I just finished playing a little of the H.A.W.X. 2 demo which subsequently inspired this blog. Having never played the first one, I will say the second go at it was beautiful...but the controls left a lot to be desired.

Oh hey...guess what. You don't have to agree with this blog. And you don't even have to like it. Heck, you don't even have to read it. Bottom line, I'm going to talk about how some genres are better suited for a particular platform. While I don't think so, some may take it to be a bit controversial. So, I'll say it again...for the record...this is my personal opinion. Feel free to share your own thoughts on it. Also, for the sake of blog length, I'll only talk about the major categories of video game genres. And yes, I realize there are a ton more console gamers than there are PC gamers.

Simulators. Since it was the inspiration, I suppose it's only fair to pick it first. Sims range from driving to flying and everything in between. The experience has really transformed to a point where some sims have specialized joysticks (like steering wheels and flight control systems) adding to the immersion factor while other sims have fully functional (virtual) cockpits. Platform of Choice: PC - flying a plane is a complex evolution that requires extensive interaction and control manipulation. Having something a bit more capable than a game controller, like a keyboard for example, allows the gamer to have a more realistic and enjoyable experience.

Real Time Strategy (RTS). Well, the decision is pretty obvious. Can you play StarCraft II on the PC, and the answer is yes. Can you play it on a console or handheld device? Not that I know of...at least not in a normal configuration. This doesn't mean they are non-existent on consoles. There are some. Well, at least one that I know of (Halo Wars). I'm sure there are others. Platform of Choice: PC - There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts and keystrokes available to even the most novice operator when playing a RTS on the PC that they don't have available on a console.

Massive Multiplayer Online, Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Hmm. Another obvious favorite here. I can't think of any MMORPGs on the console. Although, the Playstation 3 does have a MMOFPS that was received with mixed results. Regardless, there is nothing even remotely similar to World of Warcraft or EVE Online available on a console. Platform of Choice: PC - Winner by default or forfeit. For now.

Sports Games. There is no question sports games are a perfect combination for the console family, especially if you want a little side by side friendly competition.  The Sports genre encompasses quite the following of athletic games ranging from football to boxing. I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever played a sports game on my PC gaming rig. Platform of Choice: Console - Hands down, no question. 'Nuf said.

And last but not least...

First Person Shooter (FPS):  I'm not even going to go down this road and try and debate which platform is better suited to play FPSs on. I have both. I enjoy both. There are highs and lows to each. This genre could definitely go either way. Platform of Choice: Undecided.

I'm looking at this list...and I think it's a pretty fair assessment. I don't think I'm being biased or unrealistic. That being said, I find it rather ironic that the PC seems to be a more advantageous platform for many of the popular genres, yet the consoles far surpass the PC in total number of gamers.

Must be because everyone is playing Modern Warfare.


Well, that's it for tonight. The weekend is nearly here which is good because I seriously need to catch up on some sleep. Until tomorrow...