A day or so ago I posted a satirical blog about if I were the Editor-In-Chief of Game Informer what would I do...it was a fun piece to write because everybody was fair game and who doesn't like to imagine what you could do with unlimited power...

One of the comments that came out that blog was by born4this about my imaginary "trip to Valve's Headquarters." That got me thinking about what it must really be like working at Game Informer...

A story like this could be tackled from various angles, and probably has been covered in the past. But if it has been covered, I certainly don't recall it in the recent past and since I eat, breathe and live at Game Informer...I think it's safe to proceed with the angle I'm going to approach the topic with.

There have been a couple of different events recently that indicate the staff at Game Informer doesn't work the normal 9 to 5 jobs that we might think they do. For one, if you notice when the news stories are posted there are routinely a number of articles that are posted after "normal working hours".

Then of course there was a podcast episode, I think it was one of the Gamer Gorilla Radio episodes, that described how the work on the magazine was done on a Friday and ready to be put into production; and at the last minute, the cover story and main feature had to be yanked because the publisher called with a last minute, "we're not ready to publish that news just yet". The crew that was there (after hours again) had to basically rework everything in order to meet the deadline.

Then of course there is the chatter you hear here and there about late night shifts, Nerf© gun fights, and of course...who could forget Dan Ryckert's "Super Readplay: Gears of War: Anvil Gate" which exudes a hint of after hour shenanigans (at least that's my impression). It certainly appears to have been posted in the evening.


Speaking of Nerf© gun fights...if you've never seen this Youtube video of an office Nerf© gun war, it's truly a must see.


Tonight we have a story by Jeff Marchiafava and "Game Informer's Favorite Local Multiplayer Games" that shows what appears to be the staff engaged in some work place bonding exercises. It's a great picture, but I'm wondering what in the world is going on in the back of the pic by the retro arcade game.

I'm officially jealous.

So in doing a little research for this blog, not that I would really call it "research"...but anyway...in digging for some information, I stumbled across a few things to add to the blog and then I'll close.

Check this out...

Here's some interesting information about Game Informer...(I'm kind of limited on picture size, so if you want to see the original file, click here)

Oh...and as far as that visit to Valve's Headquarters...well take a lookie at this...ah...how awesome. How so very very awesome!

I think I know what I want to be when I grow up!