had the best controller configuration?

I plan on getting all of them eventually (time and money permitting). I've always had whatever console is out on the market as long as I knew it was worth it. And all three of the current consoles have their strength and weaknesses. As far as which one I am most excited most for, it's a tossup between the PS4 and the Wii-U. I'm personally excited to see what Nintendo has in store for the Wii-U and its capabilities concerning the controller and improved graphics and I'm pumped about the PS4 because the PS3 is my favorite console currently. So I'm pretty certain I'll be excited for what they have going on.

As far as launch titles go (since Microsoft and Sony haven't officially announced hardware) I'm going to say Pikim 3 for the Wii-U.

Personally I think its fiction. But if it is fact, I don't see Valve releasing a console anytime soon especially since they do things at their own pace. Regardless it would be pretty awesome to see what Valve or Apple could bring to the console table. Half Life 3 exclusive to a Valve ran system? That would certainly sell their console and be a pretty big deal in the gaming world.

I've had a launch 360 and it has never ever given out on me. Even when my friends consoles were dropping like flies mine just kept chugging along, even though it sounds like a bi-plane taking off every time I turn it on lol.

Let's be honest here. The NES had the best controller. Simple yet effective. As far as personal favorite controller I gotta go with the Gamecube. I know people give it a lot of crap for the Jellybean buttons but I actually love the hell out of that controller (except for the itty bitty d-pad).

[SAINT: Some great answers. I definitely agree with your outlook on the new consoles. It took me a long time to finally get a PS3, so I doubt I would buy a new PS for awhile. I doubt I get the Wii U right away, but I'll certainly be standing in line for a new Xbox. That's a remarkable accomplishment, having your Xbox 360 for so long. I've been through...hmm...four I think? Well, 2 bad ones and I have 2 working ones now. You made me chuckle with mention of the NES controller. I remember unboxing the NES, seeing that controller and thinking, "How am I supposed to hold that??" I think I'm comfortable with the Xbox 360 controller, but nothing beats the WASD of a good keyboard for me.]

Bonus Question #1: Silvershine08 asks, "What video game genre do you feel is crowding the industry? What genre would you like to see more of and why?"

I think shooters have over saturated the industry to be frank. At this point for me they are all starting to blur together.  I kinda would like to see them take a yearlong breather.

Whatever Demon's/Dark Souls is considered: THAT is what I would like to see more of. I know on the surface it's considered an RPG but I've never played anything like either one of those games. The atmosphere and the combat of that game are superb. It combines and mixes a plethora of genres perfectly that makes it hard to pin down to one specific genre.

[SAINT: I've heard so many people brag about Dark Souls, I might have to break down and give it a shot. I think we could live without some of the shooters, even though that's predominantly what I play. Too many means I don't stick with one for very long, and I'd much rather stick with a game for at least a few months.]

Bonus Question #2: Silvershine08 asks, "If you could populate the world with one kind of mythical creature, which would it be and why?"

Mythical creatures you say? Gotta go with Unicorns - not to be confused with ponies - hi PocketRay ;) Anyone who's seen "Cabin in the Woods" knows what I'm talking about. I would ride that glorious animal everywhere with a pair aviator shades on. (Haters gonna hate).

[SAINT: Hah. I can't shake the mental image of that picture that looks like a can of SPAM but its unicorn meat. I think you can get it at Think Geek.]

Bonus Question #3: Saint asks, "Have you watched "Big Trouble In Little China" recently?  What did you think? What was your favorite part from "The Princess Bride"? (The reason I ask is I find when I watch a lot of the movies I grew up with, they seem somewhat cheezy now, which tarnishes my memory of them. This is especially true of Red Dawn. Sigh)"

Why yes I have good sir! My friend Little Joe has never witnessed the gloriousness of this movie and I had to rectify that with quickness. Anything involving John Carpenter and Kurt Russell is cinematic gold my friend! Favorite "Princess Bride" moment...hmm... I have to go with Wesley rolling down the hill after the Princess pushes him and he yells all the way down "as yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuu wiiiiiish!!!" But runner up would have to be the line of dialog "never get involved in a land war with Asia".

[SAINT: I liked Big Trouble In Little China when I first saw it, but watching it again many years later I couldn't help but realize it was so bad, heh heh...but I still like it. OMG, The Princess Bride has so many great one liners; my favorite part has to be the battle of wits scene.]

Bonus Question #4: Saint asks, "Assuming you have a motor vehicle, what are the current contents of the glove compartment (or trunk, your choice)? And if you don't have a motor vehicle, what is the best form of public transportation?"

Hmmm, that's a really weird question friendo lol. Okay give me a minute *walks down stairs to parking lot and opens trunk* It looooks like...a pair of jumper cables, a crock pot Amanda and I got for Christmas but never brought up, Complete stories and poems of Edgar Allen Poe(I've been looking for that), Ooooo, some left over Easter candy. On second thought, that probably won't taste all that great. Aaaaand a copy of GQ with Zooey Deschanel on the cover. Yowza lol!

[SAINT: Thanks! I try to specialize in weird least one anyway. Something tells me you really did walk down stairs to the parking lot and look in the trunk. Sorry...I got nothing for trunk is completely empty and the only thing in my glove compartment is registration and insurance card.]

Ask Me A Question And I Might Just Answer It.

Aaron asks, "So who do YOU think shot first: Han or Greedo."

[SAINT: "I said ask me a question? That's not a question. I know who shot first! Anybody who calls themselves a Star Wars fan knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Han shot first. You know what this reminds me of - this is a government cover up or at the very least, a plausible conspiracy theory. Great question though, heh heh.]

A special thanks to Aaron for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about Aaron, view his GIO profile here.