The selection process for this week's edition of the Member Herding blog was simple enough - the first person who is already part of the herd that messaged me with a nomination would get the go ahead. It only took a day or two before someone was nominated. The cool thing is...they didn't even know - didn't even see it coming. When people guess a trivia question to get selected they know there is a chance it could be them, but when it is totally out of the blue and unexpected, I wonder what goes through their mind when they see the message and read it for the first time that they were chosen by one of their peers for this prestigious honor. Hah...I don't know if it's really a prestigious honor, but I've talked with a few of you who give it that kind of praise.

I had to dig deep with generating questions for this person because their profile is rather naked...but anyone who lists Game Informer in the favorite book section is worthy of being herded, right?

Anyway...enough with the rambling. Onward ho! Our newest member of the herd...

GIO Name: Koob24

GIO Rank: Power Member - Level 8

Gaming Experience (Years playing): 10-15

Last Game Completed: Fable III

Currently Playing: Kinect games, and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood.

Origin of GIO Profile Name: My name in Hebrew is Yakoob, and as a child my dad's friend ALWAYS called me that! So it stuck on since then, but I shortened it. For the 24, I was born on the 24th of Feb. and 24 seems to be popping up in my life a lot and brings me good luck.

Five Randomly Generated Questions + 3 Bonus questions

1. Fable III was received with mixed results. Critics of the game said it lacked innovation and was plagued with glitches. You have it listed as one of your favorite games. Do you think this is an accurate assessment? Can games that have glitches and lack innovation still be great games (Fallout: New Vegas comes to mind)? Is it fair that game developers release games with glitches or should they delay games until "it's done"?

No, I haven't seen a lot of glitches in Fable III, but that's probably because I don't back track and I just go for the goal. I played Fallout: New Vegas but it wasn't my cup of tea. (First time I've ever used that expression) What kept me going was ACTUALLY the glitches! I loved seeing people walk into buses, faulty animals and guns. But other games I played and liked and were still filled with glitches, so to answer your question, yes! A game with glitches can still be great! I think developers should try to keep glitches out of the games, and if they know that there's big glitches, then they should release the game at a later time to fix them. Little glitches, they shouldn't worry about.

[SAINT: I suppose I agree with that. I recall Crysis for PC had a few clipping glitches that really annoyed me but overall I still enjoyed the game. And realistically, there will never be a perfect, bug-free game. So, I agree...minor glitches shouldn't delay a game.]

2. The Xbox Live Card in your GIO Profile indicates you have played Kinect Adventures. Assuming you have a Kinect and have played it, what are your thoughts on the Kinect as a controller; What games have you tried and what is your thoughts on those games; is the Kinect here to stay or will it be meet the same fate as the NES power glove?

I do not think I can have a straight answer with that because I've never gotten to fully play the Kinect because of my broken leg and all the little kids around. But what I've seen is impressive. You move your arm up and your avatar copies you! The main issue is it's supposed to only notice you and nobody around you, but when my little cousins fight over who's playing next the avatar goes crazy on the TV! I think if Microsoft comes out with another version soon to fix some bugs, then I think the Kinect will be a starting point for gaming.

[SAINT: Broken wha?!? Oh  noes...I didn't know...but I'm really sorry to hear that. I broke my leg when I was 12 and it sucked big time. Happy Healing. I always enjoy hearing the average gamer's (not suggesting your average)] perspective on current events and relevant issues...because to me it is more likely to match my own personal feeling. Kind of like movie critics...I never listen to the Hollywood critics...but I will listen to a friend's assessment. SO...sounds like Kinect is pretty cool.

3. If you could attend any video game or similar industry event, which one would you choose to go to (E3, Comic Con, GDC, TGS, PAX, etc.)? If you could take one member from the GIO community with you, who would you take? And for the sake of this question, let's just imagine you'll get the opportunity to meet one Game Informer staff member and one person from the video game industry, who would you pick to meet?

I would choose Comic-Con because there would be two things there that I would love - Rooster Teeth and the Simpsons. I would take you! Not to be a suck up but you have a lot of knowledge in your blogs and you seem really cool and you give a lot to GIO, We would get along if we met. If I can choose who I wanted to meet I would choose Tim Turi because he's pretty much the reason I'm on this website. He is fun and my favorite Replay is the one by him. I would also choose Burnie Burns (He's in the video game industry because he made that Left 4 Dead commercial) He seems great and I love him on the Drunk Tank. I just really like Rooster Teeth.

[SAINT: Comic-Con is a good choice. I love me some comics. I might've chosen E3 or GDC, but Comic-Con is just as good. I AM COOL! Hah Hah...just kidding. I don't how knowledgeable I am...more than I just have a lot of experience (in other words...I'm old). Tim Turi...hmm...a great choice. I'm a little surprised. Who knows, maybe he'll read this and be so flattered that he'll bring us both along as official guests of Game Informer. Hah. We can hope, right? I'll let you visit with Bernie Burns while I go hang out with Gabe Newell.]

4. Can characters like Master Chief from Halo or Gordon Freeman from Half Life with little to no dialogue have engaging personalities and be fascinating characters? What do you think the future of Halo looks like now that Bungie has moved on?

Master Chief is a man of few words, and yet a Bad A$$! I'm sure everybody wants to know more about Master Chief, right? He's a fascinating character and as I always say, actions speak louder than words! The future of Halo is not looking good. Bungie is the greatest company ever and nobody can live up to their potential!

[SAINT: That's a fantastic point...actions speak louder than words...and I think characters like Master Chief and Gordon Freeman demonstrate some exceptional behavior just based on their actions. Great response. And yes...I'm worried about Halo as well.]

5. I'm guessing by looking at your profile you are a fan of the zombie theme. Have zombie games reached their peak or do you think we'll continue to see zombie games and zombie modes? Do you play any zombie games and if so, which is your favorite? Anytime I see someone with Zombieland in their profile I always think about Twinkies and wonder what treat they would risk their life for...what's your treat of choice that you would face hordes of zombies for?

Zombies can't live forever! They maybe have a few good games left, hopefully Left 4 Dead 3! But if not, Left 4 Dead and the Deadrising series are the best. Hands down. Snickers would be my treat to eat. Fill you up for the fight against the undead.

[SAINT: Hah. Snickers, eh? That made me think, "Not going anywhere for a while?" I really don't know what I'd risk a horde of zombies for. Definitely not Twinkies...I won't even risk facing the express line at the supermarket for Twinkies. Maybe an Oatmeal Pie or Nutty Bar...but not Twinkies...Zombies would have to be something I really a Pepsi.]

BONUS Questions x 3:

Matthew B asks, "As the year comes to a close what game didn't live up to your expectations? (For example Metroid Other M or Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2)"

Medal of Honor had all of those great trailers and they looked insane! Something different from MW2 and Battlefield! But nope, they had to make it worse than both of them.

[SAINT: As much as I loved this game and really enjoyed playing it. I'm going to have to agree with you, but for a bit of a different reason obviously. I think it didn't live up to my expectations because it didn't live up to everyone else's expectations. What I mean is, I loved the game and thought it was great...but so many people didn't...the game is already on the decline and from a PC perspective...I can hardly find a decent online match. It let me down because I was really hoping it would be an awesome shooter that was here for a while...instead...I think it's an awesome shooter on its way to the grave.]

Matthew B asks, "What game coming out in 2011 are you most excited for and why?"

Portal 2 has to be my biggest game of 2011, I love the original. Once I heard about a sequel I was hooked, I was excited to get it for Christmas. Then they moved it by my birthday. So that made me even more exited! And now I have to wait for a long time to get this and since I want it now, it makes me more exited.

[SAINT: Gasp! I'd also have to agree with you on this one. When I saw this question from Matthew B, I thought I was going to answer Gears of War 3, but when I read your answer I immediately switched my answer. I'm the host...I can do that. LOL.]

Saint asks, "Paper or Plastic?"

I'm Bi-Sacksual! Nyuck Nycuk! No, I'm green. I love paper, then recycling it.

[SAINT: LOL. I always wonder how people are going to respond with the curveball I throw them. This response caught me off guard. Funny.]

A special thanks to Koob24 for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about Koob24, view his GIO profile here.

Closing note...Koob24 also added..."If you're worried about my leg, don't be. It will heal in about a month, which is pretty weird!"