I don't know how long ago the Game Informer website underwent it's renovation, but I do know shortly after it occurred a beautiful thing happened. A bunch of loyal GI users joined forces and really kind of transformed the blogging community into what it has become today. And what it has become today is a community that routinely posts over one hundred blogs a week, with upwards of 50-60 unique bloggers. There are a few that are spam and a couple that don't really meet the traditionally accepted standard of what a blog is, but for the most part the submissions are entertaining pieces. It's a space where a blogger who puts forth the time and energy can post a quality blog for the first time and get hundreds of views and be featured in the official Game Informer newsletter. That is a rare opportunity that you won't necessarily be provided at any of the other gaming websites. I'd like to think of us as a close knit family with maybe one or two more crazy uncles than most families have.

*NOTE* Ironic that community member EuphoricEnnui posted a snarky blog on user reviews tonight. It's worth reading and you can find it here.

But there is an area of Game Informer that needs attention; needs OUR attention. The blogging community is full of gamers like you and me who play new releases and sometimes resort to blogging about them. I know I'm guilty of it. I've never posted a review, but after looking at some of the reviews that get posted, I have decided to join the ranks of a few of our frequent reviewers, who have carried the torch and done a great job posting reviews. But they are few and far between. I've decided to try and make the user review community as productive and prosperous as the blogging community. I can't do it alone. I need help. I need YOUR help.

I can't just post a blog and expect people to hop onboard with the idea. No, I have to set the example. So, tonight...in conjunction with this blog, I've also posted a review. My first of many. You can read it here if you're interested. I chose to review Uncharted 2, even though it is an older game, for a couple of reasons. One, it's awesome and I wanted to tell people I thought so. Two, not everyone has played it...isn't that right BHW? Three, I just finished it and needed something to go along with this blog. Four...derp...because I wanted to.

I don't know about you or where you work or what you do, but sometimes in life, opportunities aren't handed to us...we have to see a need, a shortfall, a gap, a shortcoming...and we have to take on the responsibility of fixing it. That's how you get noticed. That's how you get recognition. We, (we being the GI community) need User Reviewers. You want to get noticed at Game Informer...by the community and potentially the staff? Start being the best reviewer on the site. Word will get out, people will notice and glory and riches will follow.

With over 50 unique bloggers and over a hundred blogs posted each week, if we devoted a fraction of that force to providing quality reviews we could fix the problem in no time...I'd say almost immediately. And now, with Blog Herding back online and featuring a review of the week, we have the vehicle to spotlight a review to an even larger community. If the reviews were more abundant in quality and quantity, we could even have someone post a blog that recaps the best reviews, much like some of you already do with the blogs. And with our devoted TEAMS of podcasters, we could further promote them on the weekly episodes of those who are willing to advertise them.

I don't know how many "friends" I have here, but I know I have a few. People I could ask to do something and I know (or think) they would do it. Here's the part where I call some people out and test this "friendship"...challenge them with submitting their own user review.

Born4this - You play a lot of games; maybe not as much as you used to prior to born2that coming into the world. I know you play a lot because you talk about it on your podcast...and I listen to your podcast. So, how about it...can you submit a review?

Demon Ragnarok - You haven't been writing as much, but you have been gaming. I see your tweets and stand in awe of that impressive gamer score. Surely there is a game you've finished recently you could post a review about.

Warbuff - Yes, I read your blog about Driver. I enjoyed it and thought it was a good read, just like the other blogs you post on occasion. You work in the industry, yes? You're probably an expert reviewer and could hammer one out in your sleep.

Mojomonkey12 - A writer as long winded as me, who is playing (or has played) a number of new releases. You're all about supporting the community and your Extra Life event is over, so how about it? Can you hammer out a review?

BlackHeartedWolf - 30 blogs in 30 days...and all 30 of them essentially reviews. If anyone has proved they can post a review, it's you. And you seem to like a good challenge.

Of course the challenge is open to all, but the above team of community members I have dirt on and they will hopefully support my pleas for help or else I will be forced to have to resort to blackmailing them with said dirt. It's a tangled web we weave, but you gotta do what you gotta do. All jokes aside, it won't take much to get the User Reviews up to speed.

Support the Game Informer community - Post a User Review. But please, put some effort into it, or else EuphoricEnnui will hunt you down and mock you with snarky commentary.

"I will eviscerate you in fiction." -Chaucer