There is a misconception among some viewers that the Member Herding feature is an elite group reserved for the best bloggers at Game Informer. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth, although a number of them have been featured. No, the truth is, the selection process is either random or relies upon the backup plan - Plan B. Plan B is where I pick somebody, and the last few weeks I've had to resort to Plan B. When I pick someone, I'm looking for positive and productive members of the community; members who day in and day out, week after week support this community in some capacity or other - be it blogging, podcasting or just being an outstanding audience member. This week is no different. The person selected this week is admired and respected by his peers and is always bringing new content for the community to enjoy.

His name is no surprise. You've read his blogs and he is ½ of the Indie & Mojo show podcast. It's none other than...

GIO Name: indiejones

GIO Rank: Power Member - Level 9

Gaming Experience (Years playing): I've been playing games as long as I can remember. I think I came out of the womb holding a sounds wrong. Really I started with the Atari 2600 and played Pitfall! constantly. I remember for some reason I couldn't play sitting down. I always had to be standing when I played games at a younger age, all the way up until I got my SNES.

Last Game Completed: Resistance 3. It was spectacular and I'm not even a fan of the series but that game was exactly what I wanted.

Currently Playing: The computer keyboard. I honestly haven't been playing much this week since I finished R3 and started my new job at I plan on playing Gears of War 3 next week though.

Origin of GIO Profile Name: I came up with indiejones when I joined Xbox Live years ago. I was really into indie rock at the time (and I still am) and I thought it was a clever play on Indiana Jones so I just went with it.

And now for everybody's favorite element of Member Herding...the questions.

Five Randomly Generated Questions + 4 Bonus questions

1. As a fan of Halo: Reach, you are very likely familiar with Noble Team, "a UNSC special operations unit composed of elite supersoldiers known as Spartans." Cast the following Spartans with staff or members from the Game Informer community.

We'll assume you're the new "unnamed" soldier.

 Carter-A259 - The leader of Noble Team, a no-nonsense soldier.

Kat-B320 - Second-in-command, has a bionic arm.

Jorge-052 - Heavy weapons specialist.

Emile-A239 - Assault specialist.

Jun-A266 - Marksman.

Carter A259 - I would have to say Andy Mac. Every time I've heard him speak he just seems like a really strong, cool headed leader. I can imagine him keeping his cool while we all fight off waves of covenant dropships.

Kat B320 - This would have to be Eyros. I know Kat is a woman, but she is also wicked smart, and occasionally hot headed. Eyros is always really thoughtful but once in a while you get a glimpse of his underlying attitude.

Jorge 052 - I would imagine Ben Hanson as a heavy weapons specialist. He is kinda brutish right?

Emile A239 - This would be Mojomonkey because he is my favorite person on GIO and Emile was my favorite character in Reach.

Jun A266 - A sharpshooter has to have a keen eye for detail. I don't know why I think this but it seems like born4this has that kind of personality.

[SAINT: That's a pretty solid team, who could argue with that. Even bringing Dean aka born4this along as part of the squad makes sense. I mean, if you need someone to clear a minefield, he's your guy; counter sniper fire, send him in; someone to pounce on a frag or sticky grenade, check. All jokes aside, I'd want Dean on my team. I'd follow him to hell and back - you won't find a better wingman.]

2. Tell us a funny story that happened while you were recording one of your Indie & Mojo podcasts that got cut from the final version (or we didn't get to see).

Before we finally recorded our first episode, Jeremy (Mojomonkey12) and I had recorded two episodes that we ended up scrapping because they weren't very good. We had a bunch of ideas that we ended up not using. The second episode we recorded had a news segment and even a segment we called Burns and Butters where we discussed what was burning our biscuits and what was buttering our biscuits at that moment in time. Those terms are what Jeremy came up with to talk about things that annoyed us and things that made us happy. In one burns my biscuits I was complaining about rude flight attendants and I ended up making a really bad comment about a flight attendant that I just kinda assumed was gay.

We even recorded a couple different skits that we thought we could open the shows with and add a little humor to it. The only problem is that we aren't SNL writers and we are terrible actors. Just terrible. I looked for these lost recordings on my computer and I couldn't find them but they would be pretty funny for people to listen to now that they know us a little better. So Jeremy if you're reading this, check your computer for those.

[SAINT: What happens on the edit room floor, stays on the edit room floor. Hopefully I didn't set you guys up for this - don't release any controversial material on my account, heh heh. I'm concerned we might be awarding more "Ban Hammer Survivor" achievements if this doesn't go over so well. Burns and Butters sounds like a hilarious title for that segment but one that could potentially lead to the first AO rated community podcast.]

3. Your favorite game developer has just hired you and your first task is to briefly pitch an idea for a new video game that fits with their existing line up. Who is this developer and what is the idea you pitch to the board of directors?

My favorite developer is Valve and the game I would propose to them would be Half-Life 3. I guess for the purpose of this it would be Naughty Dog. I would propose to them that we should make a fantasy hack and slash that combines loot, RPG elements and fantasy with the amazing story and presentation of the Uncharted series.

I am a fantasy nerd and I love being transported to a new world. I don't just mean dragons and elves. I like fantasy that surprises me and shows me things I've never imagined before. I'm thinking books like Neverwhere, The Dark Tower, and even movies like Hiyao Miyazaki's films. Naughty Dog has proven they can do great characters and epic action. I would love to see them apply that to a fantasy world. As much as I am looking forward to Skyrim, I am an action gamer and I would love to see that kind of epicness combined with the great action of Uncharted.

[SAINT: While I'm aware of Naughty Dog, I'm new to the Uncharted series (still playing through the first one) and am completely in love with the game and everything about any game incorporating elements borrowed from Uncharted is fine by me. I've pitched this idea before so I'll throw it out there again, but I think a game based loosely on the real world counter drug ops initiatives has a lot of potential. And we apparently share an interest in Valve, which isn't a big surprise but still cool.]

4. As discussed on one of your recent podcasts, you're interested in becoming a contestant on the next season of The Tester. What games are you best at / worst at? How would this relate to the physical tests you might have to perform (can you shoot, are you an athlete, can you drive)? What would your social game strategy be?

Well, I don't think I would really be a very good Tester contestant. I am best at shooters. Just not really multiplayer shooters, because I don't play enough. Maybe if I was a tester I would play often enough to get really good. I am not very good at fighting games simply because I can't ever remember all of the best combos and I'm even worse at actually performing them. I have never performed a fatality in Mortal Kombat. I had the same issues when I tried to learn how to play guitar. If I could somehow remember the chords, actually getting my fingers to cooperate was another story.

[SAINT: Hah sound just like me - or I sound just like you. I might be an okay blogger, but when it comes to video games, as much as I love them, I know I'm not the best at them. Not by a mile. Oh well, I know my place. Maybe just being a cool dude will get you in, because if that's the case you're golden.]

5. Universal Studios, long known for creating thrilling theme park rides based off of movies, has contracted your services to design a video game inspired exhibition. What video game would you model the ride after and briefly describe the experience.

You know those rides at amusement parks where people bounce on bungie chords? Imagine combining that with Angry Birds. It would be awesome to have a bunch of fake nerf building blocks and the participants are launched on a slingshot through the air into those structures. Maybe it would be a little dangerous, but it would still be fun. Then at the end of the ride they can all get the free stuffed Angry Birds like they have at all the amusement parks now anyway.

[SAINT: When I asked this question, I was expecting something like the, "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" rollercoaster ride that whisked you by waterfalls, rain forests, creepy caverns and perilous pitfalls - something similar to Disney's Thunder Mountain...but your idea...your idea is not only genius, I think it would be hugely successful and a ton of fun. I love Angry Birds and I love this idea. You could market that, I'm sure.]

Bonus Question #1: Blaze6106 asks, "Is there a critically acclaimed gaming series that you hate? If so which one, and why? (For example I hate Call of Duty, mostly because every game is the same and it isn't as good as other shooters in my opinion.)

I would have to say Fallout 3. I can't stand the V.A.T.S. system. I want to shoot mutants. I don't want to pause the game every two seconds and then watch the mutants heads explode just because I put a cursor over its head. They try to make you feel like you can play it any way you want but really you can't play it without V.A.T.S. It just doesn't work right. I like to shoot things. I like that instant satisfaction.

Then there's the NPC's. The voice acting is awful which is to be expected when there are so many of them. But it's even worse that they all look like a wax version of Gary Busey on a bender.

I wouldn't care too much about these things if the story didn't take a million hours to get going. When I play open world games I constantly think in the back of my mind "There are much better things I could be doing than helping this woman find her lost cat." I just have no interest in side quests and like to stick to the story. So when the story didn't grab me right off the bat, I quickly lost interest.

I don't have this problem with all open world games either. I love Red Dead, Mass Effect and the Elder Scrolls, but for some reason Fallout 3 just didn't do it for me.

[SAINT: I'm not a huge fan of the Fallout series myself, but you might just be the first person I've ever heard say something bad about the game. Bravo brave man, bravo! Hopefully guys like TOGNick don't see this, heh heh, or you might have an angry mob on your hands. I suppose mine would be Bioshock. I know, I know. Now we're both in hot water, but I could never get into it. Not quite sure why.]

Bonus Question #2: Blaze6106 asks, "If you could pick any job in a gaming field what would it be and why? (Gaming Journalism, Game Design, Lead Writer, Programming, Etc.)"

I would pick Games Journalist. I love to write about games and follow games news. I think that games journalists can have just as much of an impact on the future of the industry as a designer. Journalists have more of an influence on us than we realize. Just think about some of the games that have been on the covers of Game Informer over the years. Some of them would not have gotten as much attention if they weren't on that cover and they probably wouldn't have sold nearly as well.

[SAINT: While I would agree that a job in the journalism industry does sound exciting, after having read Scott Mitchell's Level Up book about game design and reading some of his blogs and thoughts on the matter, I think I would prefer being a video game designer / developer. If not, then perhaps a video game writer. I know it might not be where the money is at, but there's more to life than money.]

Bonus Question #3: Saint asks, "As a fan of the Walking Dead series, if a friend or family member was bitten by a zombie resulting in the almost certain infection of that person, is it acceptable to euthanize them to prevent their pain and suffering before the symptoms set in, after their life fades and they become a zombie, or could you not do it at all and just abandon them?

Everyone always acts like they know exactly what to do in these kinds of situations. We yell at the TV like, "You should have shot him when you had the chance you idiot!" but really who's to say how we would react in that situation? So I want to say that I would have the guts to euthanize them but I would probably actually chicken out and then end up like that guy in the first episode of the Walking Dead who had to watch his wife walk around his front yard in a zombified trance.

[SAINT: Hah Hah, so you at least recognized the inspiration for the question - this is good. The Walking Dead is full of these scenarios and I agree it's easy for us to sit there watching in the safety and comfort of our home while telling the survivors what they should be doing. Ironically, I think I was more disturbed by the scene in I am Legend with the dog then any of the scenes in The Walking Dead.]

Bonus Question #4: Saint asks, "If you were a chess piece, which one would you be?

I would be a Knight, because I never like to move in a straight line.

[SAINT: Brilliant response, and very true. I never thought about it like that, but I suppose a diagonal move is still technically a straight line, so the Knight is the only one who doesn't move that way. I almost said Knight myself, but I'm reminded of a blog that I wrote but never posted titled Kings and Pawns, based off a scene from the Count of Monte Cristo. I would say I'm a pawn, heh heh.]

A special thanks to indiejones for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about indiejones, view his GIO profile here.

Yes indiejones...people really do read your profile!