It's been awhile since I busted out one of my "Two Kinds of Gamers" blogs. For those that aren't familiar with the premise behind this blog, I compare and contrast gamers using two measures that are usually opposite one another. Read on and hopefully (keyword: hopefully) it will all make sense.

Before I hop into the blog though, I'm going to open it with a simple analogy that compares gamers to cable TV packages.

Cable have basic cable which gives you more than a handful of channels but none of those other channels that sound really cool that you'll probably never watch. Channels like ESPN classic that show women's bowling from the 1970's. I've always wondered how having PPV channels available on my premium package is a good deal. I mean, I still have to pay for them. Of all the channels I have on my premium package, I seriously doubt I watch too many of them. I could easily survive with basic cable and probably never know the difference, yet every month I pay for my premium package and I find comfort in knowing I have all the bells and whistles whether I use them or not.

Over the past few weeks I've seen more and more people talking about how simple and basic games are making a comeback and even competing with the more advanced and complex games. In one post, I even read that another former big name in video game development was scrapping their business plan of spending lots of money creating sensational full featured games in favor of developing simple basic games for portable gaming devices. Certainly not the first time this has happened and probably not the last.

So, usually the discussion takes two directions. The first involves the iPhone as a competitive portable gaming device. Now, before I upset the crowd, let me say that I love my iPhone and think it is the greatest piece of hardware ever created. And yes I use mine to play games. I'm an Angry Birds addict. I'm hooked on Word with Friends. I can even stumble through a round of Sudoku from time to time.

There are some who suggest the iPhone and other portable gaming systems are competing and may even surpass the consoles and PC as the preferred gaming platform of choice.


The other discussion is with the popularity of games being made available on services like Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arcade. First of all, there are a lot of simple Independent games that are somewhat popular. The Impossible Game for example. Perhaps the most basic game I've ever seen...but also very challenging...addictive...and one of the most maddening games I've ever played. It consists of a cube and one control - jump. Sounds easy. But it's not.

Also very   popular on Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arcade - remaking some of the old classics like Pac Man and Dig Dug. Great games for their time. Classics forever. But when compared with modern era games, well, the comparison is really unfair. Comparing a classic like Pac Man with the generally recognized Game of the Year - Red Dead Redemption...clearly there is a somewhat noticeable difference.

So yeah...these simple games...these iPhone games, Portable games,  Independent games and Classic games...are gaining in popularity and witnessing an increase in game play activity.

If you ask me...these games are like basic cable. Yes they're good games. Great games even. They can occupy a person's time and keep us entertained. There are certainly plenty to choose from.

But I'm a bells and whistles kind of gamer - a basic cable + premium package kind of gamer. I want all the flashy graphics, heart pounding audio, epic story, advanced controls and all the other content that comes with a current generation and/or PC caliber game.

While I realize facts are facts and statistics are statistics...and that these claims that some gamers are ditching their hardcore games for simple, basic, classic games from the past are true...I'm not one of them. I'm not one of those facts or statistics.

If you sat my PSP or my iPhone next to my PC or Xbox 360...I will always pick the latter.  I love Angry Birds, truly I do...but I wouldn't pick it over Dead Space, Team Fortress 2, Medal of Honor or any of the other games I find myself playing during my game time. Those simple sort of games have a purpose and its not to occupy my game time. When its game time...I'm going to play a real game. A "hard core gamer" game.

For me, there is no comparison. They're two different entities.

If I could eat pizza or a slice of bread, I'm eating pizza.

If I could drive a moped or a Dodge Challenger, I'll take one with a Hemi please.

If I could wear a Rolex or a Faux-lex I'm gonna wear a Rolex. Not really, I like my Swiss Army Submariner's Watch.

If I could have butter or I can't believe it's not butter, give me a dollop of butter.

If I can watch basic cable or premium cable, what channel is G4 on again?

If I can play PSP or Xbox 360, assuming I don't have a RROD I'm playing Xbox.

And if I can play my iPhone or my PC, sorry Mac guy but the PC wins every time.

In closing, I love games. All games. I'll play just about anything on anything. I'd play Pong on an oscilloscope or Math Blasters on a Leapster. But there is a reason why I got rid of my old NES and SNES. There is a reason why I downloaded but never play any of my emulators and ROMS.

 I want the biggest, brightest, baddest, boldest game out there.

There are two kinds of gamers...