Don't ask me why or how I came up with this blog (I actually know but can't really tell you yet) but yes, there are people out there who read your Game Informer profile. I know there is at least one, me. So you, you know who you are, that has a comment listed in your profile that reads, "Does anyone really read this stuff" - the answer is yes.

Of course I can't include something from everybody...and a fair amount of you haven't ever updated your profile which makes this blog even tougher, but here are some other colorful and interesting comments I've discovered in people's GI profile.

Apozem's occupation is listed as feral writer.

Gamebeast23456 doesn't trust robots.

Oni no Tenshi has a BA in Modern Literature with a minor in Education, which explains a lot.

TOGNick is a pizza delivery expert who hates user bios and claims he added no personality to his.

blaze6106 is only 16 (holy crap!) and a brony.

AntiCitizen One is Mexican by Origin, Writer by Passion, Geek by Obligation, Gamer by Nature...

BlackHeartedWolf is essentially a cat with too many favorites to count.

The Game Store Guy has one of the shortest profiles you ever did see.

Thatfoxguy's favorite console ever is the N64 in green (not red, not blue...but green).

The journey man has a hat that looks like Indiana Jones's.

Joshua Weibel likes Star Wars which makes him cool in my book.

Cody Gilley has a status update at the moment that is longer than his profile.

shooterboy23 has a very cool Team Fortress 2 profile image.

ShadowDragyn's profile proves I'm not the only old gamer on the website.

DeadManWalking has one of the best profiles and not just because I'm at the top of his cool people list.

Another Matthew posted just tonight that he needs to fix up his bio.

Delancey's occupation is human.

Masterassassin has been playing video games ever since he was old enough to hold a controller.

xXxSKOLxXx has a few hints in his profile that indicate the inspiration behind his name. Go Vikings.

Kyl3.DK's Xbox Live and PSN name is Kyl3dk05. I have no idea what it means.

Fever Ray's occupation is a cosmonaut.

Jon Keyes, future devil dog, read Homer's Odyssey at the age of 12.

Born4this claims his proudest gaming achievement is getting 100% on Super Meat Boy. No comment.

Indiejones has a profile image of a dog with crazy eyes that freak me.

Mojomonkey12 has top 12 bio points that are very clever and humorous...and worth reading.

Bjdbuch's favorite TV shows include Spongebob Squarepants.

Demon Ragnarok has finally reached his 100,000 gamerscore goal; now it's on to world domination.

TheClassyOne's hobbies are weight lifting, politics and playing games. All that in one package, huh.

Mray901 says he pretty much acts like he's in a sitcom. I can see that.

redlitez76 hails from Earth-C.

Jack, The Quixotic Gamer is the captain of an ultimate frisbee team and can shoot lasers.

Nick obsessed with GI editor Tim Turi, for his ability to recreate video game music using only his mouth.

Cru Hunter has published 26 blogs but has 18 under construction. Ah, I'm not the only one eh?

God Of Irony has the most colorful profile I've far.

eyros2k has the most thorough and detailed profile I've far.

That's it for if you're wondering if anyone is reading your profile or not, I suppose you just never know, but there's a good chance somebody is. Some of you are very witty and clever and some of you have put a lot of effort into sharing a little bit about yourself. Some of you not so much. In the end though, I feel like I know some of you so much better, like one big happy video game playing family.