Last week I reluctantly introduced the idea of a periodic blog series titled “GIO Member Herding” which would spotlight a member of the GIO community with a few off the wall questions. I’m happy to report that the feedback was overwhelmingly positive – it received a decent number of views; a fair amount of comments; selected in the weekly blog herding column; and was even endorsed by the Queen of Blog Herding, Miss Annette Gonzales. (If you missed Part 01, you can view it here.)





What does all of that mean? It means I have a green light to continue the series, which is rather cool, because I enjoy coming up with quirky questions and reading the responses by my fellow gamers. I think Demon Ragnarok did a fantastic job in the very first edition, and a few of the comments echoed these sentiments as him being the perfect candidate for the inaugural blog. Hopefully round two does NOT disappoint. Next up is…



GIO Name: born4this



Justification for Selection: It’s uh, kind of an unusual story how I picked born4this to be the next contestant. I had just finished reading some of the Member Herding Part 01 feedback and made a post to the affect that “looks like there would be a part 2” and then I retreated to the reading room (bathroom) with the latest edition of Game Informer magazine. (Hey, it’s about the only time I have to actually read anything). I had the issue for a couple of days and hadn’t even touched it yet just because I’ve been so busy. I am the kind of person that reads every single page of the magazine, cover to cover. So I flip open the first page and what did I see?





The first quote I read was by born4this, and it hit me. born4this should be contestant number 2. It doesn’t hurt any that born4this and I have chatted rather frequently and he’s kind enough to reply to a number of my blogs, no matter how long winded and boring they might be. LOL. Since he seems like a nice guy, surely he couldn’t tell me no, right?



All joking aside, born4this is more than just a “nice” guy. He’s one of those guys that are a pleasure to talk to for an honest and sincere response about whatever the topic might be about. He’s humble and well spoken, but on some occasions will “release the kraken” with fiery responses when the situation warrants. He’s an active contributor and valuable asset to the GIO community and I always enjoy the exchange of dialogue we’ve had.





Experience (Years of Gaming): My dad had an Atari before I was born, and I’m 27 years old so I’d say 20+ years.

Currently Playing: Red Dead Redemption and Blur

Last Game Finished: Assassins Creed II on Xbox 360 and Metroid Prime 3 on Wii




Five Randomly Generated Questions:



1. Rank the following in order of coolness (least to greatest) and provide a brief explanation why – pirates, ninjas, cowboys, robots, aliens, monsters.



Coolest (least to greatest) – Pirates, Cowboys, Aliens, Monsters, Robots, Ninjas



Pirates: With pirates, there is strength in numbers. I would be scared if I was attacked by pirates, but not by one pirate.



Cowboys: They’re rough and tough.



Aliens: The words aliens and advanced practically go hand-in-hand. When we think of aliens, we don’t think of primitive beings…we think of more advanced beings. After all, we couldn’t meet the aliens unless they came and met us because we still haven’t been able to travel beyond our own solar system.



Monsters: Monsters are best left unexplained. The fear of the unknown is the most intense kind of fear. I really like the movie, “The Thing” with Kurt Russell. The Thing was a freakin’ shape shifter!!! They didn’t explain how or why. We don’t need to know why – its better that way.



 Robots: Robots are awesome because they have unlimited potential. They can be big and loud or small and silent. There are so many different uses for robots. In the case of video games, it’s best when they are programmed to kill.



Ninjas: Masters of stealth. That’s all I need to say about ninjas. Speaking of which, I'm REALLY excited for Metal Gear Solid: Rising! Cyborg Ninjas are the best kind of ninja.



[SAINT: Nice to see you took the question as serious as I did, heh heh. But pirates the least coolest – what’s up with that?!? Nah, just kidding. I’m Navy, so I’m a little biased.]


2. Tell us the story behind receiving your greatest “official” in game achievement and which, if any, are you currently working on getting?



I played Call of Duty 4 in 2008, and it was the first time I felt compelled to beat a FPS on the hardest difficulty. I think the drive to do it was caused by two things: 1. Achievements. 2. The game said, “Veteran – You won’t survive.” Don’t tell me what I can’t do. ;) I beat the game on Veteran, but I got to the bonus level, and discovered one of the toughest challenges I’ve ever faced – Mile High Club. I tried for this achievement over and over and over again, but every attempt was met with failure. Truthfully, I gave up, but with every intention of trying again someday. One of the mottos I live by in life is, “Never give up, never surrender.” So, recently… I finished Assassins Creed II, and I was waiting for my local gaming store to get more copies of Red Dead Redemption. Since I really didn’t have any other games to work on, I pulled Call of Duty 4 off the shelf and took another stab at this brutally difficult achievement. Two days later (with a total of 4+ hours of effort), I FINALLY got it, and I now have COD4 100% complete.



I’d like to finish Modern Warfare 2 soon. I have three achievements left (all Special Ops.) I’m working on those with GIO member, Matthew B. I’m not sure if I can do it, but I have two achievements left on Trials HD. As far as games with achievements, I’ve never played a more challenging game – the two extreme tracks I have left make me want to pull my hair out. (Fortunately, I have a buzz-cut.)





[SAINT: For those that don’t know (I had to look it up myself) the Mile High Club achievement requirements are sky dive to safety on Veteran. Sounds easy, but many have said this is the hardest achievement they’ve ever attempted. I admire your persistence. Achievements are one of the reasons I gave up playing MW2. It’s overwhelming. I am trying to get them all on TF2 though. I’m at 91%.]



3. A loud and obnoxious kid joins the game and starts spamming the mic with obscenities. Are you more likely to: (Feel free to comment on your selection?)


a) Keep playing and ignore him (or mute him).

b) Exit the game and go play somewhere else.


c) Taunt him with sarcasm & scorn until you’ve made such a mockery of him he quits the game and rethinks his life.


d) Launch into a verbal tirade colorful enough to make a sailor blush and sends the kid crying to his mommy.





a) Keep playing and ignore him (or mute him). I’m not sure if it’s his quote or not, but like GIO member, Kevin Maskornick says, “An obvious troll is obvious – don’t feed.”



[SAINT: Perhaps you’re a saint as well...I can only tolerate so much before I have to either leave or say something I end up regretting, heh heh.]



4. If I said, “Rubber Chicken with a pulley in the middle”, you would say…?



What possible use could that have?!? The video game industry needs more comedy games.





[SAINT: LOL. There are 3 kinds of people. Those that know, those that don’t and those that Google it. The rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle is a device from the Secret of Monkey Island game. You carry it around almost the whole game wondering what to do with it until it’s finally revealed…]


5. The problem with fire as a weapon or tool is it makes no distinction between friend and foe. Many games, including a game which I know you’re playing (RDR and the Molotov Cocktail) make use of fire. Tell us your thoughts on fire – a funny story, a tactic or personal thoughts on fire.



[SAINT: In case you’re thinking “WTH” – I’ll share one of my own as an example. In Far Cry 2, I found a cabin way out in the middle of nowhere being occupied by a few bandits that I needed to eliminate. In the ensuing gun battle a fire broke out near the cabin. It consumed the yard around and caught a tree on fire. Well, I retired to the cabin to sleep (save the game) and when I came back outside, the fire had spread and burned up my vehicle. There were no other vehicles around, so I had to hoof it for what seemed like miles until I could procure another car. The moral of the story – if your yard is on fire, you might want to move your car to safer ground because AAA doesn’t provide roadside assistance in video games.]



I’d like to play a game with a more realistic (spreading) fire mechanic. In my experience, fire will burn in a certain spot for a set amount of time, and/or it will burn the enemy or vehicle you attacked, and then it will dissipate. It never seems as unpredictable and dangerous as it does in real life. Imagine playing an open world game where a fire could spread and consume an entire forest or even an entire city block… crazy. Fire is something that can definitely be further explored in video games. My favorite memories of fire in video games come from Half-Life 2. There are several ways to set the zombies on fire. In (I believe) Episode 2, there is a level where you are in a dark place, and there are flares that you can pick-up with your gravity gun. If you launch them at the zombies, they’ll catch on fire. Personally, that’s my favorite way to kill a zombie – fire.





[SAINT: Not sure if you have played Far Cry 2 or not, but as mentioned in my little story…it spreads in that game. And for the record…a little surprise reveal here…some of the questions I ask might seem a bit unusual, but uh…some of the questions I ask are going to be used for another little blog project I am working on…heh heh. But I’ve said too much. wink wink]



A special thanks to born4this for devoting a bit of his time to answering these questions and sharing some of his gamer personality with us. For more details about him, view his GIO profile here.





Next week…GIO Member Herding 03 of XX…who will it be?