If you are wondering what genre (subtle reference to one of my previous blogs) this blog falls into, clearly it fits into the "cheap knock off" category as it smacks of blatant similarities between Miss Gonzalez’s (@amgo) weekly Blog Herding post and the Game Informer magazine's gamer spotlight section. It's true; completely inspired and taken straight from the pages of my favorite aspects of Game Informer. I have borrowed these two solid concepts and melded (now there is a word you don’t see every day) them together to create the mashup that is - GIO Member Herding. I admit it. It’s a cheap knock off. Guilty as charged.



I have long said that the number one thing that keeps me blogging here at GIO is the online community. You all are the grooviest bunch of online peeps that I have come across, and yes I'm only saying that because you tolerate my blogs (LOL, just kidding). While I can’t repay you (unless of course you accept Monopoly money) I can return the attention by sharing it from time to time with some of you who inspire me to blog at all.




Now, perhaps you noticed in the title I indicated this was part 01 of XX. Well, XX is any number I make it. (If you read my Blogging for Dummies blog, you may recall I said never commit to doing a blog series…ever!) It could be 01 of 01 or it could be 01 of 99 - that all depends on you and how well this blog is received by the community and if I can get volunteers on a regular basis. I suppose it all depends on whether GI decides to sue me or issue me a cease and desist order for copyright infringement, but I seriously doubt any of them read my blogs anyway, right? So we’re safe for the time being. Of course if they asked (or told) me not to do this or to take this post down, I would have to honor their request. Until then, *** the torpedoes, full speed ahead.




So the whole premise of the member herding blog, at least as I envision it, is to randomly pick someone like me that's just one of the "common folk" from around here; someone I find interesting and a solid contributor to the GIO community, and then ask them a few random and quirky questions (my plan is to limit it to five) that I will dream up and see how they respond. This is meant to be fun, so I doubt I'll ask anything too serious, but I suppose I might. We'll just wing it and see how it goes. If it doesn't go so well...well then...it will be 01 of 01. I do reserve the right to reject any person and/or answer that I think is distasteful or could potentially look bad for GIO. Too easy.



And here we go...we’re off…drum roll please.




The very first GIO Member to be unofficially herded...is none other than...



GIO Name: Demon Ragnarok




Justification for Selection:



I chose Demon as the first person to “interrogate” because there is no question he has a solid reputation for being a valued member of the GIO community. He visits frequently, is active in the forums where he can be found engaging in random discussions and even makes time to assist some of the less experienced members get their feet wet. He is fair and encouraging, but still a straight shooter that “tells it like it is”. Oh yeah…he’s published some brilliant and thought provoking blogs too. I see his name on quite a few friends’ list and there’s a reason for that. He’s an all around great guy.




Five Randomly Generated Questions:



1. Which would you rather be faced with and why - an alien invasion or zombie attack?



I'd have to say a zombie attack. There are plenty of guides to surviving the zombie apocalypse, such as Max Brooks' The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead. An alien invasion has too many variables to it, thus the chance of survival is greatly diminished. Besides, getting to bash in the skulls of people would be a great stress reliever.



[SAINT: I think I’d have to agree. If you put it in terms of video games, would I rather “play” Halo or Left for Dead – I think my chances of survival are greater in Left for Dead.]



2. In the 1982 classic - Tron, the main character finds himself trapped in a video game. Assuming death isn't a concern, what game would you like to get trapped in?



I would have to say Mass Effect. The universe that has been created in this game is absolutely entrancing. From the alien races, to the world upon which they dwell, there is just so much to explore and experience. Not to mention you can make it all the way with a hot alien babe and in the end, is that not what man has dreamt of since he first looked up at the stars?



[SAINT: HAH, your hot alien babe comment made me LOL. You certainly wouldn’t get bored if trapped in the world of Mass Effect…that much is true.]


3. The creative director for Activision has asked for your help in naming the next hero in the Call of Duty series. Gives us your best hero name and a short bio for the character.



John Doe. He has experienced many battles as a member of the military. He may well be the most experienced member of the military and the only hope of the military in future battles.



Does it sound generic enough? If not, replace "experienced many battles" with "done stuff", and “may well be the most experienced member of the military and the only hope of the military in future battles" with "will shoot stuff."




[SAINT: Say what? I pulled this question just for you, being a military man, and you give me John Doe. Now I know you had some cool call signs or nicknames amongst your squad mates. I want a do over. LOL. I knew this guy who worked in military law enforcement, his name was Dustin Rhodes…and everyone called him “Dusty” which became “Dusty Roads”. I always thought that sounded kind of cool.]



4. What's more important, the game story or the audio/visual effects?



I think that game story is the most important aspect to a game. The greatest games of all time hold up to the test of time because of their stories and game play, because audio/visual effects degrade over time. Case in point, Final Fantasy VII was an amazingly beautiful game when it first came out. If you play it today, the graphics are downright terrible. However because of the game play mechanics, and a truly memorable storyline, the game has stood the test of time.



However, there is no way to convey how truly memorable a game will be just from the cover art, game description on a box. This means that the average consumer (the kind that doesn't research games prior to purchase), has the visuals of a game to base their decision upon. This is why many games that receive great critical success do not experience success in the sales department.



The best example I can think of is the Chrono Trigger series, which has had tremendous critical success, but to my knowledge hasn't cleared a million in sale in the US across multiple platforms.



[SAINT: While I agree story is more important, I thought your analysis of why was pretty interesting - how success can be measured in sales or how well it is received by the community. Good point.]



5. Here's your chance to finally come clean. Tell us a game that you're embarrassed to admit playing that you enjoyed.



I have a slight addiction to Dance Dance Revolution. By slight, I mean, whenever I come across a DDR arcade machine, I am irresistibly drawn to playing it. Granted, I usually play on standard and am no where near good enough to play on some of the harder difficulties, but it is always fun to start playing and have people start watching in awe as I'm playing. However, it's not something that you brag about to your friends.



[SAINT: I have a mental image of you in full battle rattle playing DDR. Weird. I suppose mine is Pokemon Snap. Dang I loved that game. You do know they have DDR competitions, right? Can we expect to see you compete any time soon? LOL.]



A special thanks to Demon Ragnarok for agreeing to participate in this little experiment (politically correct term for “being publicly exploited”). For the rest of the juicy facts about Demon, view his GIO profile here.




I hope you enjoyed this segment of GIO Member Herding Part 01 of XX. Now I will sit back and see if I need to worry about 02 of XX or just quietly let this one settle to the bottom the list and off the page, never to be seen or heard from again.