I don't normally blog about the whole "I have a great idea for a video game"...but tonight I am. Kind of. I guess. You see, I was watching Cops or one of those "Cops" like shows and for whatever reason I started thinking about video games. I had high hopes for APB: All Points Bulletin...but alas, it doesn't look like the game is going to be all that promising.

Reception to APB has been mixed with the game currently holding a 58% average on Metacritic. Initial reviews included PCgamer giving the title 55/100 and Eurogamer giving 6/10. 1UP awarded APB a score of 25/100 and Destructoid giving 35/100. Other reviews were higher, with IGN giving 77/100 and Edge granting 7/10.

For those who don't know or who aren't aware of the premise behind APB...read on...

APB: All Points Bulletin is a Multiplayer online video game for Microsoft Windows based in urban sprawls and featuring two sides, Enforcers and the Criminals. Players may join either the Enforcers or the Criminals, and form sub-groups in these. The game design was led by David Jones, who contributed to the original Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown, and was developed by Realtime Worlds. It was released on June 29, 2010 in North America, followed by a July 1 release in Europe and July 2 in the United Kingdom. The game takes place in a modern-day, fictional city of San Paro where there is a constant battle between "Enforcers" and "Criminals", and the player will need to decide to which Faction they want to belong.

So basically...a game of cops and robbers!

There seems to be shortage or at least a lack of interest in making a First Person Shooter that requires a bit more than "if it moves then shoot it". There was a time where it was trendy, with games like SWAT (actually I think it was SWAT 4) and Rainbow Six. SWAT was a bit stricter on the Rules of Engagement and weapons free moments, but Rainbow Six had some stealth moments and some missions where you weren't supposed to shoot or kill anyone.

As popular as the shooters are, I'm really surprised we don't have a modern era Police Quest type game. We have L.A. Noire in the works, but it has the feel of an old Dick Tracy movie. I'd like to see something a bit more modern. In fact, as long as I'm dreaming, I'd like to see high speed car chases that result in a crash and foot pursuit. I'd like to see gripping scenarios like a hostage standoff or all out riot. I'd like to see some criminal investigations and interrogations.

I guess what I'm asking for is...

Cops, the MMORPG...or MMOFPS.

Bad Boy, Bad Boys. Whatcha gonna do! Whatcha gonna do when they come for you...