If you are a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fanboy or just the opposite...you are a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 anti-fanboy, then you might not want to read this blog. And if you choose not to read this blog because I am going to refer to this game, that's okay too. While the premise behind this blog isn't inherently associated with MW2, it was without doubt inspired by MW2.

Before I jump in, let me just open with my perspective of Modern Warfare 2...if nothing more...then at least so you'll know where I stand and where I'm approaching the subject from. I'm not trying to candy coat any of this and don't claim to be offering an objective view on the matter. Like the majority of all my other blogs, this is written from my point of view...it's my opinion. I'm not asking you to share in this belief and I'm not stating this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Simply put...it's my opinion.

Modern Warfare 2. Couldn't wait for it. Waited in line for it at the midnight release. Was very excited for it. Played through the single player in no time. But the multiplayer was so utterly frustrating that once I beat the single player portion of the game, I haven't touched it since. I've given up on it.

Well, my daughter is prepping for a Modern Warfare 2 tournament in Ohio coming up in October so I enjoy watching (more like coaching) her play. I don't know that "enjoy" is the right word. I sit there and watch and listen and am reminded why I elected to never play the game again.

In observing one round, it's become apparent that the cheaters have won. And by cheaters, I mean anyone who exploits any part of the game to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of the players who are trying nothing more than to play and have fun.

Is nothing being done to stop the madness?

Let's see...

I saw one chap who had a couple of titles that clearly he wasn't supposed to have yet. I'm no genius...clearly...but when you're a Level 6 Prestige and you're sporting the Level 10 Prestige title...doesn't that make someone wonder how you might've gotten it?

Then there was the fellow firing his single shot sniper rifle on full auto. Nice. A very powerful and devastating weapon. Ah, if only it wasn't a hack and available to those who were trying to play the game legitimately.

Then there is the wall hack on Fuel where everyone seems to want to hide in the rock.

And let's not forget those wonderful opponents who never seem to die no matter how many rounds you expend and how many hit markers you get on them.

Frustrating...to say the least.

(I didn't include the email, but actually found this advertisement)

But no matter how frustrating all of the cheaters are...the boosters, hackers and everything in between...there is a trend on Modern Warfare 2 that I think is far more frustrating and annoying than the cheating.

It's the people who complain about which gun you use and how you use it.

I consider myself an old school gamer which is just a polite way of saying I'm a dinosaur. I've been in the business for years and years. It seems like back in the day, the only score we kept was who won...who lost...how many kills you got...and how many times you die.

Just watching the game and listening to the radio chatter makes me glad I gave up on the game. I still play online and haven't really seen this kind of behavior in other games...at least it's not nearly as prevalent...but I ask you...whoever you are that might be reading this...is this something that goes on in other games and if so, does it go on to the degree it does in Modern Warfare 2?

Now, I could go on and on about the different guns and the ridicule elicited by using each. But I'm not. I'm going to just mention this nonsense about hard scoping vs. quick scoping. Have you heard of this?

Apparently just shooting your opponent doesn't count anymore...if you "hard scope" the opponent then you are likely to get harassed, because the "quick scope" is the only method that should be used.

Okay...so maybe you're like me and didn't know what the difference is...well, for the record, there are tons of discussions on the Internet about it. Apparently there are even variations in the terms...like no scope, quick scope, fast scope, sh!t scope, a quick hard scope and the nonsense goes on...

It even has an entry in the Urban Dictionary...

Hard Scope

"A term coined in Call of Duty, referring to when a player using a sniper rifle aims in at an enemy combatant, holds his or her breath, and pulls the trigger in one fluid motion. also not to be confused with a quick scope."

Quick Scope

"A Quick scope was born from the Call Of Duty and Halo franchises. The idea is to pull in your scope and shoot at the moment you see your crosshairs. this can be useful in combat because a skilled player may be able to pull this off and get accurate, one-shot kills. This is normally for show and is not the best way to play unless you want to impress others by making videos or compilations. Machinima.com is a great place to find these montages and skill in Quickscoping."


Nonsense if you ask me.

As we get closer to the release of some similar games like Black Ops and Medal of Honor, my hope is that we get back to the core of winning like back in the old days. A kill. An assist. A win.