I'm really kind of surprised no one else blogged about this today. Maybe it's because technically it's not "video game" related, but it is a pop culture event that many gamers are interested in, and so heck...I'll blog about it if nobody else is going to. It's like a freebie. Don't worry though - I usually try to relate all of my blogs to a topic on video games in some way, shape or form...and this one will be no different. I'll be creative.

May 04, 2012 has been dubbed by many to be Star Wars day (even though many fans recognize May 25th as Star Wars Day - to commemorate the release of the original Star Wars movie back in 1977). The reason May 4th is called Star Wars Day should be readily apparent - it has to do with the close proximity between May the Fourth be with you and May the Force be with you. Corny? Maybe...but if you're a Star Wars fan, who really cares?

So, in honor of May the Fourth Be With You - Star Wars day, I feel it is only appropriate to do a Star Wars inspired blog. Last time I did a Star Wars inspired blog, I did my Top Ten Star War Video Games, so I can't do that one again.

How about...

Top Ten Moments In A Star Wars Game

I've played a ton of Star Wars games. Not all of them mind you...but a ton of them. Some of my fondest video game moments are from Star Wars games. I think I could easily describe ten moments that stand out and are noteworthy events. Sit back, grab a snack and beverage of your choice, and enjoy the jump to lightspeed. Oh yeah...these are in no certain order of greatest moments.

10. Lightsaber duel - I'm not a big fan of Jedi or Sith or lightsabers...and certainly there are a ton of Star Wars games that include them. Even though I'm not a big fan of them, of course I have a favorite scene. From the movie perspective, it's Episode I - Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn, but in terms of video games, I'd say it has to be the opening scene of The Old Republic.

9. Space Combat - There are a few games that let you experience true space combat in the Star War universe, but not compare to X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. It allowed you to fly for either side and essentially any ship in the fleet. Being a fan of the Imperial Navy, I loved the TIE Fighter and the distinct roar of its twin ion engines. Its biggest weakness was it didn't have any shields, but when you had that X-Wing locked in your sights, you weren't really thinking about that. "I have you now!"

8. The Old Republic Honors The Original - I only played The Old Republic for a short time, but there were so many references to the original movies (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) that I loved the game for that fact alone. From the roguish smuggler very much like Han Solo to one of my personal favorites - a Wookie sitting at a table across from a protocol droid that has had his arms ripped off. Ah, a reference to the original Star Wars movie that only the most devoted fans of Star Wars would recognize. The Old Republic is a great game and full of throwback moments.

7. Republic Commando Ending - One of my favorite Star Wars games was Republic Commando, and no doubt it's largely because of the surprise ending that splinters Delta Squad after one of their members comes under heavy enemy fire and is injured or killed. His teammates are mounting a rescue mission when they are ordered to fall back. To this day, I'm haunted by the fact I left a squad mate behind. Okay, maybe that's a bit extreme, but it was a heart wrenching moment.

6. Using Dark Jedi powers - Obviously there are a handful of Star War games that empower you with the Force. In most instances, I play the good guy (Jedi) and try and minimize the use of Dark Jedi Powers, even though they are clearly the coolest. Powers like Force Pull and Force Throw. If I recall it was Jedi Outcast that was my favorite. Using Force Pull to free a bad guy of his weapon was awesome; and even more spectacular than that was using Force Throw to snatch a storm trooper up and chuck him across the map. It got to the point you didn't even need to use a weapon, you could just make it from level to level using the Force.

5. Kyle Katarn gets a present from Luke Skywalker - Kyle Katarn was an awesome character that starred in a couple of Star Wars games and perhaps one of the most memorable moments was when Kyle meets Luke Skywalker at the Jedi Academy. Upon completing a series of tests, Luke Skywalker presents Kyle with his lightsaber. I'm not a huge fan of Jedi and lightsabers, but meeting one of the iconic names in the original movie series, and having him present you your lightsaber...that's slightly memorable.

4. Pod Racing engine fires - I don't know how popular the Star Wars pod racing game was, but I liked it. And perhaps my greatest memory is pushing the pod to its limits...to the point one of the engines would burnout. The following scenario only happened to me two or three times, but if you had an exceptionally close race on the final lap and pushed it to the limits...your engines would start to overheat and smoke...you can keep pushing it or back down. What do you do? You go for the win! And if you cross the line in first place with an engine cooked...man, that's awesome.

3. Snow Speeder versus AT-AT - This epic event taken from Empire Strikes Back has been recreated in a number of video games and all of them are a ton of fun. Okay, maybe not the Atari 2600 version, but the rest of them are. There's nothing quite like zooming over, under and around the towering legs of an AT-AT, and if that wasn't fun enough, using the harpoon gun and circling the obviously clumsy death machines to trip them in their tracks was.

2. Trench Run - Like some of the other moments, the iconic trench run scene from the original Star Wars where Luke Skywalker deals the final blow to the Death Star by firing a pair of proton torpedoes down the thermal exhaust port of the evil Empire's planet crushing super weapon has been done on a few different platforms. One of the most recent versions of the Trench Run game is for the iPhone or iPad. "Stay on target."

1. Star Wars Kinect - Sure the game sucked, but watching the Game Informer staff not only play the game, but to do so in front of a huge audience as they streamed it live over the Internet was absolutely hilarious. It never came close to making me want to run out and purchase the game...quite the opposite in fact...but it was a great opportunity to join the feed, chat with the staff and fellow members from the community while laughing profusely as Han Solo completely embarrass himself.

In parting, I'm going to share a Star Wars joke that I heard from my good friend Dean aka born4this...that to this day, I'm still laughing about and telling my fellow Star Wars friends.

Question: What's the temperature inside a TaunTaun?

Answer: Luke warm.

If you don't laugh over that, you need to have your pulse checked. Have a great weekend, and May the Fourth / Force be with you.