I have to keep the intro for this week's Member Herding blog short, because the responses were a tad bit longer than the average response. If that's any indication who this week's member is, then you might already know or have an idea. Clearly this person's commitment to the site is best captured in his thorough responses to not just my blogs, but most of the content that's posted here at Game Informer. He's truly a great member of the community and a perfect candidate for the Member Herding blog. Read on to see who it is...

GIO Name: Feircy Deity

GIO Rank: Veteran Member - Level 11

Gaming Experience (Years playing): 18 years

Last Game Completed: Bulletstorm

Currently Playing: Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (I'm terrible, but it's still fun), Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (I will get 110%!)

Origin of GIO Profile Name: My GIO name was actually an accident. I love The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, so when I started playing Guild Wars my freshman year in high school, I said to myself: "what could possibly be better than Fierce Deity?" Unfortunately (or was it?) my finger slipped on the keyboard and branded me Feircy Deity. After that it just sort of stuck, and it's become my name for everything: PSN, Xbox live, Steam, GIO, etc. It's actually kind of nice, because it's never taken. So if you see Feircy Deity, chances are it's me.

(SAINT: Spelling your user name wrong to ensure availability...why, that's brilliant!)

Five Randomly Generated Questions + 3 Bonus questions

1. One of my favorite features of Half Life was Opposing Forces and Blue Shift because they essentially retell the story of the original game from a different perspective. If you could take any game and have this same feature applied, which game would it be and what perspective would it be told from

That's a really tough question. I love a great story so picking is going to be difficult. I'm going to go with Bioshock. I want to see the fall of rapture from a citizen's perspective. You'd play as one of Fontaine's underlings, whose daughter was kidnapped and put into the little sister program. In order to retrieve her, you serve as Fontaine's yes man. Majority of the game would take place during the decline of rapture. Gameplay would consist of interrogations, drug runs, assassinations (maybe one where Ryan is the target and you get to attend one his debates with Sofia Lamb about society). You would do jobs with (or for) characters of relevance to the first game like Sander Cohen and Peach Wilkins (which would relate to events you hear about on audio diaries in the original). In the second half of the game, rapture would take the form it does during the original game. You would take part in turf wars with Ryan's followers where you ultimately come into direct contact with him. After choosing (or did you? Yes, I wouldn't recycle the mind control plot, as great as it was) to let Ryan go (he promises to find a cure for your daughter) Fontaine sends you to stall a certain "interloper" by collapsing some of rapture's passages. In the end, you confront Fontaine about your daughter's wellbeing, upon hearing of her death years prior (failed experiments) you attack Fonatine (a non powered up one, he hasn't become the final boss of Bioshock yet) and after what seems like a victory, he stabs a little sister's needle into your neck and uses the Adam to fuel the last of his transformations. (a kind of grim end, but it had to be so). Sorry for the really long read, it just kind of poured out. But yeah, I think that would be a great storyline to explore. And if that's not exactly what you asked then Castlevania: LoS from Zobek's perspective (actually sounds pretty good too lol).

[SAINT: Wow! I was actually intrigued with that. I think you're on to something here and not only is that a great game to choose, your story sounds like a wonderful idea. I really like that!]

2. A lot of controversy surrounding Bulletstorm which I think you are playing. Is the controversy inflated or a legitimate concern? What are your thoughts on the game so far? Game of the Year contender?

The Bulletstorm controversy is incredibly inflated. Fox's argument attempted to spread fear through false causality before the game was even released. Dr. Leiberman is just as much at blame, even her in-context statement jumps to conclusions. She stated that video games led to heightened violence (apparently a synonym with rape) and we could therefore conclude that the increase in rape cases was due to video game portrayals' of sexual conduct. Even if the game in question actually had any "portrayals of sexual conduct" in it, the premises in that argument are baseless. The only studies linking video games to anything simply stated it led to a short period of increased aggression following exposure. I have short periods of increased aggression after an intense game of checkers (winning or losing), I don't hear anyone linking that to rape. I guess the point is that simply seeing the word gang bang on a screen does not lead to going out and raping someone, no matter how much some people seem to want it to. The whole thing just reminds me of the time Jack Thompson tried to get Bully cancelled before anything more than rumors were around. As for the quality of the game, it's fantastic. I've never been so mobile in a shooter. The combat really fast paced and fluid and the skillshots are incredibly satisfying. It's everything I wanted it to be. Unfortunately I think it's game of the year prospects are low, due to it being released during a year full of amazing games (Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, Portal 2, SKYRIM, you get the point).

 [SAINT: I should probably look into the game more. I honestly know nothing about it. I haven't read or watched anything about it. I didn't even read the controversial stuff about it. I figured it was probably exaggerated, but I should still at least look into it a little bit to see if it's something I'd be interested in.]

3. The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is right around the corner. Who do you think will win the Lifetime Achievement Award? What game will win the Game of the Year award? If you were able to attend this event, which developer would you want to bump into and which exhibit would you spend the most time at?

I think Peter Molyneux has already been named for the lifetime, but if I could give it away.....I personally don't know if the Bioware Doctors could win enough awards. Though maybe I'd give someone at epic one...I'm riding on a Bulletstorm high right now lol. As for game of the year, I think Mass Effect 2 is going to walk away with it. Red Dead is a pretty strong contender, but Mass Effect 2 still owns part of my soul. Limbo wouldn't be a bad call either, but I see no reason for Black Ops to even be considered (my apologies to all CoD fans). I'd definitely want to bump into the Bioware team, but if they don't show (I didn't see them on the exhibit list) maybe the Epic gang in hopes that the people can fly team is there. I'd probably split my floor time between the valve, Bethesda and Nintendo booths. Probably a lot at Bethesda.

[SAINT: We differ on the Game of the Year - I think RDR will continue its trend in bringing home the trophy. We're pretty much the same on how we would spend our time on the floor although I would be torn in so many directions I might miss them all, heh heh. Definitely would stalk the Valve team. Definitely!]

4. Kinect Sports lists the following events: Bowling, Boxing, Track and Field, Table Tennis, Soccer and Beach Volleyball. If you could compete in each of these events with a different Game Informer Staff Member for each sport, who would you pick and why? Would you win

  • Bowling: Andy McNamara/ Andrew Reiner (low action so we could just talk, I bet they have some awesome stories from their time in the industry. I would probably lose.)
  • Boxing: Joe Juba (I'd probably lose, but the dude hates Super Mario Sunshine and someone has to make him pay for it. All jokes aside, I have no ill will for the guy.)
  • Track and Field: Phil Kollar (I'm awful at track and field and I'm willing to bet he is too, so together we could choose to blow off the competition and do something more entertaining.)
  • Table Tennis: Dan Ryckert. (Something tells me the humor of smacking tiny balls with paddles wouldn't be lost on Dan, of course we'd have to play the game in shark suits in the middle of a major shopping center, and everyone would win when it hit YouTube.)
  • Soccer: Tim Turi (Tim's hilarious and I'm willing to bet he would agree to a game where a goal only counted if you Bulletstorm slid it in, I played soccer when I was 5 so I don't know what would happen. I'd bet on Tim though.)
  • Beach Volleyball: Annette Gonzales and Megan Marie. (A bunch of guys in swimsuits doesn't sound very fun and since I'm going to lose HORRIBLY regardless, there may as well be an upside.)

 [SAINT: Hah Hah. Great answer, although I think you're sucking up because you didn't think you would win any of them. The Dan Ryckert smacking tiny balls with a paddle remark is hilarious! I think he would approve.]

5. The "Modern Warfare" formula is popular and profitable. Should other game companies consider just copying the game mechanics in an effort to profit off of the franchise's success? Or is that even enough? Will the next Modern Warfare inspired game be more or less popular and/or profitable? Will we ever have to pay to play Call of Duty?

From a business standpoint I'd have to say that copying Call of Duty is a sensible approach. Do I want to see that as a consumer? No. I think the era of the CoD shooter may be coming to a close, so now might be the time to branch out and experiment with new mechanics like Bulletstorm did. I doubt the next Modern Warfare will be as popular as the last two. The West and Zampella loyalists will have gone and I don't see a recently gutted retooled company garnering more enthusiasm than MW2 did. That said the industry's eyes will be on this game as a sign post for the future of Infinity Ward. I wouldn't be surprised if we had to pay to play CoD. If they were to lower the initial price of the game or just offer it digitally like steam and have you pay for access, I think many people would pay for it. It would definitely be profitable with the cost of retail removed.

[SAINT: I think just a bit differently in that I think the next release will be a huge hit, but after that it will start to taper off. Part of the reason is, I think people want to see how good (or bad) this one will be. I do agree with your sign post for the future comment. I would be surprised if they go the pay to play route. I think that's a recipe for disaster, but that might be the old school gamer in me. We're not used to paying to play games.]

BONUS Questions x 3:

Shootist2600 asks, "Lara Croft and Nathan Drake are applying to be your treasure hunter. Which one do you choose and why?"

I have some fond memories of Lara Croft, but Nathan Drake gets my vote. He just so *** likable, not to mention his impressive career. The games remind of the Indiana Jones movie's so much. It's like asking me to pick between Indian Jones and Lara Croft.....Han Solo every time.

 [SAINT: Well, I never played Uncharted, but I hear it's a fabulous game...so I'm sure Nathan Drake would be a good choice, but Lara Croft is nearly as popular as Mario and she's wealthy.]

Shootist2600 asks, "Evil babies are ubiquitous in horror games, whether the creepy ghosts in Silent Hill or the homicidal necromorphs in Dead Space 2. Do you ever have second thoughts about killing an enemy or pangs of guilt afterward?"

I never feel guilt in horror games; I mostly justify it as revenge for scaring the piss out of me (wish I could kill that thing in Amnesia). When I'm forced to kill unarmed people in other games (MW2) or make an impossible decision (infamous, mass effect, mass effect 2) I may feel a little guilty afterwards. That's probably why I'm always the good guy in games with a morality feature. I always feel a little bad when I screw someone over so when the react to me appropriately, it really sucks.

[SAINT: There are some games I feel bad if I have to harm certain other players, but evil babies I feel no remorse. They were horrible in Dead Space 2. Horrible! They're pretty bad in Dante's Inferno too!]

Saint asks, "What's the coolest toy you ever had as a kid?"

That wasn't a console? Um.......I had a power rangers (the original series, not all those weird spinoffs) mech that would light up and make noise. I'd kick toy cars and stuff around with it. Lol Of course sock 'em boppers and rock'em, sock'em robots were also fun.

[SAINT: Power Rangers...you seriously admitted that in front of all these people? Why, that's almost as crazy as Demon Ragnarok admitting he plays DDR in the arcade. Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm just glad you didn't say your talking Elmo doll.]

A special thanks to Feircy Deity for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about Feircy Deity, view his GIO profile here.