Since work has been extremely busy the past week and I've spent most of my normal game playing time hammering out a blog just in time for bed, tonight I am going to take a break from blogging and actually play some video games. I know, right?!?

Does that mean no blog? Hah...of course not. But it does mean that it's going to be substantially shorter and slightly off topic...or at least not really about video games. It does kind of correlate to video games because it's something geeks will appreciate and since most geeks like video games...there has to be a connection...there just has to be.

So, today's I spent my Saturday...or, like the title says, "When Geeks Run Gun Stores".

Virginia puts on some fairly large gun shows and it just happened to make a stop in my neck of the woods today. My wife was at work, so my daughter and I went. I've been to a ton of shows, but this was my daughter's first. She found something she liked...most girls her age want to go to the mall looking for clothes...but no...she wanted to go to the gun show. *sniff* *sniff* Makes me proud.

A week or so ago I published a blog where I relayed a story about how after the first time I took my daughter to the gun range she realized how very different guns are in real life. Well, today...we came across the Desert Eagle. I had her pick it up and we joked about dual wielding easy task in real life. That's a monster of a gun.



So what does this have to do with video games and geeks...

Well, as made our way through the roads and roads of tables filled with guns (many of the same guns just being sold by different vendors), in the very back and near the end, there was a man my age and woman (who I assume was his wife) manning one of the tables. They didn't have any firearms for sale, just parts. Something on his table caught my attention...his business card.

Zombie Defense

At first I thought it was a joke...but it caught my attention and I looked around at the parts strewn around the table. Apparently Zombie Defense was the name of this particular firearms dealer's store, but it was also the logo that was imprinted (not painted on or a decal, but actually engraved in the receiver).

I thought it was pretty cool and it obviously worked (I stopped, looked, and picked up a business card), so it must be a popular concept. The guy didn't have any pre-built firearms ready to go...apparently he sold them all the week before at a different show. Apparently I'm not the only one interested in owning a firearm with a Zombie Defense logo etched in the side.  How cool is that? I'll tell you...pretty dang cool!

So, on one side...there was the Zombie Defense phrase; on the other side was the biohazard symbol. And the selector switch had safe, fire and frenzy settings. one of these and be prepared for the apocalypse...I'm so there...! W00t...