Just in time for the holidays and after a day or two struggling with the commenting issue, I'm here with this week's newest edition to the Member Herd. So, Merry Christmas and enjoy this treat as well as all of your other gifts. Good tidings...

GIO Name: Matthew B

GIO Rank: Power Member - Level 10

Gaming Experience (Years playing): This Christmas will make it 11 years.

Last Game Completed: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.

Currently Playing: Bully Scholarship Edition, Trials HD, and Metroid Prime.

Origin of GIO Profile Name: When I made my profile here on GI about a month or two after the new website launched I didn't feel like thinking of a user name, so I ended up just putting my real name in. A few weeks later I took the last three letters off of my user name making it Matthew B. Sadly if you search for me or look in the URL when you look at my profile you will still see my full name.

Five Randomly Generated Questions + 3 Bonus questions

1. Name one game you haven't played but want to; and one game you have played but wish you hadn't?

A game I have wanted to play since it came out earlier this year is Darksiders. I love the Legend of Zelda series and I enjoy action games but never got around to playing this game. I hopefully will be buying it sometime in the not so distant future.

A game I wish I never played would be Infinite Undiscovery. I'm not a big fan of RPG's but my older brother is. I was dumb enough to stick this game in my Xbox when he got it. I played it long enough to get one achievement bringing my completion percentage down and scaring my profile.

[SAINT: I have a ton of games on my "want to play but haven't list" and not really any on my "wish I never played" list. I wasn't familiar with Infinite Undiscovery so I had to look it up. Game Informer gave it an 8 out of 10, which isn't bad...but sales weren't that great for the game. I'm not a fan of the RPG genre, so I probably would never play it anyways...but thanks for the warning.]

2. Give us the cliff notes version of your plan to survive the zombie apocalypse?

Okay first off I live in the country and about half the people I know hunt so a gun isn't going to be hard to find. I have a pretty close friend that lives on a big hill...I mean a really BIG hill. You can see every direction from his house. I would go there and wait for the zombies to come. I would start shooting them from the second story of his house once they started coming up the hill. If I was by myself I wouldn't survive very long but if people were with me to watch different sides of the house I think we would be able to survive as long as we had enough ammo and food.

[SAINT: Interesting plan and one that seems like you have given some consideration to. I'm wondering if zombies can swim, or go underwater, because I'm thinking a small deserted island might be my choice...especially if it were down in the Bahamas. Hey! Who said you couldn't enjoy the zombie apocalypse? Might as well work on my tan while I'm trying to survive, right?]

3. As it relates to your online or video gaming personality, name three strengths and 3 weaknesses


I'm a really good sniper.  A sniper rifle will always be my first pick for a weapon in any game with guns.

I'm a really good driver. If you're ever playing Halo or Battlefield with me let me drive the vehicles.

I'm a team player. Something I hate about playing objective game types in Call of Duty is that I am the only person going for the objective while everyone else is just trying to get as many kills as possible.


I suck at puzzle games. I can't beat Braid because it's too confusing and I refuse to use a guide.

I suck at quick time events. I don't think I have ever beaten a quick time event first try.

I'm horrible at timed missions. When I play a game I don't rush through it. I look at everything and just mess around in the world. So when I have a timer to do something I tend to fail the mission the first time I try it.

[SAINT: Fantastic answer. I really like the direction you took. I am exactly like this...I mean, this totally describes me...although I sometimes like an SMG or shotgun as my secondary weapon when I'm sniping. I enjoyed this one!]

4. Who would win in a brawl - R2-D2 or Claptrap? Why?

Darn this is tough... I think I am going to say Claptrap, I mean have you seen that robot dance, it's incredible. I've never seen R2-D2 dance like that. Also Claptrap has hands I think that gives him an advantage.

[SAINT: Hmm. Not sure if I can agree with this one. Besides, R2-D2 has a cutting torch and a rotary saw. He could cut Claptrap's hands right off. Then what? Besides, R2-D2 has a Jedi Master to stick up for him.]

5. Many people adhere to the logic there are 8 basic emotions, 4 of which are joy, fear, sadness, and anger. List a game that made you feel each of these emotions (one game for each emotion) and describe the scene?

Joy: Super Mario Galaxy made me feel joy. But I think the best level to describe it would be the first one. The first time I was running around those planets jumping on Gumbas and hearing the amazing soundtrack made me really excited to play the rest of the game.

Fear:  In the third or fourth episode of Alan Wake there's a part were you go through a hedge maze and taken are trying to kill you before you get out. For me that was the scariest part of the game.

Sadness:  Red Dead Redemption Spoiler Alert. If you've played Red Dead Redemption you probably already know what I'm going to say. Red Dead made me care about a character like no other game has. When I saw what happened at the end of that game I was extremely shocked and sad that I wouldn't be playing as one of the most amazing game characters of the decade anymore.

Anger:  This happened just a few weeks ago. I was playing an extreme track in Trials HD called Going Up. In Trails HD you have 30 minutes to finish a track. I had just made it over the last hill before the finish line when I ran out of time. Saying I was angry is an understatement. At that moment I felt like deleting that game from my hard drive and never downloading it again.

[SAINT: That's a lot to comment on, so let me just say - Great Response! I had a similar one to your Trials HD issue. I never received a very difficult achievement that I met all the requirements for. That was so frustrating. And not only that, because of this anomaly, every time I met the requirements I wouldn't get it. That was maddening. I feel your pain.]


WS-N asks, "In this year's January issue of the Game Informer magazine, Game Informer's Editor-In-Chief Andy McNamara said this in his Letter From the Editor, "When all is said and done, 2010 will be the greatest year in video game history." Do you agree with this statement or do you think that (because of all of the delayed games that were originally supposed to be released this year) next year or a previous year will or has accomplished that?"
This year did have some amazing games... But the best year in gaming will be the year Half Life 3 comes out.

[SAINT: Kind of hard to disagree with Half Life 3. I concur. But I don't think this year was any more or less in significance than previous years, but I will say there are a ton of games coming out next year that could make it a blockbuster year.]

WS-N asks, "As the year comes to a close, what is your game of the year and why?"

Red Dead Redemption, John Marston was an amazing lead character; one of the best ever in my opinion. I think he was the main reason I loved the game so much. I thought that the combat was nearly perfect, and the world was amazing.  I basically loved everything about that game with my only complaint being they made me pick flowers - why? To get 100% completion. (Did anybody honestly enjoy that?)

[SAINT: You and I think a lot alike. I did NOT enjoy picking flowers...in fact, I think I wrote a blog about it. There has to be a better way. There just has to be.]

Saint asks, "What would you do with 1 million ping pong balls."
Growing up I went to a Bible camp, when I got too old for camp I started working there (I still do every summer). This camp has a game room with a couple of ping pong tables in it. When I was a camper me and my friends always noticed that there weren't enough ping pong balls and never knew why. When I started working there I found out that there were ping pong balls. I just never had gone to the game room early enough in the day to see them before they got smashed by kids hitting them to hard. "What would you do with 1 million ping pong balls?" I would donate them to that camp.

[SAINT: Hah Hah. What a wonderful selfless act. That is a great answer! I was thinking something like, "I'd like to drop them off the Empire State Building."]

A special thanks to Matthew B for spending some time with us while divulging a few details about his gaming personality. To read more about Matthew B, view his GIO profile here.

P.S. Interested in getting selected for the Member Herding blog? Next week's candidate will be selected by an existing member of the herd. The first person who is a member of the herd (there are 24 of them) who messages me with a candidate will get the nod.

In closing...I received an awesome Christmas present that I think some of you here will really like. I'll post a pic tomorrow or the next day.