I applaud BlackHeartedWolf for undertaking yet another lofty community oriented blogging project so of course I am compelled to support it however I can, even if it means doing something I historically don't do...blogging about myself. Sure I blog a lot and yes, the traditional blog is nothing more than an individual's perspective on a given subject. But seldom do I write about these types of questions.

Where Am I As A Writer

Honestly, I don't really consider myself a writer as much as I consider myself a gamer who likes to write about video games. Even though I haven't received any formal training on writing, I do a fair amount of it in my line of work - everything from presentations briefed to Admirals to award citations that are presented for noteworthy accomplishments. But blogging for me is an escape from the formality and constraints often required of formal writing. So, to answer the question of where I am from a writing perspective, I would say I'm blessed beyond measure but right where I want to be. I've achieved far more than I imagined and much more than I deserve. I've blogged in all sorts of locations before and about a myriad of different topics...and as good ole Dorothy once said, "There's no place like home." For me, Game Informer is currently that home.

I've made some long lasting friendships, met some amazing people, have amassed an audience who, for whatever bizarre reason, enjoy my posts, and I've had the pleasure of talking with various staff members who publish the best video game magazine in the world. My writing at Game Informer has provided me with so many unique and wonderful opportunities, I really couldn't ask for more. At this point, I'm not looking for glory and riches or even employment opportunities as a writer or video game journalist. Honestly, I'm not even sure I have what it takes, besides maybe the experience of being around for a long time and being exposed to so many different games and systems - but I'm not entirely sure that's a pre-requisite. I've written for money before and frankly it stole the joy of writing for me. I have a job and am under contract for at least another 2 years, so right now my focus is (obviously) being successful at my job and having fun with my blogging. I think I'm doing that.

Where Do I Hope To End Up With My Writing

Good question. In Fantasy Land I suppose I hope Gabe Newell happens across one of my blogs, recognizes a spark of creative genius and offers me a very high paying job at Valve for the rest of my life or as long as I choose to work there. I'll have a wonderful office all to me adorned with all kinds of memorabilia from the Valve games. Maybe even my own Gordon Freeman crowbar. But alas, this is the real world and not fantasy land, so my answer is much simpler. This harkens back to the first question where I said I'm just a gamer who writes, so I really don't think about what it will result in. I mean, we have some bloggers who are English Majors studying to be journalists, supporting their college newspapers...and we have me...some old guy in the Navy who's played video games with Noah on the Ark and instead of chiseling his thoughts out on stone tablets, he types them up and posts them online.

Do I Aspire To Be A Full On Gaming Journalist

No. Not really. I have two years and maybe more before I can depart active duty service and pursue a career for the first time ever in the civilian world. Two years may or may not seem like a long time. Sometimes I feel like that's an eternity away, and some days I feel like its right around the corner. One of my hobbies (or mental disorders) is going to a bunch of the big names in the video game industry, searching their job boards, and asking (or telling) myself, "I can do that." After having devoted my life to the service and my country, would I enjoy working in the video game industry? Absolutely. But I'm not so sure it will be as a journalist. There is a lot more to the job than meets the eye and there are is a ton of other career choices in the industry. However, if Andy McNamara said, "Saint, send me your resume after you get out of the Navy." I'd be a fool not to listen to the man.

Am I Happy Being An Amateur Blogger?

Are there professional bloggers? I'm happy with being whatever I am right now. If that's an amateur blogger, a wannabe blogger or even a crappy blogger doesn't really matter. I've made a ton of friends; I'm enjoying some great opportunities and smiling the whole time. At least on the inside. Most people, including many of you (especially born4this and mojomonkey12 - although they're getting better) probably don't get my unusual sense of humor. I say that, because some people take my blogs much more serious than I even do. The truth is, I'm seldom ever that serious.

What Typically Gives Me Problems With Writing

Time. Not enough of it. I have so many ideas, projects, unfinished blogs and other things I want to do but I never have enough time to get to it all. And, word count limits. The assignment was to respond in 700-1000 words, which I take very seriously. My goal was to split the difference and keep it to 850 words. But clearly I'm over that and will barely make the 1,000 max.

And there you have it. A snapshot of me...just a regular gamer who likes to write. In 980 words.